College Planning 1:1 Consulting 

Depending on where you are in your High School, Happy Schools Admissions has a service package that's right for you. 

The College Planning Roadmap

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Need a Solid College Admissions Plan for Your Child?

Choose between 30-minute and 60 Minutes sessions for students in middle school to 10th grade. Additional time is billed at $75 for 15 minutes.

PST Clients: If the time slots listed below don't work, please schedule the call, and we can find a suitable time that works for the PST zone.

After Scheduling: You will receive a questionnaire to complete that will help with our discussions. 

1:1 Consulting Meeting

Student Status ReviewWe guide you through the entire college admission process. Do the right things early on and the senior year will be a walk in the park. This Package Includes:

  • Holistic student status review
  • Coursework planning
  • Extracurricular management
  • Personality development
  • Summer activity planning
  • Personality Assesment
  • Career exploration
  • Admission Process Management
  • School selection strategy
  • Admission Timeline management
  • Full essay service for every school
  • Full application review before submission
  • Interview strategy
  • Financial aid negotiation
  • Waitlist and rejection strategy
  • Final school decision

Complete Admissions Package

We will guide you through the entire college admissions process.

Holistic Student Review

We start by understanding everything there is to know about you. Of course, we'll cover the basics - your classes, test scores, and extracurriculars - but we go so much deeper than that. We want to understand who you are as a person - what your childhood was like, your life ambitions, what you do for fun, and more.

This is going to shape your application, and we don't skimp on details.

Full Essay Service 

For every essay you have to write, we'll give the full treatment. We'll brainstorm topics, write and edit drafts, and finalize essays before submission.

With unlimited revisions with your consultant, you'll craft the perfect essays that make you stand out.

School Selection Strategy

It's important to choose a set of schools that match your interests and balance your chances of getting admission.

You probably know a few schools you want to apply to. We'll round that out by researching schools that fit into a complete admissions strategy. This may include schools that offer great financial aid for your unique situation, special programs for your interests, or target, reach and safety schools.

Full Application Review

Every piece of your application matters because it forms a complete picture. We review every piece of your application, from descriptions of extracurricular activities and your awards to checking for typos before submission. When you click Submit, you'll be confident you left no stone unturned.

Timeline Management

Managing multiple college applications with their unique deadlines and requirements can be frustrating. We make it easy for you, tracking every task you need to finish and making sure you have plenty of time to spare.

Each application has multiple steps - including planning, brainstorming, editing, and finalizing - and we make s


Financial Aid Negotiation

The financial aid package you receive isn't necessarily the best one you can get. We'll take all your acceptances and play the schools against each other, so you end up with the best financial aid offer at your top-choice school.