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Q&A : Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in USA

Guest post is written by reader Rocky (nickname).

I have a MS in Mechanical engineering and fortunately found a job after a lot of struggle. I just wanted to educate Mechanical Engineering students who are planning to do MS in USA Therefore I am writing this article – Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in USA.

Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in USA

First let me tell you, it is a million times easier for people who have degrees in IT or Electrical Engineering to get job than any other streams of engineering.

There were a lot of mistakes that I made. If somebody had answers to all my questions listed below life would have been so much easier.

Which part of the US should you apply to ? (As far as universities)

Always apply to universities on the east coast as there are far more jobs in mechanical  and manufacturing that would be willing to sponsor H1B visa.

Never apply to AZ, CA, NM as most of the companies here are defense companies and will not hire a foreigner.

Also if you are getting a degree in Aerospace engineering forget about getting a job.

Is work exp important for mechanical students?

Hell yeah! Atleast get a years experience from India preferably in the design software field (autoCAD, Solidworks, ProE).

If not then at least some kind of experience even IT is fine. I know Infosys and Accenture hire mechanical engineers.

This is mostly because in an interview you will be asked about your problem solving skills and talking about your course projects isn’t going to cut it out for you.

What field or core area should you choose?

I would go with the easiest area which according to me is thermal sciences.

Most Indian students are really strong in this area. Or if you want to challenge yourself you can take solid mechanics with some CAD projects.

Other areas you could try is MEMS or Semiconductor Fab trust me there are a lot of companies in this field that would be willing to sponsor H1B Visa with the right kind of LAB exp (Intel/Micron/Novellus/Global foundries).

In which area are there more jobs?

Manufacturing / Design undoubtedly has the most jobs.

There are no jobs in the Energy / Renewable energy field that are willing to sponsor. Trust me I know what I am talking about.

Even if you decide not to get any work experience get trained in all the CAD software that you know of before you come.


Take easy courses in the spring semester so that to get ample time to apply to atleast 500 jobs for your internship.

Don’t give up until you hit that magic figure.

If you don’t get an internship offer don’t go to India like an idiot and waste your vacation, work under some professor  and do some research even if it is for free and you don’t get paid. You can add that work experience to your resume.

Last but not the least be aware of the immigration rules especially OPT, CPT, H1B Visa and then make your decision about coming to the USA to do your MS because after all you are investing thousands of dollars for your education.

Good Luck!


Do you have any questions for Rocky about ob Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in USA?

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  1. I have done Mechanical Engineering from Chandigarh Group Of Colleges Landran and i want to work in USA, Please suggest me the procedure , how can i apply .

    1. Hi, I have completed my Mechanical engineering from Gogte institute of technology Belgaum. And currently working as a graduate engineering trainee at Mercedes Benz research and development India. I want to do my master’s in US , but i am scared that will i get a job in an automotive industry ? Or should i go to Germany?

  2. I got admit from UIC for MS in mechanical engineering fall-18. I have 3 years of experience in automotive design (CATIA V5) in Tata Motor’s Engineering Research Center. Are there good chances for me to get job after ms. Is it worth spending to get ms degree for me. Is it difficult to find job in design sector in USA?

  3. I have done my bachlors in mechanical engg. I have a 2 yr job experiance in MNC as a production engg…it is useful for getting a job after ms in usa ?

  4. right now I am doing my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with a research assistantship in Material sector. My question is what is suitable for getting job with pretty good salary(hot that much high end)? MS or Ph.D.? And if I want a career where I will work with software like CAD,solid works or any other specific software, how I should prepare?

  5. Jai Hind Sir.
    I have just completed my Mechanical engineering . But don’t know how to go outside. If you please help me then contact me.
    Regards .

  6. Sir/mam
    I want to do ms in mechatronics after BE in mechanical engineering so can u sujjest me scope of job ,best University, and job profile plz

  7. I would like to do job in America after my mechanical engineering graduation…Please give some advice

    …..urs sincerely Abhilash.C

  8. Hello ,my brother finished adiploma in Mechanical Engineering at Kyambogo university Uganda his aged 23yrs old and hardworking ready to cope up with any environment kindly help us get a job

  9. Hello, I have completed my M.Tech. in Heat Power and Thermal Engineering and I have 8 years of academic experience….may i get a job in USA, i would like to work in automobile, design industry

  10. I want to do job in USA after my Btech in mechanical engineering. How to I approach company. I would like to work in design and automobiles.

  11. Hello Sir,
    My husband has 10+ years experience in Mechanical Engineering (specialised in HVAC/MEP) worked in GCC Countries.. He wish to prefer for job opportunities in America.
    Is der scope for HVAC mech field nd where ????
    Can u pls guide me!

  12. I have completed Diploma in Mech,Degree in Mech,now i am preparing for GRE,I would like to know that in which course should i take for M.s. to seek jobs in USA afterwords and which universities.Please guide me

  13. Sir Right now i jst completed my BE on mechanical engg….so could u help me to go outside Ind and could u tell me what can i do for that ……plz reply me as soon as possible ….

  14. good morning sir I have completed in diploma mechanical engineering so could you help me how to got the job of America

  15. Hi raghu,

    I have completed my MS in mechanical engineering from michigan University. Would it be possible for you to connect with me.


  16. I have completed 3 year diploma in mechanical production i have done 1.5 year working expreince for S.Q.A deptt.(supllier quality assorance department ) uni product india ltd rewari haryana india.

  17. I have completed diploma in mechanical
    Having 3yer experience in Refrigeration &air-condition sector . How can I go to USA please suggest me

    1. With 3-year degree coming to USA for studying would be difficult. Get one more year of education to target good universities.

  18. Right now i jst completed my b tech on mechanical engg….so could u help me to go outside Ind and could u tell me what can i do for that ……plz reply me as soon as possible ….

  19. I have completed B.Tech after completing Diploma in Mechanical. How can I get a job in USA? I have almost 3 yrs experience in Project Works.

  20. Hi, Raghu.
    I would like to know is there any general deadline to apply for summer internships.
    In the post, it has been advised to us to take easy courses in the spring semester, but I have heard that most of the companies tend to close the openings by February itself.
    Is it true?

  21. Hi Raghu,

    My husband wants to try in Automobile Industry in USA, however he doesn’t know that how to start with, he is associated with Ashok Leyland in india having 20 years of experience in Plant maintenance.

