Guide: Unlawful Presence Memo for F1 Visa Students

Attending Day 1 CPT University & Working? Have you used more than 12 Months on CPT? As per New Memo, you could be violating your F1 Student Status. Potential Problems and Solutions Discussed by Immigration Attorney Jack C Sung.

How Does Status Violation Occur?

Student F-1 Visa Status Violation can occur in multiple ways. We are specifically focusing on those of you enrolled in Day 1 CPT Universities, Working Full Time and Attending Classes once every few weeks or if you have attended Day 1 CPT University in the Past. 

12 or more month cpt ref change of status denial uscis

Are You a Current or Past Day 1 CPT University?

Then you could fall into one of below categories and if the Bar Applies to You Depends on Your Specific/Complex Immigration Scenarios and Unique Needs. 

more than 12 months cpt scenarios

So, What is the Solution?

Immigration Attorney Jack C Sung discussed Several Potential Solutions and how each Solution Applies to People from Various Scenarios. Now, You can get Access to the Guide, Understand the Potential Impact and Which Solution May Be the Best Fit For Your Need.

Get The Unlawful Presence Memo Guide for F1 Students

Includes Recorded 75 Minutes Video Interview with Immigration Attorney + Easy to Digest Information to Understand The Bar and Solutions way cheaper than Attorney Consultation.