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F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Third Attempt : Approved After 3 Changes

> Following post was shared by Shyam B Before Going to Visa Interview part this were the major mistakes done by me :

  1. Applied to low ranked Universities and many of them where California Universities .
  2. Could not provide a Strong Case to my Financial Background i.e No Bank Loan Sanctioned and had large Transactions in my Bank Statement

F1 Visa Third Attempt : Changes

Changes this time:

  1. Changed my University for Visa applied to a University that was best ranked and whose Visa Acceptance rate was pretty high among all my admits.
  2. Had bank loan Sanctioned this time which should I had funds to meet my expenses in USA and I was going there to study not work 😛
  3. Confidence : This time I went with no hopes I left it on Almighty and said to myself If it has to happen it will happen for sure this time or else USA doesn’t deserve me 😛

F1 Visa Interview Third : Attempt Details

  • Date:17/08/2012
  • Place:
  • Attempt : 3
  • Status :Approved

Third F1 Visa Experience in Chennai Consulate

After all the Formalities I just went to the Actual place where all interviews happen

Me : Good Morning Officer (VO was a young Lady in her early 20’s)

VO :Hi,Which attempt is this ?

Me : Third(I was shocked 😛 She directly asked me the Danger Question in
starting itself)

VO: Ok what changes have you made this time and Is your undergrad percentage ** this much.(She saw the Previous Comments of Visa officer and based on that she was cross checking my % again )

Me : This time I have a bank Loan Sanctioned of ** Lakhs and I’m going to a top ranked University out of all my admits.

VO: Ok ,Your Visa is approved you will get your passport in a week’s time.

I was so happy, I literally gave up hopes of USA but after I got my Visa I realized getting F1 Visa is not mere Luck. You need to think logically from Visa Officers mind they also know people
go to USA to study and get settled in USA. But onus is on us to show them that we are going there to study at first instance Work and all is secondary. I would suggest don’t just go to a University  which is low ranked and where you would have option to work and

Go to a University which is top ranked out of all your admits and always have a Bank loan Sanctioned (this depends on person to person but I feel so ) which gives them a guarantee that we have sufficient funds to meet our expenses there. All the best to everyone who are applying for,Spring and other Semesters 🙂

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  2. Hello, I applied for a visa on July 12th for Marshall University and it got rejected,Again I’m applying with one gap, can I apply and can you guide me :))

  3. Hi, my name is Ganiu kabiru from Nigeria, I applied for US visa twice and got rejected twice too which was last year December. I am planning to go for the third interview soon….what are my chances of getting it right this time around

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  5. Hi everyone,
    I had 2 visa interviews 1st was on 24 july…. i got rejected at the interview as the reason the VO gave was that he didnot found me credible with the doctorate degree although i have a masters degree. And 2nd interview was on 17th of august. Again i got rejected with the same reason. Both these interviews were held in Delhi Consulate. I am planning to take a third chance at another consulate. Is it a wise decision??? I do have a good academic profile and i got selected in the university as well.

  6. ****Visa Experience 2nd attempt*****
    Date : 24/7/2017
    Consulate : Chennai
    University : Southern Methodist University
    Course : MIT in Video Graphics and Special Effects(Game development)
    Status : Rejected
    Counter : 16
    Time : 10AM

    VO: Good Morning, Pass your I-20 and Passports
    ME: Good Morning. (after passing the passports and I-20 ) I asked How are you. She didn’t hear she asked what I was saying. I asked again How are you.
    VO: Fine Thank you.
    VO: Why this course.
    ME: I have a great passion towards game development from my childhood onwards. I have created many games out of my interest. This course will help me to fetch a good position when I come back here and join a firm.
    VO: Are you employed
    ME: Yes
    VO : Which Firm:
    ME : (told)
    VO: What do they concentrate on.
    ME: They do cloud computing related business.
    VO: Is it related to the course you are going to.
    ME: Not exactly
    VO : How many years you were working from now.
    ME : 4 plus years.
    VO : Who is sponsoring you.
    ME : My father and my brother are sponsoring me. I have my own saving also and apart from that I have got an education loan of 30 lakhs.
    VO : Sorry we can’t issue your visa now.
    She gave 214b blue paper with a tick in the first box.

  7. Hi, need suggestion for third time visa interview attempt.
    1st visa interview- 6th July.
    2nd visa interview – 21st July.
    I have got 214b for both the attempts.

    I was on my H1B and worked for about 6months and returned to India.Now I want to apply for MBA and got admission to the same school where I have finished my masters degree as I am interested in the particular course they are offering for MBA.My visa was rejected twice in Hyderabad consulate.

