FREE Webinars: Study in USA

On-demand webinars that run every 15 minutes, where you can learn everything from College Admission, F1 Visa to Job Search in America.

Study Abroad Planning

So many countries, so many opportunities, but which Country, Degree, Course is Right for you?

University Selection

How to Select the Perfect University to Study in the USA for your Profile.

F1 Visa DS160 Guide & Mistakes to Avoid

How to complete your DS-160 without mistakes for your F1 Student Visa.

How to Answer F1 Interview Questions

Top F1 Visa Interview Questions and How to Answer Them.

F1 Visa Interview Prep Strategy

Hands Down the Best and Free,  F1 Visa Prep Guide you will ever find!

Pre-Departure Orientation

Are you anxious about your first trip to the USA? I'm sure many first-time travelers would be. Worry Not. Learn how to pack, what to pack, and wow to book your flight and clear Port of Entry and Customs like a seasoned traveler.

How to Find a Job in the USA?

Follow these Job Search Tactics and Strategy to Land your CPT Internship or a Full-Time Job and avoid common mistakes that lead to stress and frustration during the Job Search Process.