Are You Stuck On 221(g) Administrative Processing?

Did you get 221(g) slip and waiting for weeks without any real update from the U.S. Embassy?

Are you feeling helpless that you can't get any update or progress on your visa?

Are you checking for the Case Status to Change in CEAC Site 10 Times a Day?

The only course of update you can check is the Last Update Date on the CEAC Site.

Most updates you will get the U.S. Consulate is the standard reply from the U.S. Consulate for your pending case.

You probably have a home, car, job, kids school, back in the USA. Maybe, this is your first visa interview to come to the U.S.A.

So, what can you really do?

You probably contacted the U.S. Embassy or the Consulate via your Congress Representative.

But, the reply from the U.S. Consulate or the Embassy is the same, standard reply, "The Administrative Processing has to run its course."

So, is there a way to get unstuck from 221(g) Administrative Processing?

As per Immigration attorney Josh Goldstein, who specializes in helping clients get unstuck from Administrative Processing by filing Mandamus Action. 

I will be doing a Live Video Webinar with Immigration Attorney Goldstein. He's going to talk in-depth about this process and how the Mandamus Action works and the success rate.

Since we spoke to setup this Live Webinar 3 weeks ago, he was able to Resolve 3 Administrative Processing Cases that was stuck for months.

So, how does this work?

How can an Immigration Attorney get answers from the U.S. Embassy where your case is processed to respond to your Administrative Processing when all your direct effort resulted in just a standard email?

In this Live Webinar, you will learn the following

  • What is 221(g) Administrative Processing?
  • Why does Administrative Processing take so much time?
  • What does in the background?
  • Is there anything you can do to avoid 221(g)?
  • What course of action do you have if your case is pending for week, months or years?

These are some of the questions, I will be asking the Immigration attorney during the Live Webinar.

You have an opportunity to ask questions during the Live Call.

How to Attend the Live 221(g) Webinar with Attorney?

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