    He has completed his diploma in E.C.E

    Kindly Suggest

  22. I have done my ( Mechanical Engineering ) and wanted to have a suggestion that what type of engineering field should I apply for MS in US. I particularly don’t know much about of the options available to me.

  23. Vatsal.Bhatt

    I want to know how to crack internship for the job in mechanical engineering in USA. Can u help me and which consultancy is good for the job. Now i am doing master in mechanical engineering in Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia.

  24. I want to know how to crack internship for the job in mechanical engineering in USA. Can u help me and which consultancy is good for the job. Now i am doing master in mechanical engineering in Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia.

  25. I did my bachelors in Mechanical Engineer. I having experience 13 years in mechanical industrial related. I want jobs in USA. can you help how to applying jobs in USA.

  26. Sir I am really confused between two countries- Germany and USA for ms in mechanical. I have no work experience as I am in final year. I got 302 in GRE. Should I go with this score or take experience and get a good score and move. And which country should I target sir.

  27. i completed graduation in mechanical engineering now i want to go to usa for master study in IT , so change in branch
    creates any problem or not ?

  28. Hey Raghu,
    Well I am an IT engineer and i want to study further in mechanical field.
    I have good analytical and drawing skills and i have narrowed down my research in mechanical CAD designing. It would be a great help if you could provide me with some specifics about what my further steps should be, if i want to study in USA. How the mechanical industry there evaluate an IT engineer as CAD designer and where would my carrier go if I do it.

  29. Hi
    I am lokesh kumar bailapudi; recently came to USA for M.S. Mechanical in wayne state university.
    I am totally confused with senerio here. I am confused whether to stay in usa or go back to india. I am confused whether i can get a job here or studying in USA is waste of money.
    I have no work experience in india; but studied trainning program in AutoCAD, Catia, ProE and ANSYS.
    please help me out fom this confusion.
    Thank you

  30. Hi Raghu,

    My husband wants to try in Automobile Industry in USA, however he doesn’t know that how to start with, he is associated with VW already however from india to US in the same company was not possible due to no help from seniors.

    He has completed his diploma in Automobile and Mechatronics.

    Kindly Suggest

    1. Hey – You should schedule a call via Ask Raghu phone). Career changing decision can’t be made via few lines exchanged here in comments section.

  31. Hi raghu sir..
    I’m already completed diploma course in mechanical engineering & i have 1year experience in car manufacturing company… Now I’m doing B.E mechanical engineering… After completed my degree I’m plan to go for a job in USA… So, plz give some tips, what I want to do for get a job in USA…

  32. Hi,

    I am stuck by Doing MSME. I applied everyday but I never got response from recruiter or company. Please give me some ideas for applying. My bad luck is i am in CA.

  33. Hi raghu,
    I have cmpltd bachelors in mechanical engineering with 73% & after that i finished post graduation in tool design and cad/cam,i have 1 yr experience as a mold designer and i know softwares like creo,unigraphics,catia,
    What would u suggest , im planing for masters in usa for spring 2017 intake

  34. Hi,
    I am going to USC. I just read your post telling do not go to CA. So since I have chosen, please give me some tips in getting an internship or job ?

  35. Hi,
    I am a recent graduate for mechanical engineering from London. I really want to kick start my career in the USA. How can I go about this? Thank You

  36. Hello.. I have 2 years of experience in teaching after my MTech in Engineering design (Mechanical Design). I would like to do my research in this field in US. Since my husband working there, I have H4 visa too for three years. Will I be able to pursue PhD if I switch my location there ? If so what all things will I require to do this. Whether GRE IELTS must for research ? Also along with research will I be able to work in the same area as TA or RA ?

  37. Hi Raghu….
    After graduation in Mechanical from India ,I have 3 years work experience and Now I am pursuing Master’s from Germany . I want to apply internship and job both in USA . Could you plz guide me , how should I proceed.

    Thank you…

      1. HI Raghu ,
        For HVAC Engineer(Mechanical), how are the opportunities in HVAC sector in USA on H1B.
        I have seen lot of job openings , but most of them say , they would not be able to provide sponsorship. I have approx 7 years work exp outside USA , but now planning to relocate to US. Pls advise.

        1. @Vishal – Irony is that I just finished publishing a video with a student who is about to attend job interview for HVAC in 6 hours :).

  38. Helo sir I am mechanical engineer having 5.10 years experience in steel sector regarding project and maintenence is it possible me do Ms in USA and I have around 5 lakhs package in India my interest is to settle down in usa
    Suggest me as soon as possible

    1. I can’t provide career consulting in a public forum. How could you even expect a life changing decision to be explained to you in a comment?

  39. Hello sir, I have some friends who are arlington pass outs who told me there is virtually no scope for mechanical in of them actually had to come back after one year when he didn’t got the job.can you give me a bit better that understanding of actually how many people gets the job out of hundreds of people that are studying. According to my friends 2 or 3 out of 10 mechanical engineering students got job that were in Arlington with them, I hope you understand my concern about risking 25-30lacs for nothing. Also masters doesn’t have much value in india except for teaching in colleges. If it’s okay, then can you also tell me where do you work?
    Thanks for your help. I learned a lot from your what you wrote above.

    1. Getting a job in USA = 100% Your Efforts. What your friends are going through is totally not relevant to you.

    2. Hi there,
      I have done Masters in Mechanical Engineering and currently working on my OPT in Mechanical Engineering position. There are opportunities for Mechanical Engineers but the competition is massive. A position posted by a company may have been receiving over 200-300 resumes and if I am applying for a position then I am competing candidates with PhD, MS and lots of work experience.
      What your friend said maybe right that only 2 or 3 people get job and rest either join consultancy or come back to India.
      25-30 lack of investment is a good investment if you have goals such as studying, international exposure and research or PhD. Investing that amount of money to find a job in US is a gamble.
      If you really want to come here then I would suggest to get good work experience (3 years) in MNC from India (which is million times easier) and then come to US. You should not be having much problem finding work here then.

      1. HI Eshan,

        I am working as an Manufacturing Engineer with 11+ years experience and looking for any company who can give me work visa in USA.
        Can we please connect, Need your advise! Thanks

  40. Hi
    I am a mechanical engineer. Completed my course and came to usa thru green card. I am interested in manufacturing/design. Applied for many companies but there is response from them as I don’t have any experience. Can you please some ways to find a job ??

