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Sample Questions from Readers

I scored a 324 on my GRE  (157 verbal and 167 quantitative score) with 4.0 in AWA. I’m applying for a PhD in Data Science and Machine learning, I need your opinion on the application process and how to approach the application for PhD and which universities can I hope to apply for?
I have recently moved to US with my Husband on H4 Visa. I have a BTech Degree from NIT and 8 years of Work Experience. Before moving to US I was working as a Product Manager. My questions are as below:
  • Please help to suggest if I wish to pursue a career in the US, keeping my background in mind, what is the right course for me, whether I should go for a Masters in the similar field or go for an MBA program.
  • Based on the above answer, what are the best colleges to pursue the course.
  • Looking at the new direction taken by the US government on H1B visa, what are my chances of getting a job which can qualify for the same.
  • What are the chances of getting a job on H4EAD, if I don’t get an H1B visa.
Respected Sir, I’m from Jackson, MS. This is a request for your consultation as my 6 yr H1B visa will be expiring soon and I wanted to see what is the next steps (more details on the phone). Please let me know your availability.
My student visa has been rejected for 5 times. For the last 2 times I applied through a travel agent and it was not mentioned in the DS-160 that my visa was ever rejected and they rejected my visa again. Will I get approved if I apply again?

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