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25 Random Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

I thought, most of you know little about me, why not write some personal and interesting about me.

Here are random things that you probably wouldn’t know about  me (Raghuram Sukumar).

  1. I graduated high school in 1998.
  2. Completed Masters in Computer Science and Engineering in 2005 from University of Texas at Arlington.
  3. Applied to 5 universities and received admits from all 5 universities in USA.
  4. I used to run 100 meters in less than 12 seconds during schools and college days.
  5. Engineering degree was not my first choice.
  6. Scored 100% in High School Public State exams in Math and Chemistry ( and missed 100% in other 2 subjects )
  7. Most of my T-shirts in my closet is either Black, Gray or White.
  8. Sunday’s are reserved for NFL (American Football) Game Day ( You wanna challenge me in NFL Fantasy Football? )
  9. I passionately follow New England Patriots and I hate New York Giants ( you should know the reasons ).
  10. I follow Dallas Mavericks in Basketball with same amount of passion.
  11. My blogging Knowledge was ZERO when Happy Schools Blog was first launched.
  12. I tried hard to graduate MS in CS with 4.0 GPA, but fell short.
  13. I have owned 4 cars till date while in USA.
  14. I do have a full-time job as Software Test Engineer
  15. I used to drive Mazda and Camry.
  16. We are Official Apple Family ( 2 Macbooks, Mac, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, 2 Apple TV’s, Extreme Router, and Waiting for Apple Watch).
  17. Not to mention the iPods
  18. I have lived in Texas and Florida before moving to North Carolina.
  19. I currently drive Acura TSX and a Honda Accord.
  20. I have been to following States in the U.S.A. – Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia,Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.
  21. I don’t like to cook and wash dishes and always gets appreciated by my better half, if I do once in a while.
  22. Big fan of Sketchers Shoes.
  23. I prefer jeans, casuals and t-shirts.
  24. My most precious Christmas present is our son born on 25th Dec.
  25. Countries Travelled : Canada, Bahamas, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Belgium. As you can see we have lot more to cover.

The picture  in this blog post was taken in Las Vegas few years back.

That’s 25 Random Things About me. Do you have any questions about me?

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  1. Great accomplishments especially 100% in high school and almost 4.0GPA. Sad that you missed the 4.0 , 5/5 in applications also. Wow. Amazing.

  2. I had been following your blog for more than 6 months. And didn’t think that you were married. In your photo, you looked more young.

  3. I didn’t see thin until now. WOW! Awesome 🙂 🙂 . I will always support this blog and the writer. After I get my first paycheck in US, I will donate what I can to this blog 🙂 🙂 .. Raghu has been helpful in many ways. I am an avid reader of this site and I always will be. Thanks a lot 🙂 .. Epitome of useful resource 🙂 .. Long live HSB 🙂 🙂 ..

  4. 16. Looking forward buy iPhone5 on first day.

    Still holds true? I am now lost and not sure if iPhone 5 is what I really want. I guess I will still buy it, but the last time Apple had me excited was in June 2010 when they launched iPhone 4.

    1. I still feel the same after watching the event today. iPhone 4 had huge buzz. But, we kind know what iPhone 5 will have. I’m still going to buy iPhone 5.

      I have 4 and its 2 years old. I run this blog at times exclusively from iPhone. So, high speed and larger screen will help me. Check your email inbox in 15 minutes for a surprise.

  5. Ok Sir ,

    You might find something very interesting and suprising ,One of the your youngest HSB fan was born on 25 December and Even i run 100 mtrs less than 12 seconds

  6. Raghu i should say the post is very nice and inspiring but it would be much better if u add a couple of things like what is the changing point for u that made u realize that this was the thing for you and so many cars …. lol!!! helpful to trace them…. may be in another post….!!

  7. Hey HSB, its great that you share your some personal things. People really wanted to know about HSB. But, You missed out some points…Sorry for posting it here,
    Following are some more things about HSB that people really wants to know,

    About HSB,
    B.E, Computer Science and Engineering from Bharathiar University.