  41. Hello sir,
    I recently completed mechanical engineering Btech. I am going to apply for MS for September intake. I was wondering that which branch should I chose-mechanical or mechatronics? … what is job prospects for both of them?…
    My dilemma is that mechatronics provides mech+electric+electronic so it would definitely be better but jobs asking thorough knowledge of mechanical might not hire me…
    So what should I chose between mech and mechatronics???
    Please reply fast because I have to apply in next 10days if I want a real shot in September intake.
    By the way my scorecard is 72%, GRE-312, IELTS-7.0…help me plz

  42. Hello Sir,

    I cmnted earlier too but might nt b v clear. Actually I wanted to know if after studying in MI it wud b easier to find a job or studying in Texas it wud b easier.
    Also guide abt improving CAD skills in USA.
    Kindly help please.
    Thank you

  43. Hello Sir,
    I am getting admissions into Wayne State University, MI and Univ of Texas, Arlington….
    Which one wud b better in terms of later job opportunities?
    Further I wanted to know if I can learn and develop CAD software skills in usa?
    Kindly help sir.
    Thank You

  44. HI, I just wanted to know about the job scenario in U.SA for ms in mechanical ( mechatronics/ manufacturing and design). Thanks

  45. Hi Raghu,
    Thankyou for your comment. As i mentioned earlier that my GRE score is 303 (V144 Q159) and feel that it is quite an average score. I was planning to apply at Clemson,SUNY Buffalo for Industrial Engineering but with the above score it seems difficult. Should i retake the GRE or concentrate more on SOP and LOR’s?
    And one more thing, any idea about the placement scenario at Rochester Institute of Technology(RIT) for mechanical as well as industrial?

  46. Hi Raghu,
    I am a final year student of mechanical engineering. I gave the GRE and scored 303 (V 144 Q159) and in TOEFL i scored 106. I am bit confused about my course selection for MS. Whetiher I should apply for Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. After reading the comments, got to know there are absolutely no jobs for industrial engineers. My question is what is the current scenario of the available jobs for industrial engineering? And should i stick to only east coast area while applying to the universities? (Because university in Tx like UTA and UTD are quite easy to get).

    It would be wonderfull to hear from you!

    Thanks & Regards,

  47. Hi ragu I doing my bachelor degree in India at the field of mechanical I would like to work in us. My area of interest in manufacturing
    Please help me

    1. Route to come to USA – F1 Visa as student and then get a Job and H1B.
      That’s the easiest and most effective way.

      1. Now i m pursuing BE Mechanical engineering in India how can I apply for job in USA in my core. what are procedure i need to do for it

  48. Hi I am a finalyear student pune university I have 66.7 aggregate and 321gre score
    I want to Know if I can get into virginia tech
    Michigan state university
    suny B uffalo
    Univ of Huston
    Texas Tech
    what are the cchances of gettinga job after that
    Myprofile issimple
    2 internships No supra
    No research papers
    Currently doing project
    also pleases suggestif its if its possible to get in prude university

  49. Hi
    My husband is a mechanical engineer who is working with HAL bangalore. I am currently in US on H1B. I am thinking of getting my husband here but I am not sure how to start on. Is there any consultancy who will be willing to sponsor H1B for mechanical jobs.

    Would be great if u can get back to me


    1. Finding consultant for mechanical engineer is going to be really tough. He can come in H4 and find one here.

  50. Hallo sir,

    I completed my BE in mechanical engg. i want to study in usa and i am intrested in automobile. Can you tell me that automobile have scope in usa or not?

  51. I recently got my immigration Visa to US.I had completed my B.Tech in Computer Engineering and now working in the shipyard as a mechanical engineer.If i immigrate to US do i need to do some course like MS to get job or can i get the job with my existing B.Tech Degree?? Also can you please suggest me some good courses to get jobs in US??

  52. Hi, my GRE-318, TOEFL-100, AWA-3.5.
    I want to pursue my masters in mechanical engineering, in MASACHUSSETS STATE.
    My area of interests are design, manufacturing, material sciences.
    would you suggest mr if my idea of pursuin M.S in MA state is a good?
    Kindly guide me through the pros and cons of pursuing mechanical in MA state. It would be a great help.
    I have lot of personal reasons for my choice of choosing only MA.
    Any good colleges near to MA state would also do. KIndly suggest me if there are some.

    1. Hello sir,

      I am a final year undergraduate student pursuing mechanical engineering. I scored 309 in GRE, 105 in TOEFL and my academics is 7.5 cgpa. I want to go to the US for pursuing masters in thermal fluid. I do not want to settle there and would like to come back after a job experience of 2-3 years( basically want to get back all that will be invested). So could you please advise about the job prospective there? Do you think going for Engineering management is better?
      Please help!

      Thank you

      1. This mail is in response to mails from several engineering students who wish to pursue graduate degree in Mechanical Engg in USA.
        1.Mr.Raghuram Sukumar has given a vivid picture of job prospects for graduate degree holders in Mech Engg in USA. Yet, queries on the same are repeated.2. How I wish we all realized that Mr. Sukumar has a job of his own and several other things to do and he is doing great social work through this blog with no expectations !3. I wonder why the youngsters are not utilising the available ocean of information on net on Universities/schools offering graduate study and minimum requirements expected to hope for admission. Why ask Mr.Sukumar on options available suiting their individual requirements ?4. I suggest the information seeker  may read his/her mail before sending  it to make it presentable & worthy of eliciting response.
        I am 67 yrs old. Hope, the above feedback is taken in the right perspective.

    2. You are asking the wrong questions.
      If you decide to study in MA, then make plans to get that accomplished.
      Rest will fall in place.

  53. Hi Raghu/Rocky,

    I am currently working in Irvine, CA, US full time H1-B.
    My husband in currently working in India as a Manager( Mechanical Engineer) in power sector for past 7 years.
    We are planning to settle in US but not sure if he can seek some Mechanical jobs(Power sector) in the same area or anywhere in US.
    We are not wanting to go for MS as this requires GRE/TOFFEL.
    Are there some companies where he can apply for MEchanical jobs and they can sponsor the same?

    Would really appreciate if you can provide some help on this as I am not able to seek much of inputs on the same.


    1. It’s going to be difficult to come here unless his employer back in India can send him to U.S.

      Other ways : H4 and find ways to get job here. H4 and get H4 EAD. Come for MBA.

  54. Hello Raghuram,

    I have been searching for job in mechanical engineering from last 6 months. I am in Houston, TX and here the market is not in favor. I have been following Indeed and LinkedIn. Can you suggest more more website to follow. Also other tactics for job search. What are the states in US for jobs in Mechanical Engineering

    Thanks !!

