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Learn Job Search Framework to Organize, Optimize and Simplify Your Job Search especially for F1, OPT, H4 & H1B Visa Holders. 

So, What is Growth Lab?

Is this the first time searching for a job in the USA?

The typical job seeker on F1 Visa, looking for CPT or Full-time Job, or H4 EAD or H1B Visa, who is looking for a new job, greatly underestimates the complexity of the job search.

Success in your job search is not depended on ONLY on the resume, networking, interviewing, and using applying for the job. 

Unfortunately a majority of job seekers "don’t know what they have to know."

Do you apply for jobs or internship as a group project? Probably Not!

Job Search is a lonely process! Not to mention, it can be depressing after a while!

It's a battle between you, your laptop and the online job posting.

When you are taking courses in college, you acquire skills - technical skills, project management, analytical, logical, and problem-solving.

Guess what's missing in that list? Job Search Skills/Factors.

Colleges don't teach you the Job Search Skills or the Process.

So, what do you do? Most F1 Student or other job seekers do what they know.

Search - Apply - Wait - Repeat!

current job search process

If you start your Job Search by doing the above steps, after applying to 10 or so jobs, you are forming a habit.

After 100 Job applications, you have formed a new routine and a habit.

Along the way, you may get few interview calls.

So, you repeat the same with more vigor.

After a month or two, you just feel comfortable doing the same.

If it doesn't work, you feel the pressure and pain!

So, what's wrong in the above Process?

How many jobs do you have to apply before you get a meaningful reply or a phone interview?

The Success Rate of Jobs applied by the "Brute Force Method" is less than 10% and add H1B Visa Sponsorship Requirement! The Success Rate Drop to  Single Digit. Right?

Here's a much better and streamlined process for your Job Search.

effective job serch process

I started the job search the saw way! Brute Force, Random and Unorganized!

I went to the first place that was accessible to me - University Career Services.

I gave them my resume, they edited it and asked me to read the resources on the website. That's all I could get from them.

I couldn't get an answer to problems faced by International Students.

Employers want to know about Visa Sponsorship! Should the invest in you if they can't get the Visa for you!

I will teach a technique on how to overcome this objection with your job search in the Career Lab. 

Courses and Grades are good to have on your resume, but it became really clear that what I was learning in my classroom is not going to get my foot in the door (that first interview call).

I had to improvise.

It didn't take long before I realized that Job Search is a Skill that can be Acquired.

On average you would spend your week as follows:

  • Attending Classes - 9 Hours
  • Homework and assignments - 10 Hours
  • RA/TA/Part Time Job - 20 Hours
  • Projects and Thesis - 10 Hours
  • Entertainment - Few Hours
  • Time Spent Acquiring Job Search Skills - Close to ZERO!

The time you spent applying for jobs by job openings and submitting a resume doesn't count towards acquiring the Job Search Skills.

Are you gaining those skills from Courses you are taking in your college? Heck No.

So, how do find a Full-Time Job before you graduate or before your 90 Days Unemployment Period Expires on OPT?

That brings us to The Growth Lab.

What if all the Skills You want to acquire is available to you in an Easy to Use Framework.

Byte-Sized tasks, you can learn and do from your First Day in the USA, that gets you closer to your Drema Job.

What if, we take the loneliness from your job search and you can learn what others are doing to land their job?

In short, Career Lab gives you access to Resources to where you can learn to Optimize, Organize and Simplify the Job Search by following simple 20 Factors, starting from Resume to Starting Your New Job and everything in between.


career lab memberhsip

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