My name is Raghuram Sukumar (Raghu). Welcome to – a Blog that helps students to get admission in US Universities and job in USA.

What is Happy School Blog[HSB] About? If you are planning to study in USA (Graduate School) you can get my perspective on admission process. I have organized this blog in the following order

Test Prep & Exams > University Selection > Admission> F1 Visa > Travel > Life in US > Job Search > OPT > H1B Visa > Green Card.

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How do I keep track of Blog Posts, you write so much! – Many HSB  readers make it their home page – but if you’re not that addicted and you don’t want to manually surf by each day you can follow every post of the site via RSS Feed (I follow other blogs using Google Reader – simple and powerful). You can also subscribe to my  newsletter  in which I send daily emails of selective blog posts. Not all published blog posts are sent as email.

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How did you start Blogging?  I got into this habit of  reading blogs, then moved on to create this blog. I have been helping students, friends since I started planning to Study in the United States. One day, I thought, why not share the experience in a blog? I was in shower and thought, why not write a blog about US college admission. I was at the registration screen and trying to come-up with a name for the url.  I wanted something simple and easy to remember. I was happy that I’m going to create a blog and I’m going to write about universities, colleges and schools. Bingo – Happy Schools Blog was born.

Is blogging my Full time Job? Nope. I work as Software QA Engineer and work on this blog after work hours and weekends. Things I write in this blog is my opinion and has got nothing to do with my full-time employer (day job).

My Background? Bachelors in Computer Science, India and Masters in Computer Science in US.

Personal life vs blogging? – I need to have boundaries as a blogger in terms of what you do and don’t talk about. When you’re communicating in a public arena security and privacy need to be through. In general terms though – I am married and we have a 6 year little boy. 25 Random things you didn’t know about me.

Can you review my profile and suggest universities? – I’ll answer this one by simply saying, it’s a question I get asked several or more times a day. If I responded with a yes I could spend all day doing it and not do much else. Please don’t be offended when I say no (or even don’t get back to you with an answer) but I am currently not taking on this type of work, even ‘quick looks’ at your profile. Sorry but at this point it’s beyond what I can offer.

May I republish posts from HSB on my own Blog? – You may not republish full posts from HSB without my direct permission (and in most cases if permission is sought I will still say no). Feel free to quote anything from this blog (within reason – ie 25 to 45 words is pretty normal) with a link to original source, but keep in mind that this is copyrighted material. I regularly keep track/find people who do republish my articles without acknowledgment of source and/or without permission and pursue them to remove it.

Many errors and grammar mistakes in the contents? There was a recent comment from a reader – “Perhaps, just perhaps if your site was written in better English, you might be taken seriously”. English is not my first language I’m doing my best to improve my English. Please free to highlight any mistake you come across. I can’t spell everything correctly, or use proper grammar. After all, I’m a blogger not a journalist 🙂

Is Happy Schools a Hobby or Business?  41 Square LLC is the main company (DBA Happy Schools). I do have a CEO/Manager who keeps tabs on the me, business, long term goals and employment activities.

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