  55. Mr.rocky raghuram. ..I completed my ) and pursuing (cad/cam) 2nd year… I request u to give the link to get a job in abroad. ..n tell me what type of courses I need to do. …bcz iam average in subject so plz refer or suggest me….to set my life…my humble request brother. ….

  56. sir,
    i got 315 gre and 2.0 awa score and i don’t have any prior experience. but i had done an two months intern ship in my pre final year. would you suggest me some universities for manufacturing engineering in usa

    1. Refer to articles on how to select universities. Your AQA score is less.
      Try to get high TOEFL or IELTs score or you may have to retake GRE.

  57. Dear Raghuram Sukumar
    I am 66.Retired from BHEL at senior level. I was trying to help my grandson, who will be acquiring his B.Tech in Mech engg by June 2016 in India, in short listing universities for his MS next fall. Denied himself IT job through campus placement. Keen on core Mech engg. Did lot of surfing in short listing for MS and for Ph.D later on, if needed. Had lot of apprehensions on the job prospects for Mech engg graduates. Couldn’t get any guidance from my son who is in US for nearly two decades. Your blog did the job for us. I am certain, many must have got benefited,too. Thanks for your selfless service for a good cause. Hats
    off to your patience.

  58. Hey
    I have recently graduated from ISM Dhanbad with GPA of 7.61 . I want to do MS in manufacturing engineering. I have done internship in relevant field and some papers as well. 10th- 92%, 12th- 78% quant- 165 verbal 150 ,3.5 I am presently working in a PSU . But I am worried about the job opportunities in manufacturing. Can u please guide me with future opportunities .

    1. All the info about job search is listed in the blog. You should study in USA. It opens up lot of opportunities.

  59. Dear sir
    I am planning to do my ms in mechanical engineering in usa i prefer state university of michigan or san francisco i have a work experience as a planning enginner for. Larsen and toubro ltd is it advisable to do ms or shouldbi go for a part time degree in india please guide me sir

  60. hi raghu ,. i have got 3 admits for MS in Mechanical from Wayne state univ , University of texas at arlington & Umass Lowell ,.

    UTA have a better rank than Wayne but location Uta- texas and Wayne -detroit ( East cost )

    so which i should prefer location or rank

    or what is your opinion ,. i would be very grateful for your answer

    1. If you are gonna bring up ranking with me, I’m not gonna answer. Ranking means “s*it” to me. Read why in the blog.

  61. Hi,
    Also is University of Washington – Seattle better than University of Cal. – Irvine for mech. engg. in terms of acads, research, future prospects etc ?

  62. Hi Raghu,

    I am currently starting masters in mech engg from university of washington, seattle. I just wanted to ask about the job prospects after my master’s. I have heard that Washington state or Seattle isnt that good for jobs in mech engg. Is it true?

  63. Hi..iam planning to do MS in USA. I had one year work experience on catia V5. Suggest me how apply for ms. I don’t know where to start.

    1. Because for mechanical engineers there are no scholarships available and very few companies show up at the career fair

  64. Hello Raghu,

    Thanks a lot for this awesome post.:-)

    I already have admits from University of Washington, Seattle and Michigan Technological University for MS in mechanical Engineering. I have 2 yrs of experience in Automobile design industry and I have done several Robotics projects during my My areas of interest are design,robotics and programming.

    You have mentioned that “Never apply to AZ, CA, NM as most of the companies here are defense companies and will not hire a foreigner”
    Is situation in Washington any better (there is Boeing and it’s suppliers in the vicinity of the University of Washington)?
    Shall I prefer Michigan technological University just because of its location over University of Washington ?
    Ranking/reputation vs location what is more important?

    I would be grateful if you could guide me

  65. Hi Raghu / Rocky,

    I’m going to UIC this fall for MS in mechanical engineering. Profile = 305,97,85% UG , 2 years in a top core company as design engineer.

    Kindly reply the following :

    1. How’s the college reputation overall ? Is it really a top notch university on par with UFL , ASU , SUNY , Rutgers etc? (May apply for a transfer to any of these universities for spring if I dont like UIC )

    2. How are the placements there ? I know Chicago as a location helps but Does UIC as a brand name help ? (especially if you’re lookin for jobs outside at Cal , NY , FL etc in near future)

    Pls answer.

    1. Placements like in India = NIL. U.S. doesn’t work like that.

      ASU = not top notch.

      It’s OK school and I have been to campus. Better then what education you got form India for sure.

  66. Hello Sir,
    I’m currently pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed college in India. My fourth year will start from August. My current agg% is 70.50. But, I currently got no project or research work under my belt. Only, I’m doing a Major project as its compulsory according to the university norms. I might be also taking up a project soon which means that by the end of 2015, I’ll be having two projects. My question is that is that enough (with a GRE score above 320) to get a good college for pursuing MS (in solid/fluid mechanics and dynamics) in US? And what are the possibilities to find a job in US?? Please help me Sir. Please help me resolve this dilemma…


    1. That’s a good start. Anything you do to make yourself align with research will boost your chances.

      1. Hi rocky,
        Thank you so so so much for this post.I m done with my graduation in 2013 (mechanical).these 2 years i have no relevant experience in mech field.i worked in google I have applied for automotive engg in LTU(Michigan) .Could u please suggest me on this ? Are there good opp in automobile sector there ? Or should I stay back and work here in mech field ?and the fee for that collge is little high.I’m not sure if I have change to cse .I m very confused.please suggest me on this

  67. I’ve completed first 2 years of my B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering with average performance of 76.3%, but from a not so reputed college. I am considering pursuing MBA after B.Tech. in a US university. Is that a wise plan?

    Also, is it possible to get a decent job in the US in Mechanical field after B.Tech. only (remember ‘not so reputed college’)?

    Also, I also speak fairly good English, though not sure what band I would lie in IELTS. I’ve never tried the exam.

