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F1 Visa Coaching and Interview Prep

Who Else Wants to Get F1 Visa Approval?

Why F1 Visa Coaching With Happy Schools

Let's talk about how I can help you and then you can decide if you want to join Workshop or Coaching.

I have coached a 38 year old going for M.S., and someone going for Second Masters Degree, to someone with poor communication skills to someone with GRE in 280's to 330's and someone moving to the USA with their family to F2 visa holder and this list goes on.

  • Expertise: I have gained experience from helping students from a variety of backgrounds (backlogs, finance, low scores, previous rejections, sponsors, large deposits, etc.)
  • Framework: That Experience is codified into the framework (and strategy) that can be reused by anyone (like you).

I created the "F1 Visa Interview Prep Framework" based on experience gained from helping students from a variety of backgrounds. You can use the exact framework to improve your performance at the F1 Visa interview. How? You can improve your answers to questions like Why USA, Why this University, Why this course, What has changed since last time, etc.

You are essentially hiring me for my expertise to solve your unique and complex situation. I haven't seen any two students with the same background. Everyone has a unique set of challenges, Problems vary like financial issues or backlogs or previous rejection. So, how do you get F1 Visa when you have challenges?

It's extremely difficult the replicate the experience I have gained from coaching. You are essentially hiring me for my expertise to solve your problem, which is to get F-1 Visa Approval.

All the time and money you have invested till date would be of ZERO value if you don't get the F-1 Visa right?

The Key to F1 Visa Approval

Testimonials from Students and Parents

Krishna & His Parents (UTD)

Samrat (Auburn)


F1 Visa Rejection Review and Profile Review


  • 1 on 1 Meeting
  • Strenght & Weakness Finder
  • Mock Interview
  • Past Interview Analysis
  • 30 Rejection Reasons (Video)
  • Who Should Buy?

Rejection Review

  • 1 on 1 Meeting 15 Minutes
  • Strenght & Weakness Finder Included
  • Mock Interview Included
  • Past Interview Analysis Included
  • 30 Rejection Reasons (Video) Included
  • Who Should Buy? Past Visa Rejections

Join F1 Visa Coaching


  • Profile Analysis
  • Strategy Session
  • Mock Interview 1
  • Mock Interview 2
  • Beginners Guide*
  • Strategy Framework*
  • 40 Denial Reasons*
  • Answer Crafting*
  • Tips Ex-Visa Officer*
  • Recorded Strategy Session*
  • Recorded Mock Interviews*


  • Profile Analysis --
  • Strategy Session --
  • Mock Interview 1 15 Minutes
  • Mock Interview 2 --
  • Beginners Guide* Included
  • Strategy Framework* Included
  • 40 Denial Reasons* Included
  • Answer Crafting* Included
  • Tips Ex-Visa Officer* Included
  • Recorded Strategy Session* Included
  • Recorded Mock Interviews* Included


  • Profile Analysis --
  • Strategy Session --
  • Mock Interview 1 --
  • Mock Interview 2 --
  • Beginners Guide* --
  • Strategy Framework* --
  • 40 Denial Reasons* Included
  • Answer Crafting* --
  • Tips Ex-Visa Officer* Included
  • Recorded Strategy Session* --
  • Recorded Mock Interviews* --

(*) Refers to Video Contents

Which is the Right Plan for You?

f1 visa coaching which plan to buy


Start with Silver Plan.

Follow the instructions. Watch the video guide.

Prepare Answers and Practice.

Then Let's do the Mock Interview.

If your performance is below 5 on the scale of 10, I would recommend you to upgrade to Platinum Plan for just $99.

When I do a Mock Interview with F1 Applicants with Previous Visa Rejections, they score around 3.5 on the average.

And you are absolutely welcome to Join Platinum Plan Directly (Only if you are a First Time F1 Visa Applicant.)

When to Join F1 Visa Coaching?

when to join f1 visa coaching

Feedback from Arvind

I'm going for Second Masters after doing M.Tech in India.

F1 Visa Coaching with Raghu helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and thus helped me answer with more confidence based on my strengths. He also helped me with the potential questions that could be asked for my profile
Because of your experience handling a lot of students, you have a better idea and you give a clear picture of the student’s potential interview questions.