    QA Analyst at Credit Suisse
    Software Engineer at GE
    Internship at GE Energy

    Currently : Senior Software Engineer at EMC

    Thats really good.. great.

  8. Damn! For some reason I always expected you to be some uncle types. You look like a kid lol (or is that an old pic? :P). And you have your own kid! :O Nice read 😀

  9. Wow Raghu!glad 2 finally meet u- the face behind happy schools blog!nd u hav a truly inspiring story 🙂 nd- wow-u hav been 2 that many states!!u r livin the dream.. 🙂

  10. UUUUUUUU HHHAAAAVVVVEEE AAAA KID??? wow,but genuinely u look a lot younger!!! And hey HSB is a better name nw 4 me,coz “raghu” reminds me of MTV roadies raghu(dat blockhead,no offense). U will aleays be our HSB wid d square logo!!!!!

      1. you didnt say anything to my suggestion to keep HSB instead of Raghu in Q&A section, anyway!! you can put “HSB (Raghu)” as ur name in ur profile…that way, HSB remains visible to us and and ur name will be there too!! cheers!!

  11. I was familiar with who you are from the facebook page of HSB but all this information will actually help quash a lot of rumors about this blog, that it is operated by selfishly motivated individual/group of individuals as well give the face to the voice coming from this always helping platform.
    Great Work! Keep it up!
    May god bless you and your family.

    1. Thanks Rajat – I did hear from few folks that there were group of folks in some groups who wanted to start Anti-HSB site or group. Do you have any info on that?

      Even if there was such group or folks, I personally don’t care. I had my own reasons to stay anonymous and what others think of HSB (and the blog) is their opinion. Folks who like my point of view are going to be visiting the blog and haters and naysayers can stay away. Unfortunately, I can’t produce contents to cater to everyone’s needs based on their personality/views/opinions.

      1. I dont have any info about the groups. I had just come across some comments on ur facebook page which were moderated and anyways I dont like to keep track of detractors.
        You dont need to cater to everyone, its your blog, people who like it can subscribe to your views and those who dont need not be bothered about what you are writing online or how are you guiding/helping students realise their dreams and making them aspirational about things they can actually conquer without being afraid of unknown factors.

        And yeah, I too was surprised a bit by the fact that you have a kid..:P. I thought you to be a bit younger. Btw, is he an Indian Citizen or US born citizen?

  12. 7. Most of my T-shirts in my closet is either Black, Gray or White.
    Except the one in the photo here.
    9. I passionately follow New England Patriots and I hate New York Giants.
    I do the same, though I also love Red Sox.
    16. Looking forward buy iPhone5 on first day.
    Me too
    21. I have been to following States in USA – Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia,Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.
    I wonder how many US aspirants can count which states you have not been to (without using any help), I have the following in mind:
    North Dakota
    South Dakota

    btw: nice meeting you 🙂 (virtually)

  13. You look totally different then what I’ve imagined.
    I can’t believe that such an intelligent and experienced person is quiet young.

  14. This wasn’t a great surprise . I already know that you have attended UTA from your google+ profile , I also saw pics of you in your fb account,g+ and happy schools fb fan page , you mentioned about your son in one of the posts describing the effectiveness of 911 and in “about me ” in HSB .
    3 rd point is a bit shock to me … Because I remember once some where you said in a comment like ” I was devastated when I got a reject from Purdue University ”
    I know that you are an apple fanboy when you expressed your regret when Steve jobs died in a blog post..there you mentioned you have all apple gadgets .. Also in many posts regarding advises to students for buying a laptop mentioned about Mac book.
    I know that you really loved to be a mentioned even this in a post and told us that you came from a family of doctors
    Also I guessed you are a runner because of one of the posts where you made us clear about the benefits of having monthly goals..
    Likewise for frequent followers of your blog.. This wasn’t a great surprise…
    Anyway here’s a 26th point about you… “You are a “superspecialawesome” and highly successful person”.