  68. Hi Raghu, Rocky,

    Kindly suggest me some universities to apply for Spring 2016 for Mechanical/Industrial courses. While suggesting, please consider Scholarship and Job opportunity post MS, as main factors.
    My Details are:
    BE – Mechanical Engineering (from VTU in 2011, 72%).
    Work ex. – 4 years in Repair and Service domain (3 years in QuEST Global, Bangalore, India, 1 year in Rolls Royce, UK).
    GRE – 306 (Quant – 161, Verbal – 145, AWA – 3.5)
    TOEFL – 101


    Nilesh Jha

    1. That’s YOUR job to find schools. Refer to blog posts on how to short-lit universities 🙂

  69. hi
    i want to ms in mechanical engineering so i want to know which specialization is better for future job

  70. Hello sir,
    I am doing,3rd yr in mechanical engineering in India. Planning to do ms in USA .I think thermal is broad field then automobile. So there might be lot of job opportunities. So which place or university might be good to get a job.
    Or is doing automobile good idea ?Please suggest me

    1. Its tough to make a general comment based on info you gave when the impact is HUGE in terms of your career. Watch out for new course on the same topic that will give you better insights.

  71. Hi,
    I am deploma holder in mech. eng. I am planning to work in usa. I am also interested in aeronotics.
    I just want to ask i am going to do degree in mechanical engineering, so otherwise which field should be good for me or after degree what should id do?
    and the procedure to get job in usa.

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    have an impact on individuals’s lives.

  73. Hi sir,

    I did my bachelors degree mechanical(india) in 2013. I have 2 years of work experience on Catia-v5 with Automotive. and planing to do M.S in U.S. I got 295 in GRE and Academics 72.6% suggest me best universities and best courses according to my profile.

    Thank you.

  74. i have least marks,
    and one year down also,so its possible to job opportunities in USA (NYC,LA,CA,NJ)
    PLZ tell abt all kind of information.

  75. Hello,

    Howzz the current internship and job scenario in east coast(NJ, NYC) for mechanical graduates with no work experience.

  76. Hello Rocky,

    I have been looking for such info and thanks for posting it here!
    Further to my curiosity, I have been working in engineering of power plants and refineries for over 4.5 years and my majority of experience is on fire and safety. Now I am interested in pursuing MS in USA (Mech or Fire & safety stream). With my work experience fire and safety seem logical option and scope is also good however my only concern is job availability coz like aerospace I believe fire and safety jobs would demand a candidate who is a us citizen. Can you please clarify or comment on my understanding?
    And I have checked with university of Maryland and I think I am more than eligible to apply for fire protection engineering:-)

  77. Hi Raghuram,

    It is indeed very useful info. here is my query.
    I am currently working with HCL Technologies in India and this is my 2nd year of experience in Design field. Now I want to apply for MS in automotive engineering, in Germany and future plans to work in USA after my MS in Germany.
    Can you please elucidate on this, whether there are any chances of getting jobs after an MS program in Germany ?

    I will be awaiting for your reply.
    Thank You,
    Harshavardhan BG

  78. i completed BTech mechanical.i want to do MS in us in east coast universities.i secured in GRE-294.please suggest me some universities in east coast.

  79. thanx to rocky and Raghuram for this post, what about state such as texas, michigan, chicago for mechanical job oppurtunities and H1B visa sponsor companies ? i am looking forward to apply in UTA- Arlington, michigan state university , wayne state university, IIT- chicago.

  80. HI,
    I am a Mechanical engineering graduate with 2 years experience in CAD(CATIA product development) in FORD .i am planning for my MS in U.S.A. i need clarification whether my current experience will add any job values after my MS or else i have to search job again as fresher there.

  81. Hi, I am Arunkumar,
    I have completed Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I have two years of work experience as a QA Engineer. Now i have looking for a job. its been very hard for me to get a job. I have tried in lot of companies but ended up with no response. tried in Malaysia and Singapore as well, but ended up with visa issues.
    its been a struggle for me to get through. people kept on saying over qualified or we cant afford to pay the salary of expecting.

    Give me some ideas of what i should do.
    let me know if anyone recruiting Mechanical Engineers

    Email id: [email protected]

  82. hey….I have completed my BE in MEchanical with cpi of 8.22/10
    And also gave GATE n also got iitb(manufacturing), iitd(engineering mechanics-applied mech dept.) n iit gandhinagar………n meanwhile also gave GRE n got 327 q= 169 n v = 158, awa = 3.5
    Now in dilemma which one is better option ms from decent us uni (based on my gre score) or mtech from iits?? which one will give me more options??

  83. Hi Rocky,
    I have done my bachelors in Mechanical Engg,2014 (from India), with no experience.I am planning to pursue MS in USA.
    Because of so much tough getting a job in core field I have decided
    for MS in Computer Science.
    Could you please advice me getting a wise decision.

    1. Hi Rocky ….
      i am persuing BE mechanical engg. and i will be completing my course in 2016 may . i am planning to continue my master program in USA. can you please suggest college , course and place in USA . Also mention the processing idea .
      Thank you..

  84. hi i’m gonna enter my final year btech this year i’m planning to write gre and apply to a university in usa. but i’m not able to decide upon which university to select and the course to apply. i would apply to the courses which have better job prospects in the us. can you help me by telling me the courses which have better job prospects in the usa? thanks in advance

  85. Hi Rocky…..
    Nice post.. Currently I have calls from UIC, U Florida GA, Case Western and Kansas State…. My interest is in design and manufacturing.. What would be your pick, considering fees factors too? What kind of courses should I look for?…. I have done projects in CAD and CAE… Should I go for courses like Finite Elements to get a decent job in design departments of manufacturing firms…?

  86. I am from a middle class family, cant afford more than 15 lakhs for education in abroad……I am a B tech graduate in mechanical engg with 70% ( 4 backlogs but cleared all)………should I get job in India or go to the USA??????????

  87. Hi I am a mechanical Engineering third year from iit. I want to know what is the minimum fees of a good university where placements are good. I am confused about doing mba in india or ms in us. What do you suggest? I don’t have much interest in the mechanical subject but anything should work for me.

  88. hi every one iam f1 student i looking after sponsor company .for job & hire me .my majer is mechanical eniginerr.thank you.

  89. I am a final year student of mechanical engineering in Pakistan. I wanted to switch to aerospace in MS as I am doing FYP on VTOL bicopter UAV.But your post has made me reconsider my decision. Can you please elaborate on the scope of thermal sciences? Although I have experience with solidworks,Pro-E auto CAD. But to b honest this is not something I am passionate about. I am interested in fluid mechanics and have basic CFD knowledge and experience of ansys fluent gambit etc.What is the scope of job for this field and which universities I should apply to?

