Study in USA

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Study in the USA with Examples, Interviews and True Stories.

Future Students

You probably have friends studying in the USA or someone in your family in the USA. But, it's always an exciting feeling to know that you have taken the first steps to make your American Journey come true.

Here's you will find guides that give a much better picture of what it means to study in the USA, what to expect and how to mentally prepare for your Study Abroad journey. 

Bachelors Degree in the USA:

Masters Degree:

Doctorate Degree:

Earlier you start, you will have better opportunities to study in the USA.

Domestic High School students in the USA, start planning for college admission from their 9th Grade.

College starts accepting application in the month of November 1 for next year's admission (Collge Starts in Aug of next year). 

Such planning is required for international student admission. Most students take Aptitude tests multiple times to improve their scores. 

The biggest challenge for International students in Selecting the right program, degree, and universities. your goal should be to maximize the quality of the university you can attend with the background. 

Ph.D. Application Process

Once you get admission confirmation from the U.S. University, you would need to get Form I-20 from the University.

Form I-20 is required to schedule the Student F1 Visa interview with nearby U.S. embassy or Consulate.

  • Get I-20
  • Pay SEVIS Fee
  • Schedule F1 Visa Interview
  • Attend F1 Visa Interview
  • Travel to the USA 30 days before College Start date.

F1 Visa Interview Guide:

Study in USA for International f1 visa students application process flowchart

The end to end process to Study in the USA can be summarized in the majority of the following steps of the Degree Programs from Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D., and MBA.

  • Test Preparation
  • Take Aptitude Tests
  • Take English Proficiency Tests
  • Gather Required Documents
  • Select College and Universities to Apply
  • Submit College Application & Fee
  • Receive College Admission & Documents
  • Prepare and Apply for Student F1 Visa
  • Get Visa Approval & Travel to the USA

In this guide, you will find step by step walkthrough of scenarios and process with examples and timelines.