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Learn to Answer Your F2 Visa Interview Questions with the Utmost Confidence That Visa Officers Can't Deny Your Visa.

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Why F2 Visa Gets Rejected?

When it comes to F2 Visa Approval, I believe there are these five things involved.

  1. Quality of Answers
  2. Previous Visa Interviews
  3. F2 Visa Applicants Background
  4. Ability to Clearly Articulate the Answers
  5. F1 Visa (Spouse) Holders Profile and Background

Recent Trends with F2 Visa Interview Rejection shows a Pattern for F2 Visa Approvals and Rejection.

F1 Visa Holders background and profile play a major role in F2 Visa Approval or Denial.

You should understand this im[ortant fact - Every applicant is different.

Just because you read an F2 Visa Interview Approval Experience doesn't translate to automatic approval for your F2 Visa.

You could hear someone say, "for my wife's case, VO asked normal questions about me and my study. And asked for the marriage ceremony pictures, that's it."

There is ZERO relation between your expected F2 visa interview and person attending F2 Visa interview in the very next window.

F2 Visa Rejections are common and it primarily because the applicant thought it would a walk in the park.

Far too many rejections have happened due to the Lack of Preparation.

Common Rejection Trends in 2018/2019:

  1. Low-quality answers
  2. Lack of Depth is Answers
  3. Unable to answer the question about the Spouse
  4. Lack of Confidence, and poor communication skills
  5. Spouse on OPT or Working as Consultant or STEM OPT (tough to prove potential immigrant)

What's Included in F2 Visa Coaching?

F2 Visa Coaching is One on One conducted over Video Conferencing Call.

What to Expect in the F2 Visa Coaching

  1. Applicants Join F2 Visa Coaching
  2. Reads/Watches the Introduction Lessons
  3. Complete "In-Depth" Profile Questionnaire
  4. Schedule - 20 Minutes Strategy Session
  5. Practices the Answers ("As Recommended")
  6. Schedule - 15 Minutes Mock Interview 1
  7. Practice The Answers
  8. Schedule - 10 Minutes Mock Interview 2
  9. Practice the Answers
  10. Attend F2 Visa Interview
  11. Submit the F2 Visa Interview Experience/Feedback

Not to mention, you will be prepared for F2 Interview with Custom-Fit Strategy based on your Strengths and Weakness.

There are no standard answers.

You don't have to memorize any answers.

You will not be given a "Template" Answers and in fact, there's no concept of Standard Template in our Coaching Process.

If you lack Confidence - We will make sure you will be 110% Confident going into the Interview Process.

If you lack Fluency - We will prepare answers to make sure, you can still convey the High Impact answers.

If you are Nervous - We will practice Exercises to Calm You Down.

If your answers are Lengthy - We have scientific ways to practice to shorten your answers without giving up the content.


Feedback from F2 Visa Interview Coaching

F2 Visa Interview Coaching Feedback & Experience

F2 Visa Coaching Feedback & Experience (Second Student)

1. What Visa Did You Attend the Interview For?

F2 Visa Interview.

2. USA Visa Interview Result?

F2 Visa Approved.

3. Describe Your Day Leading Up to the Interview

I woke up at 5 am and I was ready by 6 am. Checked all the documents and practiced all questions and answers once. I had breakfast and started moving towards the consulate office.

3. What happened After You Reached The U.S. Consulate?

There was a huge crowd in front of the entrance and all the waited for their slots. And my slot was at 8 am and I reached the office at 7 am and waited until my term starts. According to me for visitors visa, they have to make another queue because of most of all the parents.

4. After Entering the Consulate Till Attending the Interview.

Once I entered the consulate, security check was done (passport check) and after our documents file scan and also separate queue for ladies and gents for full body scan done. After we have to reach the interview hall it will take around 5 mins. And again figure print and passport checking done. Finally, there were 5 queues of different languages. For me, it will take around 15 mins for my turn. Was little nerves.

5. F2 Visa Interview Experience

The VO was lady, she asked me 6 questions.

  1. What is your spouse name?
  2. What he is doing?
  3. When did you get married?
  4. Was it arranged marriage?
  5. How did you meet him?
  6. Where is he working?

I answered confidently. She was a young lady when I said good morning to her, she replied with a smile so I felt comfortable and finally she said congratulations your visa is approved.

6. What did you do after the interview?

I was happy with the approval of my visa. So I replied to her by saying thank you and wished her have a good day. And exited.

7. List MOST important Benefit You Got from the F2 Visa Coaching?

Since it's the first time, I was worried about the visa interview. So coaching helped me to practice all the questions and answers and also confident level.

8. Now, your Interview is Complete, What do you think about F2 Visa Coaching Process?

Coaching is really helpful. And for particular questions, the way we answer that question should be convince by the VO so for that couching will help us and also all the information about the visa interview are helpful.

9. What would be three other benefits about this service?

Mock interviews and documents list.
Correction for the answers what we said wrongly.
Also, reschedule of the mock interviews dates for our convenient.

10. Would you recommend this service? If so, why?

Yes. Because course really helps to calm you down.


Join F2 Visa Interview Coaching

Join F2 Visa Coaching


  • 20 Minutes Strategy Call
  • 15 Minutes Mock 1
  • 10 Minutes Mock Interview 2.

Total of 45 Minutes Coaching done via Video Conference (or Phone Call).

Join F2 Rejection Review

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  • 15 Minutes Rejection Review

Recommend to Join Rejection Review first if you have previous F2 Visa Rejections in the Past.

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A disclaimer: I'm not an Immigration Attorney. I'm helping you based on my experience gained from my F1 & F2 Interview experience and helping other students. If you want to consult an attorney, please use Ask An Immigration Attorney service. The goal of this coaching is to you answer them and face the interview confidently.