Will Professors Pay My College Tuition Fees?

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Paresh posted the following second comment for the post, Admission to PhD – Scholarship and Semester. Before reading this article, read the previous comment posted by him to see the complete picture.

…And sir, as per my information, out-state tuition can be converted into in-state tuition. Am I right, sir?
Moreover, I was informed that professors will pay for our tuition fees which will not be accounted towards fellowship or stipend. So, we should not worry about fees and just concentrate on our studies without any fear. At which extent is this true? And is this true for each and every US university?

Rumors and Wrong Information

This exact reason why Happy Schools Blog was started. Numerous students want to study in the U.S. and that’s all they care about and most of them don’t even know if the information they hear from friends or family members are correct.

With so much misguided information out there, students like Paresh had made an incorrect decision and ended up at some university, when he could have opted for a much better school.

I was informed that professors will pay for our tuition fees which will not be accounted towards the fellowship or stipend. So, should we not worry about fees?

Tuition Fee – Out-of-State, In-State

Read the following articles to better understand the difference between in-State and out-of-State fees:

Professors will not pay for your fees. But they will do either one of the following:

  • Hire you as their research assistant, or
  • Recommend you for Teaching Assistant position to the department.

Professors will pay you per month for working for them as a research assistant and when you get an RA post, you immediately qualify for in-State tuition fees.

The same applies to TA, but a department will pay for TA. If you get either an RA or TA, you will qualify for in-State tuition fees.

A scholarship grant is completely different from an RA or TA. Scholarships are given to students based on academic qualifications.

So this means, international students are not given scholarship based on students financial need. There are some scholarship that will not give you the benefit of paying in-State fees, it will be just a fixed amount.


  1. i am from india in 12th grade. i want to go to US for bachelors degree.
    can you please help me with the procedures that need to be carried out?

  2. May I got or to be a research assistant of a professor with having a graduation ( Honors) degree with first class but without having a GRE or GMAT score? I also have no IELTS or TOEFL course.

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