A Farmer Son’s Guide for F1 Visa Interview

Hi friends this is my student visa for USA interview experience at US Chennai consulate.

My appointment was at 8:15 AM.

I got a bit tensed while entering into the consulate but everything went so calm and cool.

My F1 Visa Interview went like this

Me: Very Good Morning Madam, how are you?
VO: Hey I am fine what about you?
Me: I am fine thank you.

Then comes to the actual part of interview.
VO: Why USA?
Me: To pursue my Masters at NJIT.

VO: when did you complete your degree?
Me: August 2010.

VO: Then what did you do from then?
Me: I did so and so etc… Here I would like to suggest you that do get tensed.First of all be planned to answer this question in a clear and coherent manner.
when I answered this question she did not even ask the experience documents.

VO: What is your aggregate?
Me: said

VO: Any Backlogs?
Me: No madam

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My parents and cousin

VO: What is your father?
Me: He is a Farmer

VO: How much land you are possessing and what will be grown there?
Me: Said

VO: Are you availing back loan?
Me: Yes

VO: How much and what is the collateral for that?
Me: Said

She uttered the sentence what I was anticipating for

VO: You will get your visa in a weeks time
Me: Thank you thanks a lot and have a nice day

F1 Visa Interview Tips

That’s all I got my visa. Here I would like to give few suggestions which I have got from my experience.

  1. Leave a smile and greet the consular officer at first.
  2. Do not be tensed be calm and cool.
  3. Just maintain eye contact and there is no need of smile or other things.
  4. No need of smiling when you are answering (I have read in some blogs that you need to keep smiling. It is not possible to smile and how could we get a smile when the atmosphere is such serious. So even if you don’t smile in between it won’t leave any impact on the decision
  5. Be yourself and do not try to get into others shoes by listening to the conversations of some others interview there.
  6. Even if something goes wrong like in sentence framing you can say sorry and proceed.(This has been happened in my Case)
  7. Do not be tensed about your slang every one is unique and they will have their conversation style. So you need not to worry about the accent.

So guys all the best do not listen to rumours that rejection rate is more here or other stuff..

Last but not the least your interview is different from others. Read F-1 student visa stories shared by other students.