    I just want to give it one last try as my university starts by august9th, 2017 and appointment waiting time in Hyderabad is appox. 15 calendar days and Chennai is 3 calendar days. As I don’t have 15days left I am thinking to apply for the visa interview in Chennai. Can I apply in Chennai?

    1. Hi Nikki,

      Any luck with your F1 stamping? I was on H1b and came back to India. I am planning to go back on F1. Appreciate if you can share your experience.

      Thank you!

  8. Hi,
    I have got an admit from Illinois institute of technology, bank balance of my fathers account might suffice the first years expenses but it doesn’t have much transactions or turn over and I will have a loan sanction letter. The money deposited is in the month of April but they say that it should have 6 months history. I want to get in by this fall 2017 . Will my visa get rejected?

    1. I have to analyze other factors and what you have listed here is not sufficient. In general, you need proof of funds for the entire duration of education. Join F1 Visa Coaching.

      1. Helo i just had an question i was rejected the first time do to my selection of unranked University. And again i am applying for spring for a best ranked University that is Adelphi University. So what are the chances kindly revert ASAP.

  9. hi everyone,
    yesterday i got my visa rejected following was the case
    VO : afternoon miss susma( i was nervous but trying to relax the officer was really frightening and had rejected all the people before mee)
    mee:afternoon sir
    vo: please pass your i20 latest transcript and passport
    i gave them he had a short look and typing in the computer
    i was nervous but smiling
    he asked me which university i replied ( i have completed 3 years bachelor degree in social work program and wanted to have msw degree but us colleges needs accredited degree thus i was accepted for bachelors for two years and only to master degree
    he asked why bachelor again i replied same as above
    he said okk and ask again what do you wanna do after masters
    i told i will come back nepal and engage in my brother social service agencies and work there
    then he gave me yellow card saying i donot think u will depart us thus we cannot accept you
    i was blank and wth a sad heart tears in eyes came home
    where i was mistake i even do not unstand
    i m planning to reapply with same i20 because i wanted to study in that college as havin contact with them since 5 months they are familiar to mee which will be good for me to adjust there ..can i do that please some advice on my case

  10. I was rejected twice for fall 2016 with the same university(Pittsburg state univ)…

    should i change my university for my 3rd attempt which is been scheduled in nov for spring term.

  11. I got my visa rejected twice on 214(b).
    Attempt1:June 23rd,Hyderabad,VO was male around 35-40 yrs of age.Counter:9
    My profile:Gre-305,IELTS-7.5,B.tech – 74%
    V.O:waived his hand asking me to come forward
    Me:went forward
    V.O:Louisiana Tech?
    Me:yes sir,Louisiana Tech
    V.O:How did you get to know about this univ?
    Me:My HOD is an alumni of that univ,he told me about this university.
    V.O:Who?(He didn’t hear properly)
    Me:My Head of the Department,sir
    V.O:What did he tell you about the university?
    Me:He told me that the practical exposure at the university is good.(I was little nervous after he asked me this question)
    V.O:Can you give me your educational documents
    V.O:He checked all my docs & gave it back to me
    V.O:How did you apply to the university?
    Me:I went to the website & applied online,sir(was really nervous)
    V.O:What is your specialisation?
    Me:My major is EE (He looked at me in the eye when I said about major)& my specialisation is VLSI
    V.O:Why this university?
    Me:Reasearch facilities run by Prof.Stephen Jones & Dr.Liu on VLSI are good & it will help me in a big way
    V.O:Who is your sponsor?
    Me:My mother,who is supported by my uncle
    V.O:What is your mother
    Me:She is a senior accountant
    V.O:how much does she earn?
    Me:She earns around ** L & our income from all sources is ** L
    V.O:How do you intend to pay for your fee?
    Me:I have a loan of ** L & savings of **L & F.D’s of **L
    V.O:Show me your savings Docs
    Me:I gave him bank pass book(Next to transactions in pass book I’ve mentioned the details with pencil)
    V.O:He checked it for sometime
    Me:I was looking at him
    V.O:He asked me about a transaction in my pass book
    Me:I told him about that.
    V.O:I can’t give visa & gave 214(b)
    The VI went on for about 7-8 mins & I was answering him everything he put my way with loud voice.
    ***Attempt 2:June 30,Hyderabad,VO was around 26-30(My word,he was way too arrogant)Counter:11
    V.O:How many univs you applied for?(before he scanned my passport)
    V.O:Is this your 1st time?(He now scanned my passport)
    Me:No sir,Second time
    V.O:What changes have you made to your profile
    Me:Actually,my profile is quite good,sir.I couldn’t explain VO properly as I was a little nervous.
    V.O:You think we reject people because they lack “Self-confidence”?
    Me:I was silent***
    V.O:When did you apply last time?
    Me:A week ago,sir
    V.O:Why do you guys come & waste our time,one week isn’t big time(He was arrogant to the core)
    Me:I was silent*** again(as he wasn’t even giving a chance to express myself
    V.O:He gave my passport & I20 and asked me to leave
    Me:I took them & I was walking away dejected
    V.O:Don’t you ever apply for a visa(in a harsh tone)
    The VI lasted just 30-45 seconds & I didn’t know why he had to be so rude(even though he was rude even to a girl in front of me)
    I’d appreciate, if you could analyse where I went wrong in answering:

