F1 Visa Interview Experiences

Shortest F1 Visa Interview Ever – US Consulate, Kolkata

Shortest visa interview – Shared by Payel.

I believe my visa interview is pretty unique and so I thought of posting it.

My interview was scheduled on 4th Nov 2011 at the US Kolkata Consulate. I had made a spelling mistake while applying for a date and the name came out wrong in my visa interview letter. If such cases happen to you dont worry.

Just inform the consulate via email prior to your interview.
My profile

  • GRE: 1260
  • TOEFL: 110
  • PhD in Physics, Spring 2012, University of Texas at Dallas

I stood in line to enter the consulate and walked pass all the security check in. Don’t carry mobile phone, loose change, CD, DVD etc.

I was handed a yellow token and was asked to be seated in the waiting area. When my token Number was called I was asked to submit my documents ( I20, SEVIS receipt, DS-160 barcode, GRE & TOEFL scores any other communication from the university like my Assisstantship letter and Acceptance letter etc.) to an Indian.

Then again i waited for my turn. Meanwhile I could hear the conversation of the VO with people. Some where granted visa, so got declined and few other were asked to submit resumes(I guess they received the 221g). I was really nervous. When my name was called out I slowly walked towards the counter.

F1 Visa Interview – Kolkata

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Sir

VO: Please keep your bag on the counter
I kept it. then my finger prints were taken.

VO: Congratulations on you full scholarship and assisstantship.
Me: Thank You Sir.

VO: So which branch of Physics are you going to study? (this was the only actual question!)
Me: Astrophysics

VO: Oh! So i see you are going to be a rocket scientist.
Me: No Sir, I will be involved with the analysis of data

VO: But you have a great profile. I think you are absolutely apt to become a rocket scientist.
I just smiled at him
VO: I think you will have a great time in US cause you Visa is granted

I had the biggest smile on my face. Thanked him and left.

Just have the right attitude and a friendly body language.

I also think dressing well counts a lot and it does not have to be necessarily formal for girls.

I think Indian clothing like salwar kameez gives them a feel that u are attached to your country and culture and want to come back. All the best everyone 🙂

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  1. Hello everyone.
    I have got my I 20 and I am planning to take Visa apppointment but I have a question .
    My brother stays in the same state where my university is located.But he is on L1 visa and short term project and will be coming back.
    Will that creat any problem during my interview or shd i hide this from VO?
    Can anyone help me out in this?

  2. I am in Dilemna, as often this question came into my mind considering students academic profile, For selection into any University at US , Do the entire acadamic profile is treated as important starting from his 10th, If a particular candidate has scored well in his Masters, however his grads and 12th standard score was not upto the mark, or he changed his subjects which he/she has during his /her grads but chosed to a different subjects during his/her Masters and scored well in Masters, So as far as selection is concerned though Masters score,GRE, TOEFl score plays a pivotal role but does 10th,12th and Grads play as important as Masters,GRE,TOEFL no matter the latter gets upper hand.. Please help me out ….To simplify it do good Masters,GRE,TOEFL score has more probability for selection into any University irrespective of average score prior to Masters in acadamic calender..?

  3. Dear i want to pursuit my higher study in UK in MS(Pharmaceutics), any one please give me suggestion about admission and scholarship.

    Thank you.

    1. apply as soon as possible, that helps u gain maximum financial aid, are you sure you wanna join pharmaceutics? make sure because most universities offer Msc Pharmaceutical Science. that is not
      pharmaceutics. I recommend u to take Pharma Analysis than Ceutics, Well thats upto u, but One thing apply as early as possible(minimum 4 months prior to intake) so u`ll be front runner for financial aid. If u really wanna save money, apply for unis outside the London(that`d reduce the living expences). All the best for your application.

  4. hi payel. i have an interview on 22 dec. do give me some tips. i m too going for MS spring 2012 in california. contact me

  5. hey you got full scholarship… so i want to ask you… if some some is awarded full scholarship still he requires to show some money in the account for the visa

  6. HMM……..
    yes % of phd’s getting visa is very high,
    but point here is shortest interview!

    Congrats n welcome to USA,




      1. congratz payal!
        didnt come here to brag about this but i would like to mention
        my brothers visa interview was hardly 10 % of yours.
        he also had a pHD permit to purdue.
        when he got in, no wishing good morning or anything.
        vo: who is going to sponsor you?
        my bro: my parents.
        vo: welcome to USA.

        and thats it. u know wht, he had 1600 in GRE and 119 in TOEFL and brilliant acads.

  7. congrats payel even i follow u at the time of interview i mean in the dressing style..:P
    anyways congrats and i got to know how to interact with VO after reading u r interview session….

  8. Congratulations Payel 🙂 Yeah, your’s was really the shortest VISA interview that i’ve come across in HSB. Happy journey..

  9. to have a good profile is not only the true face of granted visa…
    But further, payel said to VO about the i will be involving in analysis of data, rather than saying yes to beeing an rocket scientist,
    I can say, be true on your side, rather than saying “yes, yes” ,”i will be rocket scientist (still u didnt think of it !)”;
    try to convince VO about your goal, if u have!!
    When VO replies with a judgement about your goal/ university/course, try to be on your side, never try to agree with him for making VO happy, he just looks for your own reasons…Thts the key

  10. Yet another lucky person! I had full scholarship too and still I was rejected! People either just get lucky or there is something more sinister going on. A couple wanted to go to US to meet their son. The father got the visa but the mother was rejected. The reason? “Her fingerprints resembled that of a terrorist!” Seriously WTF? Similar instances happen all the time. It looks as if they throw a dice or a coin to decide whom to accept or reject. Payel’s success story is good to read. But her story and many other stories posted in this blog creates more frustration in people than inspiration! Even I wanted to contribute to space sciences and technology. And my professor was too happy with my profile and my enthusiasm to work under him on his new project. What’s the use? Everything went down the drain! 🙁

    1. It even depends on many other factors such as the University u were going as Texas dallas is one of the reputed universities so getting full assistantship out der is quite a big thing
      I dont think its just luck out here!!! that this guy gets visa

    2. Lee …sorry to hear this …..

      Can u post the university name …ur gre score …toefl and undegrad cgpa ….and ur visa interview as a comment in this thread ??

      1. The above person is going for PhD rather than MS. As far as my knowledge is concerned, I have seen almost everyone getting a visa who are going to USA for PhD. So, was your case about PhD @ LEE

        Anyways, Congratulations payal…..

        1. Thank You so much Revanth, I too agree i guess it depends a lot on the universities profile than your own personal profile.

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