  15. Amazing post! So what is your new venture? When you gonna announce about it?
    Btw, use this photo (the one i am seeing in this post (cropped) in your profile its much cooler than existing.

  16. Hi Raghu,
    Great to know more about you. Your blog is very helpful to students. Awesome job. Wish you all the best!!!!!

  17. thanks raghu sir for making an fantastic site for us … i want to know tht i m applyd for class 12th in usa illinois aurora and i have the I20 i also have to give the sat or tofel or anykind of test for this ? … i want to know sir pls sugesst me as soon as possible pls sir …..

  18. hi…i got an admit for MS aerospace engineering at Embry riddle aeronautical university for the fall 2012 and started my classes here. i would like to transfer to another college…like purdue or univ of California for the course. would that be good for me?and more over i would like to know my chances too. my gre scores are Q162 V143 and Toefl 104.

  19. I used to think always who is that great and helping person behind that orange and blue picture of HSB…today I came to know…and feeling nice after knowing about you…and also your journey of success has inspired me a lot. Thank You Very Much, Sir, For all Your Blogs.

      1. yeah!! the logo was cool too…!!
        do u remember how Cocacola did a biggest mistake in the management history by changing its flagship drink coke’s taste and bottle?? entire world disapproved it, they called it sedition!! thats exactly when pepsi found opportunity and expanded!! even in India Unilever was reluctant for 35 years!! to change its name from Hindustan lever to Unilever!! finally they settled for Hindustan Unilever!! Dude!! dont change public taste!! learn from these giant corpos!! keep the HSB and Logo because its cool and popular!!

  20. Finally we know the man behind this successful blog. I am a regular reader of your blog as my son is keen to do Masters in Electrical in US – fall 13.Like you, I had zero knowlegde of Masters in US, but after going thru the blog i have educated myself a lot in this regard. Your job is commendable. Keep it up ! GOD bless you. Btw what was your GRE and TOEFL score ? I wonder none of the students have asked this question . May be they are overjoyed / excited to know about you. Thanks for all the posts.

      1. I was expecting the same answer from you. I would like to share my observation here. As the whole country is obsessed with the mileage of a car which is invariably asked after going thru ‘all the features of the car, most of MS aspirants’ are obsessed with GRE cut-off/score. Most of the questions are score based.The GPA, SOP,LOR.s, financial position, relevant experience , projects, interaction with visa officer are equally important.
        Thanks for the reply.

      2. Yes we would like to know your GRE/TOEFL or IELTS score. I think most us (HSB readers) do like to know info abt our mentor.

        Thanks for Such wonderful blog.

  21. Hi Raghu,

    Nice meeting you. This blog was great help in my preparation , application and completion of my degree. Being a working mom I used to turn a lot to the blog looking for answers and support. Sorry was never was an active participant earlier but hope thats understandable.

    Thanks again,

  22. I have been reading your blog for a very long time. I really like the way you write, you make the the articles interesting.
    Last, good to hear about your personal life. Yours is a motivating story for we Indians.

  23. Finally got to know the great man behind HSB (The blog which i really like most…………..!)……….! Pleasure meeting u ……..!!

    U inspired many like me….


    1. I don’t fall under naturally talented category. Most of my accomplishments came from hard work and faith in God and sometimes luck.

  24. hi Raghu Bhai,

    Yu really look great and better than my expectations. But can i ask you 1 Qn ?

    It is just out of curiosity and nthng else 🙂 why did yu chose to reveal urself after this many days ?

      1. Hmm ..

        Frankly speaking i was looking for the content. The content was too good that i never had the thought to look out for person on google search.
        Moreover, i was under the impression that this is maintained by group of friends(I mean author posts !!) and not by single person.

        Anyways i just want to confess something that this blog is simply superb and informative. Hats off to you 🙂 !!!

