Wrong Pin code in Passport – F1, GRE, TOEFL Problems?

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Question from Sneha about wrong pin code in her passport.

I have a query about wrong entering in passports!!!!!

Yes, my pin code number is printed wrong, everything is fine. Will it be a big deal?

It actually wasn’t my mistake, I have filled everything perfectly in form, i don’t know what did go wrong!!!!

I am giving my GRE and TOEFL in mid June. Will it be a problem in receiving score cards ,visa interviews and at any point in USA?

For registration for GRE Pin code number is not mandatory.I am just scared that will it costs me a lot??? Do i have to change it? Do i have to reapply?

Wrong Pincode in Passport

Changing the address in the passport. It’s no big deal, but that’s something you have to get it changed.

If your name is not going to change, then you can register for GRE with your passport.

Give the right address and pin code (Zipcode in USA) while registering for GRE.

But try to get your pinc ode fixed before going for GRE. So, you can avoid problems in the future.




  1. pin code on passport is printed wrong. It was printed as 522325 but actual one is 522001(two belongs to same district) . is there any problem form me. Reaming address is correct

  2. can someone tell whether any problem would occur if my passport contains wrong zip code . ihad registered for gre using same zip code

  3. hai,
    my name is preetima adakula, adakula is my surname.. but i have all study certificates as A.preetima . but in my passport i got my name as adakula preetima.. and my surname is blank nothing displayed on it….. i have to apply for the universities … i have given my gre.. will that be a problem in my future..? please suggest me what to do……..

  4. Hello HSB,
    Actually i have already applied for FALL semester…and the pin-code on my passport is wrong. It differs just by the last digit.6 instead of 3.
    While applying to the colleges, I had given the correct pin-code, because I thought that if I receive any i-20 form from a college..then it should be delivered at the correct address only. Even the address i gave for GRE..is the correct one. But now Im worried that the pin-code problem would affect my visa.
    Should I get it changed now?
    If so then I might have to send the correct address information to the universities before they issue an i-20 form…
    Plz HELP!!

    1. uhm!!!! If you have time, try changing your pin code!!!
      I have same issue:(:(
      Varies with last second digit!!!
      I am try to correct it.

      1. Hi Sneha,
        Even i am facing same problem in Passport.. You changed PIN code inyour passport? if yes, please let me know procedure to change it..

  5. the same issue here. Bt pin code is not a problem in GRE. In the future too it may not be a big deal

  6. Hi, my current mailing address is different than the one mentioned in my passport. Will there be any issue in my Visa Interview? Do I need to get my address changed before entering US?

  7. Somewhat similar problem
    I have wrong place of birth in my passport. Do it needs to be changed before I enter US. I have given my GRE.

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