  90. Hi Rocky,
    Thanks for posting such an important topic. It is really helpful.
    I need your suggestion on the university selection & job opportunities.
    I have completed my B.E in Mechanical Engg. in 2011 & following is my brief profile:
    Acads: 71.04% with no backlogs
    Internship: 01 at Manufacturing industry
    Project: IISc sponsored final year project on IMPACT Dynamics
    Decent Extra curricular activities
    Softwares: Working knowledge in LabVIEW, AutoCad & Solid Edge
    Work Experience: 3 years by July 2014 in reputed automobile industry in Aftermarket department.
    GRE: 305 & IELTS 6.5
    I have applied to MS in US for fall 2014.Please let me know which of the following universities are best for Solid Mechanics field considering my profile.
    1) MTU
    2) Okhlahoma State University
    3) University of Alabama Huntsville
    4) University of Kentucky

    I’m keen on MTU & OSU. Please help me choose the right university which has good job prospects in Solid Mechanics after graduation.
    Thanks in advance.

  91. Hey, good thing that you shared a lot of info for every student who wants to come to USA and get a core mechanical job. I heard the same from many mechanical graduate students too. Even I’m the USA now just like you.

  92. hello ! i finished my b.e in mechanical engg with aggregate of 58 % and had 3 arrears and 1 year back ! i took ielts got 6.5 overall ! can i go for ms ? i dont have any experience in industry ! pls reply asap thanks in advance !

  93. Hello,

    I am a graduate in aerospace engineering and i want to do my MS in aerospace engineering from USA .I have very good academics and and an international project. So i want to know what are the job opportunities in USA for aerospace engineers for international students.

    Abhinav Sharma

  94. hi
    I have completed my diploma as well as BE in mechanical engg. I dnt have any backlogs in BE and my overall aggregate of BE is 63.25.Ii m trying for a job in logistics company, and I have plan for doing MS in logistics after 2 years of job experience, Is it possible to switch my side from mechanical to logistics for MS in logistics.

  95. hi,
    this is sarath , my gre score is 297
    my profile includes 3 internships 1 done for 1 mounth and the rest for 2 weeks and my profile also includes a technical paper published
    since, my score is low i am in a dilemma whether to go with MS or go after gaining experience in core company i am not interested in Mechanical engineering i am in to industrial engineering
    please help me to come out of this dilemma
    cheers 🙂

  96. Hii Rocky !
    I have some major queries
    I have completed my engg. in mechanical in 2012 . had 6 month experience in marketing engineer of selling the machines to core industries. but now i left the job and going to apply for fall 2014 , there will be gap of nearly one year in my academics.
    1.will there be any problem to get job after MS….? or i should do any job in between…?
    2. I am interested in CAD/CAM have a knowledge of catia. proe, autocad,weather can i get job easily in cad/cam with out exp in it…?
    3. apart from cad/ cam which field of mechanical is having better job oppertuity like in
    a. automobile
    b. manufacturing
    c. as you told, MEMS or Semiconductor Fab
    d. production
    e. thermal
    f. cfd or fluid dynamics
    Thanks for your effort…..

    1. Yes you should atleast try and find a job in some drafting company you shouldn’t sit idle for one year. If you take coursework which has projs in CAD that would be really helpful. Most interviewers ask questions like ‘Describe your exp with Solidworks ‘ There are more jobs in design engineering.

  97. hello Rocky,

    I am going to do masters in mechanical for this fall’13 in USF. My main aim is to become a Robotics Engineer, some people suggested me to take specialization in masters rather than taking ms in robotics. I would like to know what are the job opportunities for Robotics in USA,

  98. Hi Raghuram Sukumar

    My son has finished BE Mechanical engg and working in Daimler india for 2 years and he is planning to do his MS in Automoive Engg in FALL 2014…. Please tell me the job opportunities in this field….
    your reply will be of great guidance to me…. Thanks

      1. Raghu/Rocky

        Thanks for your reply….. but if you give me your feedback here
        in just 2 lines it will be of great use to me as a mother.

        Thanks and Regards

    1. Apply to Clemson and univ in the Michigan area and go to career and look for job requirements in that area and if most of them say unable to sponsor at this time then you might want to reconsider it.

  99. hi Rocky
    thanks a lot for your post..
    I have completed my BE(Mechanical) in 2011 and am currently working for a automotive testing & research organization. I plan to apply apply for fall 2014 sem, could u suggest some good unis were MS with specialization in automotive (vehicle dynamics, controls, vibrations) could be pursued and what are the job prospects after graduating from those unis. I would have completed 3 yrs of work ex. by 2014 and am

  100. Hi Rocky/Raghu

    I am a Mechanical Engineer (India’s premier college) – 2009 passout + 4 years of Yamaha Motors – R&D Experience.
    I am going to Pitt State University, which is ranked not good. I have got good scholarship. And my education will almost be free. Should i take the risk of going to low ranked university. It is based in Kansas. And KS has some industry. I have experience in Pro-E , Solidworks etc. Please suggest me if i should take the risk. Will i get a job there?

    1. Yeah you can go ahead take the admission in that univ. Start applying for jobs atleast a year before you graduate. I think you should be able to find a job if you try hard enough.

  101. Hi Rocky,
    Firstly I would like applaud you for raising such nobel topic.
    I am going to pursue MS Mechanical at SUNY Buffalo Fall 13. At present I have decided Thermal and Fluid Sciences as my specialization. But I am also interested in Mems and Mechatronics field.
    I have 2 years experience in CAE field basically on ANSYS software.
    Could you tell the job prospects of both ? Or what will be your suggestion for specialization looking at current scenario of US jobs?
    Hoping for positive reply!! Fingers crossed.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Thermal sciences is perfect if you have exp in solidworks/proE I am pretty sure you do if you’ve mentioned CAE. MEMS itself does not have a lot of jobs but semi-conductor fabrication(which is the fundamental of MEMS fab) does. Most people struggle with Mechatronics because they are not strong with controls but it has decent amount of jobs.

  102. Between ASU and UIC, which would be a better option as far as jobs are concerned for mechanical enggs. (keeping in mind my specialization in thermal sciences)

  103. Hey Rocky

    Did you really mean it when you said that ” aerospace engineers can forget getting a job” ? I am very much interested in MS in AE with specialization in Aerodynamics. I got admit into Wichita State University which has a lot of aircraft companies in the city itself. Don’t you think I can get into one of those companies as an intern? I want to go for MS but at the same time cannot afford to lose so many thousands of dollars.

    Could you please tell me the scope of this field?

