EB5 Visa India – Retrogression, Backlog for India. 8+ Years Waiting Times

eb5 visa wittime india brazil china vietnam south korea may 2019

EB5 China is Backlogged. EB5 Vietnam is Backlogged. EB5 India is also retrogressed. And it doesn’t stop with India. Brazil, Taiwan, and South Korea could be next. Current wait time for Indian Born EB5 Visa applicants is about 8.4 Years (as per May 2019).  So, how do the numbers add up? EB5 India Retrogression Let’s look…

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EB5 Visa Investments: Direct, Direct Pooled vs Regional Center

eb5 direct investment

Given a choice, would you prefer to invest in own business over Direct Pooled or a Regional Center Project? Of course, you would say yes. Who wouldn’t want to invest the hard-earned money in their own business when the EB5 Investment funds should be “At-Risk” during the course of the EB5 Green Card process. By the end of…

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Can $500,000 Investment be Any Type of EB5 Projects?

EB-Investors-Tyes o fEB5 Projects-Decision

Question from EB5 Visa Newbie – Can an EB5 Investor invest in any EB5 Visa Projects? And are there any restrictions on types of business that qualify for EB5 Visa? Good question and a typical question from a potential investor who is just learning about the EB5 Visa process and investment requirements. Types of EB5 Visa…

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How H1B Visa and H4 Visa Workers Can Afford $500,000 for EB5 Visa?

eb5 visa funds for h1b h4 visa holders

Have you wondered how someone on H1B Visa and H4 Visa could afford $500,000 + Admin Fee + Attorney Fee, which add up to $575,000? The minimum investment amount is $500,000 for the EB5 Visa for qualified projects. Then add the Administration Fee and Attorney Fee. There’s going to USCIS processing Fee on top of that.…

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20 FAQ’s – EB5 Visa for H1B Visa Holders

faqs eb5 visa h1b f1 visa

On a Friday night, you meet with friends for a drink and dinner. You start talking about EB3, EB2 and never moving Priority Date. One of your friends casually mentions how he ran into an H1B Visa holder applying for Green Card via EB5 Visa. You have probably heard about EB5 for H1B Visa. But,…

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Glossary of EB5 Visa Terms – Pay attention to Financial Terms

Glossary of EB5 Visa Terms

A typical EB5 Investor would run into most of the terms listed below if not all as part of the EB5 project due diligence process. The Regional Center – An EB-5 regional center is an economic unit, public or private, in the United States that is involved with promoting economic growth. USCIS designates regional centers for participation…

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