  25. Wow!finally got to meet the man behind this awesome blog. I had been wondering for a long time and seriously, even I had thought you would look kinda older than you look in your pic. Maybe ’cause you seem so wise and we tend too associate wisdom with old age. You are really an inspiration to many an Indian. And your posts are a real help. Great going, dude!!!
    n I love the new organised look of the blog…thanks 4 everything..:)

  26. I am awestruck reading the post. Indeed, you are helping many people like me in India to get their dreams started Raghu :). I do want to know about UTA, especially funding options for a decent student profile. I wanted to ask this to someone, but luckily You are from there. Can you just tell how is C.S course in UTA. Thanks 🙂

  27. Dear Raghuram Sukumar If u were earning through this blog then i feel u should not have disclosed your identity.
    people thought HSB was an organisation, and a group of people who were experts in their respective fields (like U.S visa, edn,travels,insurance,etc) were replying and managing this blog.please take my comments as compliments to you and not otherwise.Thanks

  28. I like the 11th point mentioned above !!! 😛

    Even I don’t know blogging at the starting but now running a blog from 6 months for getting reputation (as of now not concerned about money) !!! I hope that my blog will help me in getting a seat in decent university !!! 🙂

    Any how Thanks for revealing yourself. I was curious to know about you (HSB), the one who is known to every prospective student who wants to study in USA 😛

    BTW, are you from Andhra ??? :O

      1. Thanks for the reply HSB (Raghu) !!! I realized the importance of these words recently !!! 😀

        So, you are very well familiar with mohr kolumubu, thir sadham etc., 😛

  29. so the mystery is revealed! good one….but u left out a VERY important fact. Which US univ did u graduate from? Cant believe u left that out! 😀
    Great work, this blog! Good Luck 🙂

  30. Don’t know why but i expected you to have a huge paunch and balding head!! But here you are looking great!! Seeing the pic i don’t think would believe you have a kid!! 😛 😀

  31. Heya.. Gr8 Pleasure meeting u …All these days i was thinking their are group of people behing HSB.. Kudos!! and Best wishes

  32. Hello Sir,
    You are definitely an Idol for the students (like me),who thinks to study in US ,and after reading this post,the confidence level has increased . 🙂

    Nice to know about the genius behind such a wonderful post.

    Thank you.

  33. Finally the mastermind behind the Happy School Blog has revealed himself. Thanks for that. A compliment for you, you look younger than I thought. I thought you would be between 40-50 years old.It was nice to know about you.

  34. Hi Raghu anna,

    At last you posted your foto 🙂
    Today I am here in USA it is because of the plethora of know-hows,infos, valuable advices from this blog.I am a fan of HSB and I have read almost all the blog posts listed.

    Thanks for all the help you have done.
    Keep the good work going on

    1. Commenting after long time. I’m will get into touch with you, you could be par of this next big project here in the blog. I’m reaching out to long term active followers.

  35. Finally!! Nice to meet you..!! And thank you for helping me and hundreds of others with guidance to higher education abroad..!!

  36. whao!great pleasure meeting you, you are d bomb, your blog has been the best seen so far on issues that concerns securing admissions in USA, information gotten here , are indeed the first class not gotten anywhere, you have actually put smiles on so many peoples face, you might not know this, but that is the truth,information, no matter how little it may be is damn expensive and imperative for agood living, your blog is highly informative.keep the good work up bro.though im not an indian , but a Nigerian, but your work speaks volumes, you are celebrated,you are indeed a blessing in grand proportion. keep d good flag high. im one of your greatest fan.
    here is ma question:

    what food do you like most?

  37. Now at least we know the person behind this great knowledgebased website… You are really doing an awesome job….

  38. Ra’s al Ghul: If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, then you become something else entirely.
    Raghuram Sukumar: Which is?
    Ra’s al Ghul: HSB, Mr. Raghuram. HSB! 🙂

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