    1. You should talk to students from Wichita State instead of us. But unless you are super smart then most aerospace companies will not hire you. Go to Boeing website and look at the job requirements they will always say security clearance required.

  104. Hi,
    My son has complected degree in aeronautical engineering.He wanted to do master in US. How many chances of job in US after master?
    Pandya Pankaj

    1. He should try for a MS in mechanical and not AE because the course work is almost the same. Like I said getting jobs in AE is hard.

  105. Hi
    I’m doing my final year in mechanical Engineering and I’m planning to do MS in 2014 without any job experience. Can I proceed without any job experience? if so what could be my chances of getting a job after MS in mechanical.
    To get into cad/cam field is it necessary to do ms in solid mechanics or just like that I can get into cad/cam field by doing MS either in thermal or manufacturing.

    1. You need to have CAD/CAM projects and if you dont have exp then you can’t get it with thermal or manf.

      1. Thank-you so much
        This time I have lot of Questions

        1. If I have a 6 months of internship in cad/cam field before I come for doing MS and if I do some internships while doing MS
        can it help me to get a job after MS or i have to work hard on getting a job???
        2. I want your opinion regarding what to opt-for getting a job easily,
        Solid-mechanics or Thermal or Manf ??
        3) Please tell me what are the states which have plenty of opportunities for Mechanical or cad/cam field.

        what is your view regarding Solid-mechanics??

        I am so much confused at this stage at times I get frustrated because whether to go for a job in India or come and do MS ??

  106. hey rocky i am pursuing B.E. mechanical final year. I have superficial knowledge of auto cad and pro E as i am interested in manufacturing field. Is it worth necessary to learn design software ? I am less interested to learn designing software. I am planning to go in fall 2014 as next my bachelor complete so no experience in India.

  107. Hi Rocky,my name is Karthik i did my Engineering in Mechanical(2011) from then till present am working as a SAP Consultant in Tech Mahindra am planning to apply for fall 2014 CS Program can you tell me what will be the prospectus and minumum requirements to get an admission into a GRAD School and also the scope of MIS Program which is very closely related to the work i do presently.

    Thanks in Advance

  108. Hi rocky,
    i am interested in robotics and bioengineering. What is your opinion on future prospects about that and will CA be a good choice if selecting robotics?

    1. No jobs inn bioengineering unless you are really smart. If by robotics you mean controls then there are jobs.

  109. hello,
    I have an B.S degree in industrial engineering and I want to continue my education at master of industrial engineering. can you help me more about finding job after graduation for this field?

  110. Hey Rocky!!
    Thanks for the article,that is very informative indeed.
    I have a query.Please address it when you are free!!!
    If a mechanical undergraduate from a top college in India wants to pursue masters in computer science(Professional MS in CS),will you suggest him to go for it or continue in mechanical stream only??

    1. How do you think someone else will be able to answer about your career and interests with a single line info (Mechanical Grad from top school)?

      1. I am sorry sukumar.I’ve seen the guy who wrote this post answering the queries of people and i felt that as he is from same background(mechanical) he can answer my question.
        And thank you for the info!!

    2. It will be hard first getting admitted to univ that will accept bs in mech for cs prog. And unless you are aquainted with the courses that you plan on taking i wouldn’t go that route. you can findout more info about an MIS degree that might suit you better.

      1. Hey Rocky!!
        Thanks for the prompt reply!!
        Suppose i have an year of experience in a software field(as an intern),wat will be the chances??
        I have seen the cse curriculum of some univs,it seems they would make us do the prerqs before starting masters,will that make over for the lack of bs in cs??

  111. Hey…I have completed my mechanical(2013)…Will do 1 year job and then apply for petroleum engineering….Is there any scope for that…

  112. hello, im pritam sai from hyderabad. i did my ug in aeronautical engg. and i got admitted into mechanical engg in oklahoma state university to pursue my Ms. well, my university offers specialization in aerodynamics and im really interested in that field. do you think ill be able to get a job in the field f aerodynamics. i really want to work in united states, if not aerdynamics which field would you suggest me so that i get into any designing department of a reputed company.
    my priorities are
    2)fluid dynamics
    ill appreciate if you made it clear n elaborate

  113. hi rockey
    I did Bachelors in Mechanical(2012).I am planning to do ms in 2014 for fall.I have 1 year experience in CATIA gre score is 1030 and torfl 91.Graduation percentage is 80%.Can you tell me some good uni where chances of getting job is more.

  114. i’m admitted in arizona state university for ms in mechanical. As you have stated AZ in matter of job opportunities….what r my chances in field of designing at AZ.

    1. No chances what so ever, ASU has no scholarships plus their career fair has companies only for elec/IT. If you were to take my advice apply to a different school.

  115. Hey,
    I will be going for MS in CFD. Please tell me about the jobs in this field.I have knowledge of the necessary softwares like CATIA, ansys and CFD etc..Will that be sufficient for getting a job..And if u can please list me some top univ as per the placements/jobs…

  116. Hi rocky ,

    Can you say what might be the starting salary that one might expect after MS in mechanical (design field) from an average university say Virginia Tech and what might the figure for a univ like UIUC.

  117. can u suggest me good colleges for automobile designing for MS in US with gre score of 296[v-136,q-160] and toefel score of 95.
    CGPA-6.5/10[in mechanical engineering]

  118. Dear Raghu,

    Good information, what about Mechatronics, does this stream of eng. has any scope in US, which university is the best to offer MS in Mechatronics?

    1. if you are talking about controls there are a lot opportunities on east coast get into a univ there.

  119. Hi! I am in class 11th and am thinking about going to the us for B.S. mech. e. I scored 95% in class 10th .I took the mock sat on the official site and scored 2400 on it. I have a pretty strong extra curricular record too. So i think i have a good chance of getting into one of the i don’t know top 20 universities may be. The only constraint is financial. My family by no means can afford to pay the huge fees that us varsities charge.(father’s monthly salary Rs.60k).So i’ll have to take a huge loan..80 to 100k USD atleast.So the question is Do you think it is a good option for someone like me to go to the US for a bachelors degree? More specifically, do you think i will get a job after i graduate? Are employers there willing to sponsor work visas for people like me?(assuming i do well at college). Or should i do my bachelors in india and then think about moving to the us for masters.(yeah, foolish as it may sound, thats the ultimate goal settling in the us.)

  120. hai rocky..
    i have done engineering in electronics and communication and i would like to know that which streams of M.S in USA have good job opportunities which has a good figure ???