Other things that I have learned are:

  1. Personal attention with a complete understanding of the student’s profile.
  2. Guidance based solely on the student’s profile.
  3.  You gave a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses my profile. And thus made me work more on my weaknesses which made me be prepared for any questions based on my weaknesses.

I would definitely recommend this service to other students when it comes to their visa interviews because of your vast experience in helping students clear their visa interviews and your blog is a good source of genuine information.

I would like to know the list of services that you offer so that I can recommend any of my friends or relatives who are looking for services other than visa interview consulting.


Former Visa Offcer Recommends F1 Visa Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About F1 Visa Coaching and Rejection Review. 

When should I join the F1 Visa Coaching?

I have coached someone who had F-1 Visa Interview in less than a day to someone who had their F1 Visa interview 3 months away. As a general rule of thumb, make sure you have at least 7 days between the date you join the coaching and your F1 Visa interview.
If you have less than 7 days of your interview, then send me an email as soon as you join the coaching. 

Should I Join Review and Coaching or Directly Join Coaching?

Here's my recommendation:

Applicants with Previous US Visa Rejection:

Join Rejection Review then Join the Platinum Plan. 

I don't recommend Gold Plan if you US Visa (B1/B2, F1, F2 H1B, H4, etc) has been rejected in the past. 

First Time F1 Visa Applicants:

Join Profile Review and then I will recommend Platinum or Gold Plan depending on your profile analysis (Weakness, Communication Skills, Are you Coachable, etc)

How do we meet for the Coaching Sessions?

Coaching is done via Video Conferencing Tool called Zoom. You can attend the coaching at using your Desktop, Phone, Laptop or Tablet. Please be prepared to be on a Video Call. 

Do I get visa for sure? Do you offer Guarantee?

I would if I'm approving your Visa 🙂

Only the Consular Officers can Approve or Deny your visa. I coach you based on the information you share with you. I work with you personally to improve your presentation, confidence, presentation skills, in addition, to help you improve your answers. If someone offers a guarantee of F1 Visa Approval, they are lying. 

Sometimes, you want someone to tell you things others will not tell. If I see an issue, I will call you out. I have a set of tactics that I use to shift your mindset.  Everything that's required to get the Visa is within you. I make sure to bring those skills out. 

F1 Visa Coaching: Consultant vs Happy Schools?

We provide a personalized approach and the cost of coaching reflects that. There are no memorized answers. There's no standard set of questions. Your consultant probably never attended F1 Visa Interview nor studies in the USA nor living in the USA. Just see the feedback from members who got Visa approval through Happy Schools help. 

I don't have a Credit Card. Do you Accept Cash?

At this time, we don't accept Cash or Bank Transfer. Indian Rupay cards are not accepted. Both Debit and Credit Card issued by Visa or Master Card are accepted. Also, Google Pay and Apply Pay are also accepted. If you have either Google or Apple Pay configured for your local currents, you should be able to make the payment. 

Is 30 to 45 minutes sufficient to Coach someone?

Yes, it is more than enough to coach someone. 

This process has been tried and tested several times.

  • Join the Coaching
  • Submit Profile Questionnaire
  • Schedule Meeting
  • Complete Video Lessons (over 6 hours of video lessons)

I will review your profile before we meet for the Strategy Session for Coaching. 


How to Join the F1 Visa Coaching?

Follow these steps

  • Click the Link In this Page for Corresponding Plan.
  • Fill the payment form 
  • Pay using Credit or Debit Card issued by Visa or Masters Card.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay and Pay are also accepted. 
  • After you completed the Payment, check your Email for further Instructions.
  • Once you login into course content, you can find details on how to schedule the meeting.
How to Pay for Coaching or Rejection Review?

International Students: If you are outside the US, you would need a Debit Card or Credit Card with Visa or Master Card Logo that allows International Payments. 

Customers from India:

  • Visa - Accepted
  • Master Card - Accepted
  • RuPay Platinum Debit Card - Accepted
  • RuPay Global Card - Accepted
  • RuPay Select Debit and Credit Card - Accepted
  • RuPay Debit Card - Not Accepted

Google Pay and Apple Pay are also accepted from Mobile Devices.