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Where Can You Find Reliable Answers to Navigate Your Education, Career and Visa Issues in the USA?

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Quick Overview of What's Included with Premium Membership

On most days you have questions. Right?

These questions may be about how to apply to US Universities and to which Universities. How to apply for F1 Visa, how to answer in the visa interview and what not to pack in your suitcase.

Then the next set of questions are lined-up. How to find an internship to finding a job to the employer who would Sponsor your H1B Visa.

How to apply for OPT or STEM OPT and get Approval without RFE or Denial or Employer Providing e-Verify Number.

Then the H1B Visa Lottery Season comes around, there are more questions about receipt numbers to changing employer while H1B is pending to travel while H1B is pending and how long to wait for the H1B results.

And the natural response to such a situation is to try and find the answers via your social circles. But often the answers online are unpredictable and contradictory and you need to verify those unsatisfactory answers.

What’s worse is that is the source of the information can’t always be trusted. You’re never sure what’s being revealed and what’s being conveniently forgotten.

HR said that they will sponsor H1B Visa, But they backed out this year.

So, this happens pretty frequently and more often than you thought.

And you go posting in the forums asking for what can be done.

It's March 15th and this is your last attempt in getting H1B Visa before your OPT Expires.

What if someone told you before accepting your job to do X, Y & Z, so you would have run into this problem!

You have friends, roommates, but when it comes to Job Search, Salary Negotiation, Interviews, you are on your own.

The moment you step out of your comfort zone, questions after questions can hinder your progress.

You’ll find resources and ideas that will help you move ahead, and progress rapidly. Instead of standing out alone, you’ll experience the satisfaction of making an informed decision.

So, What's in Premium Membership?

Get reliable information at the right time.

I (Raghu) will be hanging out 10 to 20 times a day in the Premium Membership to help you find the right answers.

Do you want to see how lack of right answer at the right time can change one's life?

Hope you are doing good. I'm pursuing second masters currently.
I went for stamping denied and I'm applying once again is there any chances of approval to get a visa for US visa. Do you know anyone who got the approval for second masters?
Can you leave your number and let me know your available time slots to get back to you and can you share me the link for subscription and let me know what are the services are you offering towards students.


I would have said, not to travel, since I know from One on One calls that, VO is denying Visas for Second Masters.

There every possibility this student is not getting a visa again!

Reliable information did not reach this student at the Right Time. 

That's just one example. And there's a lot more, that I can provide feedback to help you navigate your life in the USA while on F1, OPT, STEM or H1 or H4 Visa.

Get reliable and timely information that you can use to make an informed decision.

Who Should Join Premium Membership?

There's Something for Everyone in This Premium Membership.


Future Students

Prospective Students Applying for U.S. Universities or Preparing for Student Visa. Learn from Highly Motivated Students Who Have Successfully Made it to the USA.

F1 Visa, OPT & STEM OPT Students

Students on F1 Visa seeking for New Job or Internship, OPT and STEM OPT Students applying for H1B Visa and Those Who are Running Out of Time on STEM.

H1B & H4 Visa Holders

Career, Life and Education guide for H1B & H4 Visa Holders While You Navigate the Life on H Visa to Green Card and Beyond.

What's Included With Membership

Private Facebook Group

Career Guidance & Interviews

Facebook Live Interviews

Free Exlusive Webinars

Exclusive Guests Interviews

Discount for Personal Consulting

Mentorship for Career Growth

Discount for Ask an Attorney

Frequent FB Live Sessions (as News Breaks)

List of Live Events - Completed & Planned

  • Aug 3 - Studying in Canada After Immigrating via Express Entry
  • Aug 4 - Fall 2019 New Student Orientation
  • Aug 7 - EB5 Visa - FAQ's
  • Aug 17 - Home Buying Guide & Real Estate Investment (Avinash)
  • Aug 24 - What to Do If you are Stuck on 221(g) - with Attorney Josh
  • Sep 1 - H1B RFE & OPT Expedite with Attorney Jack Sung
  • Sep 4 - FB Live Q&A
  • Sep 25 - FB Live Q&A

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So, What is the Investment to Join the Membership?


  • Private Facebook Group
  • FB Live Q&A
  • Live Webinars
  • Webinar Replay
  • Execution Plans
  • F1 Visa Interview Guide ($19)
  • New Student Orientation ($19)
  • 7 Days Job Search Challenge ($19)
  • H1B Visa Lottery Guide ($19)
  • Financial Roadmap for OPT/H1B ($19)
  • H1B Visa Plan B Guide ($21)
  • Cap-Exempt H1B Visa ($21)
  • New Car Buying Guide ($29)
  • Home Buying Guide ($29)
  • Green Card Guide ($19)
  • Entrepreneurship on OPT/H1B ($19)
  • Canada Express Entry Guide ($29)
  • Ask Raghu - Discount
  • Ask Attorney - Discount

* Membership Fees will be paid yearly. 

* H1B Guide Include Basic H1B & Lottery Guide for First Time Applicants

Ask Raghu Discount for Regular Calls. Urgent Calls are Not Included. 

Limited Time Offer! This Will Not Last Long!

Recent & Past Completed Events

H1B Visa - Not Selected

Next Steps and How to Plan Ahead for Your 2nd or 3rd H1B Visa Lottery Attempt.

Canada Express Entry

2 Hour long interview with Attorney Daniel from Toronto about Immigration to Canada.

H1B - Selected/Approved

Next Steps - H1B Visa Stamping, Planning for Green Card, Job Transfer, Marriage, etc.

Health Insurance

Confused About Health Insurance Choice as a New Hire? Use this Guide to Understand.

Move to Canada with Job

Series of Webinars - Working from Canada to Your Current US Based Employer.

Home Buying Guide II

Home Buying Guide Part 2 - Learn Tips From a Realtor to  for First Time Home Buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Membership


Feedback From Canada Express Entry Webinar


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7 Days Money Back Guarantee for Only Premium Membership!

Let me repeat it.

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