  121. hi rockey hello , am an electrical engineer , wat is the present situation of job opertunities in my core field at usa ., & about Ms also

  122. Hey raghu …just wanna know ..what is the job future in structural (civil) engg. Over there in usa….nd do i need to have work india before persuing ms in d same field over there…as rite knw i am in my final year….plz tell me what is d scope for an indian in civil construction firms…

  123. It would be really nice if you could get similar articles for biological sciences. But a very informative article.

  124. Very nice article. Raghu can you arrange a similar one for electrical or electronics fields? It would be very nice to know about then as I am an electronic & telecommunication engineer and planning to do MS in electronics.

  125. What about Ph D..?? If I want to PhD in energy systems etc. what is the scope..?? are there any jobs ..?? or its better to sit in India..?

    1. If you get a phD from a good univ then yes but if your univ isn’t that great then you always have an option of working as a researcher depending on the funds your prof has.

  126. hi i want to pursue ms in electrical in energy system from UT austin or U ilonois. Can i get a good job after that in power plant or in core company

      1. Hi rocky,
        It is not possible to get jobs in power sector in US?.I heard there is a statistics that more than 50% power engineers in usa will retire in next 10 years.

  127. I want to know more about specialization in aerospace after completing degree in mech. As told by raghu about jobs for aerospace students….I want someone to elaborate it. help me guys ….I really cant help it without aerospace.

    1. I am in the same boat as you are akshay. Mech graduate, very interested to pursue MS(AE), but hesitating because of the conflicting views here regarding jobs.
      Rocky, you in your blog were so blunt in stating there are NO jobs. Raghu in a comment above stated that he knows people who got jobs and an H1B in the aerospace sector.
      Help someone.

  128. Hi Bishal Singh can you elaborate about your experience and ways to get internship and opportunities and places which are good for aerospace engineering………. Also please shed some light on people with structural analysis specialization and having nastran patran and abaqus experience. Are we as aerospace engineers eligible to apply for utomative and mechanical analysis jobs?
    Thanks in advance for your views..

  129. What about job opportunities in say Oil Companies. Lot of Oil Companies are based in area around Houston. Do they sponsor H-1B visas for International Students. My personal experience is that they ask questions whether you will require H-1B visa sponsorship during their online application procedure and then I never got any reply. I have MS in Environmental Engineering though.

  130. Hello, I am doing Aerospace Engineering MS at UIUC. I am doing an internship and guaranteed that I will land a job.
    So please do not discourage aerospace pursuers saying forget about the job as there are still jobs that these students can get,

    1. If Aerospace company is Defense Contractor, like Bell Helicoptors then based on my personal experience as I applied there, I was told that as they work as Defense- they dont have sponsorship for H-1B visa. Maybe after 9/11 they made such rules. Forget H-1B visa, they were reluctant for Green Card Holders. Only US citizens and that also with background checks.

    2. Can you tell more about your specialization and the organization with which you are currently interning?

    3. Arey mere bhai Bhishal you are from a top notch university and I am pretty sure you are smart too. I forgot to mention this but if you are that smart and a good univ the aerospace companies make an exception. But for most aerospace students it is incredibly hard.

    4. Hello Bishal,
      I am a mechanical engineering graduate and have shortlisted UIUC for application to MS(Aerospace). GRE :325 (Q164/V161), TOEFL:114, 74.9% in Grad, 2 good projects, no publications, one year experience in aerospace-production. My chances? Could you share your profile too please.

      Did you get an assistantship? Have heard the funding scene in UIUC is good.

      Where are you pursuing your internship? The same company who has employed you as an intern has ‘guaranteed’ you a job? How do such ‘guarantees’ work?

      Thanks and Regards

  131. Thanks to Rocky and Raghu for this topic. Surely has some point for freshers in mechanical. Going to Canada this fall for M.Eng. 🙂

  132. Hi Rocky,
    Thanks a lot. And how good are jobs for Automotive specialization or MS Automotive in US? I am a fresher(2013 batch), planning for spring intake 2014, will it be a tough situation for me without work exp for my masters and post work in US? Thanks in advance

  133. I did my masters in mech engg from MTU, graduated in May 2013. I have 6 months internship experience in an automotive parts manufacturer in India and used many CAD softwares. I applied for entry level manufacturing/designing positions, but got no luck. I got absolutely no interviews! just 1 phone interview. They dont sponsor for these positions.
    Now as my 90 days of unemployment are getting over, and me being frustrated and disappointed, I have decided to go with the IT industry.
    The only incorrect statement I found in this article is that manufacturing/designing jobs (for us Indians, who need sponsorship) are abundant. All of my friends in this field are struggling. Students who were in engines and controls field got nice high paying jobs, companies are willing to sponsor only for these positions.

    1. How many jobs did you apply for ? I am suprised you didn’t get interviews. Controls has jobs too but not as many as the design field. This is my experience.

      1. I learnt that applying to as many jobs as possible doesn’t help. I gave around 8 hrs a day for my job search since I graduated. I applied for jobs directly to the companies, through job sites like careerbuilder,monster etc and to recruiters like volt, aerotek etc. I focused on applying to jobs that exactly matched my profile and then contacted the person responsible. Most of these positions were not high paying jobs and sponsorship was not available for these positions. I even found some contract positions and told them that I can work for this time period without sponsorship as I have EAD, but they said that they want to work with OPT students. Maybe it was bad luck. On the other hand, students in engines field got placed in good companies with permanent offers.

  134. This post is very useful.It would be very useful if there are similar posts like these Q&A for various domains in electrical engineering since most of the students go for electrical engineering which has more number of sub fields.Which part of the country you should apply for?.I never knew this would make a huge difference in job and also work experience whether IT or core.Thanks raghu for this awesome stuff

    1. Did you apply to Clemson ? their MS program requires you to do a 6 month internship and it has a good acceptance rate. I think job opportunities are fair in the Michigan area.

    2. Hi Raghu/Rocky,
      I did my bachelors in Industrial and Production engg and Masters in Production engg and have IT experience too. I am thinking about PhD in Operations Research/Industrial engg field. Could you tell me advice and directions on this.


      1. Hi Raghu/Rocky,
        I did my bachelors in Industrial and Production engg(from india) and Masters in Production engg(from india) and have IT experience too. I am thinking about PhD in Operations Research/Industrial engg field in US. Could you tell me advice and directions on this.

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