Interview with Mandy from Argo Visa - Former Visa Officer (+ Student Visa Interview Tips)
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Interview with Mandy from Argo Visa – Former Visa Officer (+ Student Visa Interview Tips)

Have you ever wondered why Visa officers, after issuing 214(b) rejection, don’t give you the actual reasons for denial?

If they give you the “Real Reason” for denial, wouldn’t that help you with your next visa attempt?

What if you knew your weakness or chances of US visa denial were high before your interview? Wouldn’t you go better prepared for the interview?

But where can you get real answers?

I interviewed Mandy, Executive Vice President of Argo Visa. The total duration of the interview is 70 Minutes.

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  • Mandy worked as a US Diplomat for over seven years.
  • Issued over 100,000 immigrant and non-immigrant visas
  • Immigration Attorney and Executive Vice President of Argo Visa.
  • She provides visa Coaching and her team of visa officers for applicants through Argo Visa.

During the interview, she answered the following questions (& more):

  • Why don’t Visa officers give the real reasons for denial?
  • What are the chances of approval once the visa is denied?
  • How can one present the answers to the visa officer?
  • Why does the visa officer type the answers without looking at the applicant?
  • Why did they deny the visa without looking at my document?
  • What if I get a letter from US Senator, would that get me visa approval?
  • Is there a quota for the number of visas issued per day?

Interview with Mandy from Argo Visa


I have requested Mandy if she can do exclusive members-only more live webinars for Premium Members.

In this Members Only Session, attendees will be able to

  • Speak to Mandy and Aske Questions
  • Post Questions via Chat & Get Answers

Now, here’s why do shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

If you want to speak to one of the Argo Officers, you have to schedule a paid consulting call, which will cost you a hundred dollars, which is recommended when you need that help.

But, as a Premium Member, you get to attend join the live webinar and ask questions for a fraction of the cost and participate in several other webinars (& watch replays of the past webinars).

Here’s my observation from writing about Visa Interview for several years now.

“I don’t want any help with the visa interview, I can ace the interview, and I can read the experiences online.”

“My visa interview is coming-up shortly, I’m stressed. I have a few backlogs and weaknesses in my profile.”

“VO denied my visa without looking at any documents, what should I do now?”

Here’s the official visa approval statistics (& you can see Mandy spoke about this as well) 

About 20 to 30% of Visa Applicants are denied overall on any given day. 

People who said that “I can manage visa interview on my own” will be ready to pay whatever it takes for visa approval in the next attempt.

I have read 1000’s for visa interview experiences, and people just get tensed and fail to execute on the day of the interview.

And, you can avoid all that by preparation and right guidance.

Now, you have a fantastic and unique opportunity to learn from Mandy and ask her questions about your upcoming visa interview.

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Webinars with Argo Visa Officers:

I have hosted three webinars with Argo Visa Officers.

  1. Webinar with Mandy (this page)
  2. Webinar with Chris (founder of Argo Visa and former Visa Officer) – 2 Hours
  3. Webinar with Maggie (Former Consular Officer in Mumbai) – 2 Hours

Do you like to watch the replay of the interviews with Chris and Maggie, you can have two options

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