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F1 Visa Interview Feedback (2020)


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I have been a regular reader of HSB blogs since my younger son left for his MS to USC. HSB has been doing a great job by providing right guidance to all the people going to USA. Today my both sons are in USA and now my daughter-in-law and grand son also leaving to join them on F2 visa.

All this has happened because of guidance I got through HSB.

To mention a few, my younger son had a problem of missing Surname in his PP & Visa and he got a new corrected PP from CGI SFO, only through guidance from HSB & CGI website. Today he has a SSN, EAD and now going for Driving license. Then my elder son got his F1 visa, in June 2011 from Chennai consulate, only because of guidance through HSB.  And, now my Daughter-in-law & grand son got their F2 visa, again goes without saying that through guidance of HSB.

My only suggestion to all the aspirants for US visa – Prepare well after going through all the relevant blogs of HSB, Fill online application thoroughly & correctly without hiding any fact or giving wrong information and face visa interview confidently, relying on the facts. In all probability you will get through in first attempt. Once again many thanks to HSB for doing a great service.

SriHarsha Bolisetti

I got admission in University of Waterloo MMath (Coursework) for fall 2013… will convert to thesis once I reach there..I would never would have aced GRE or would know so much about admissions procedure if its not for you and your blog… You inspired me and enlightened me so much that with your inspiration I’m trying to build my own blog as well .Thanks once again and please continue to enlighten and educate people through your blog. ( April, 2013)

Sukumar Shetty (Parent)

I really appreciate your answers and that also so prompt and to the point. You have cleared all my doubts. You are so professional and very dedicated. I’m sure anybody approaching you will certainly benefit greatly from your advice. We Indians need few more like YOU to guide the students to academic success. Many thanks and keep up the good work.


I’m Domenico from Italy aka carcass. I’d like to say simply: thank you for your blog, posts and really helpful insights. Do not waste your precious time to hear comments about your english (really good), silly mistakes and so on and so forth.

As gmatclub verbal section moderator and humble guy that is trying to pursue a PhD, your blog is really awesome. Keep posting.

Yours faithfully –  Domenico

Anurag KB

I’m very much happy to tell you that after waiting 2 long years I got an admit, just now, in my desired university, desired program. I wanted to share this good news first with you. I learned abt the process from your BLOG and through discussions in your blog I was able to form a criteria for selection of universities and so on. I can only thank you for such an informative blog.

You told me not call you as GURU, but you are my GURU.
Thanks a lot
Anurag KB
Pharmaceutical sciences-Pharmacology



This is manikandan from India. I contacted long time back  regarding universities in US and couple of conversations over phone. I am very delighted to inform you that I got admitted in University of Illinois at Chicago for Industrial engg. I would like to thank you for all the support and help. Happyschoolsblog is a marvel and am sure it will be helpful for all the aspirants. Hope to meet you someday.

Piyush Garg

Do you remember me? Sir i wanted to thank you so so much that i can never express my respect and gratitude in words..Below is the small conversation we had some months back..It was really motivated..I am working really hard for scoring high GRE score to get aid..I wishfully want to do MS and its my only dream..Sir you know what, your blog and you have motivated thousands like me..Whatever is our concern we head to HAPPY SCHOOLS BLOG..Although i am very young to say that but I feel you should be rewarded with accolades because you made life of so many people without any favours..I strongly desire for including this mail to your blog under the name ” Tribute to HSB by its own small group of students “

Manjunath Krishna ?

@madhulika it’d be good to know HSB is like a guiding light for all of us… For sure he is a person who is like a mini wikipedia when u look at admissions in the US and beyond


I am preparing to write General and Chemistry GRE in November 2011 to persue PhD studies in Sept 2012, US. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for the information provided dailiy. I have been receiving HSB since May 2011. This is a very scary and intimidating journey and HSB is encouraging and supporting me throughout. I thank you very much and continue the hard work. I also admire your integrity when you set rancorous complainers on the righteous path. Just so you know, I am from Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies…so your noble efforts are spanning the world. I also admire Indians (and other nationalities) who are able to adopt another language (English), write and English-based exam and excel at it. Kudos to you… but always appreciate you bilingually (or multi). Keep well…. and thanks again…


Thank u for all the help regarding my application and post application phases…Im leaving for New York on 11th August…and except for the University technicalities, 70% of the credit of my US appli and journey information, starting from tips about right choice of university, to payment of fees, application, visa, right to orderly packing of bags, goes to HSB…..keep it going..and the 2011 “veterans” will always be there to mete out suggestions (if allowed :P )

Soumyajit Dasgupta

Hello sir, if you remember, few days back I asked you for some advice on my University selection, and at the end of the discussion you told me to tell you my score, once my GRE was done. So today I gave my GRE and here is my score : 1480 ( Quant: 790; Verbal : 690).

I also want to convey my gratitude to you as the 299 w…ord list shared by you on HSB helped me a lot. Almost 70% of the words I came across in the antonym & relationship sections today were from that list.

Santosh (Email)

I wrote my GRE on 17th August and scored 1280, Verbal – 490 , Quantitative – 790.I found Happy schools blog rightly at the time when i had planned to do MS. I had no info about anything but in this 8-10 months i had collected a great deal of knowledge. Thanks a lot sir, i wont be disappointed by this score because you have said its a decent score in the past to many students. i have no words to express my gratitude.


hi we r all thanq full to u, ur really doing good job….god bless u……….have a nice happy life


Your websites have helped me alot, you are really doing a humanitarian job. People waste alot of money to agents. But I just followed the guidelines on your website. Though I was rejected the visa but it was just because of a foolish mistake. Anyhow, please reply to my querry.


Thanx a lot sir!..you are really doing a fabulous job. The inspiring students are getting a lot a valuable information from your this amazing blog.


cheers man!!! your blog is very informative..


Brother raghu thanks for ur help and for giving ur precious time not only to my self but to many peoples speciall indians,really ur blogs helped me a lot in getting the U.S.A student visa.Now iam in US, inshallah allah will give u reward for this social work.


The website is really very informative and provide a lots of information regarding a compplete US Education for its entry selection of Universities according to GRE TOEFL scores, Visa Documents their prepration and Format even each information a successfull candidate require for US Visa not only the non-immigrant but also have had information about immigrant visa.


You are doing a excellent job man.


I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.


Hello HSB Team, This website is just wonderful ! It has so much information that I never came across in any other educational website so far. I have been checking other websites like indeed.com, gre.org, murthy.com etc but haven’t come across a single website like this which has information about everything in one place and provides other links for further help. Nice work and thank you very much ! Nandana


I am an avid follower of happy Schools blog and I appreciate the good work you are into. I took a lot of tips from your blog and I am happy to inform you that
out of the three universities I have applied, I have received admit from all of  them. (USF, Tampa, UARK and UMKC, Kansas City).

Angelo Kurian

Dear HSB,
I am sure you get this a lot everyday, i thank you on behalf of everyone who have benefited from your blog, Its been a great blog which shows the hardwork you put into this everyday.I myself have gained a lot from this and i am pretty sure i will gain a lot more from this blog.I recently gave my GRE exam andd scores 1430 (790Q+640V). Its all because of you and the many posts in here.Thank you once again

Arpit Sakhuja

I’ve been following HSB for a quite long time n yes I can definitely say that it helped me alot..It changed my view towards things..I consider HSB as my GUIDE,MENTOR n MOTIVATOR.. Thank U so much..


Hi this is padmavathi completed B.Tech in GMR Institute Of Technology

Happy School Blog is a best guiding site which just reads our minds for the queries. And before I need to search for an answer, HSB sends me with the explanation. It makes complex admission procedures so simple.