    1. Hi Nikhil Teja,

      Same happened to me also.I don’t know why they are so arrogant.
      Are you planning to apply again?

  12. So far I think my situation is not common but I still need suggestions from my fellows. I’m an Hnd holder in electrical engineering and I’ve got admission at Texas southern university. I have all required documents for my interview late in December, 2015. I’ve been rejected befor five years ago, I was advised to learn for another year’s in my country to improve a little before I can study in U.S. and this was a community college admission. Was first asked for additional proof of my academic worth which I did but presented novdec to support my wassce then. Please all I need now is advice on how to get visa this time around. My course is undergra for two years becos I already have an Hnd in this same field.

    1. Mike, you should prove what’s changed with you since last interview. People do get visa for second time around. But, it comes down to how you answer your questions.

  13. Hello,
    My visa interview is in next week. My problem is my father is retired this month. And because of that my family income will decrease. Although we have enough bank balance to pay the fees excluding living expense. I have 2 sponsors as well.
    What am I suppose to say?
    Kindly reply ASAP.

    1. Hey, please schedule a session or sign-up for F1 Visa Mastery course. We can discuss possible answers for your situation.

  14. hello, I am a Nigeria and had my F1 visa interview today 19th June. I was rejected on the clause of no strong tie outside the USA. I have decided to try again but since my school resumption date is still 19th of August. Please, can someone help me on what to do next

  15. hey even my visa has been rejected twice in Mumbai for Oklahoma State University for spring 2013. I have deferred my admission for Fall 2013 for OSU only. Also, I have a Elder sibling in USA. And I am planning to take the visa interview again . SO should I take it in mumbai or change the consulate ?

  16. I am applying to a University in Arkansas, as my sister is a resident doctor there. Its ranking is between 800 to 900. But its in Top 10 at Arkansas state. Please advise me what are the chances of getting F1. I had already been rejected once for B2 visa. Ill be applying from karachi

    1. Hi,
      I would suggest you not to stick to the Universities in Arkansas. Apply to Universities in other states as well. Reason being if you wish to be placed closer to your sister, this does not justify your purpose as a student. Choose Universities based on the programme you have opted for. Else visa acceptance may become difficult.

      1. Do we need an I-20 for each admit, or only the one which we have chosen to go to? Or an admission letter from all universities to which we applied? Or can we just say verbally to which ones we applied, which ones we got admitted, etc.

  17. hi every body……….
    i have a question….

  18. could any body help in searching of best universities which have the maximum % of visa approval.
    (actually i’m a pharmacy student)

  19. Shyam, telling people not to go to,low ranked universities where they can work isn’t a worthy advice at all. What students are adviced to do is to go to schools compatible with their desires and wants. Indeed, if you had assistantship in your so called low ranked universities, I promise you, you would have been granted a visa

    1. Kirsten, If a person has an admit from a higher ranked university and chooses to apply for a visa with a low ranked one then it will definitely hurt their chances. It indicates that the person is not committed to their study/career and that there is something fishy which the visa officer will try to tease out of them. Only 2 reasons will justify going for a lower raked university. One, as you said, if they were offered an GA or TA post making the lower ranked university more appealing and financially viable. Second is that the course curriculum is substantially better suited to the student’s needs. Although this will be rare as better ranked universities have better course curriculum. Both these points will still have to be made abundantly clear to visa officer.

  20. Hi everybody, am Titus from nigeria this is my first attempt and I don’t know what the interview look like, firstly I’ve committed all I have to do and say to almighty God. What are the likely question an officer can ask me, please I need your response so I can include it in prayers I need to chase ma career and make it a reality. Thank you

    1. Hello Titus,
      Don’t worry yourself. While they say itz the school , i feel, it is mainly your confidence. If a school has been admitting international students and it is government approved, you don’t have to worry if it is top ranked or not. You and only you know why you applied to the school. so, give that reason to the VO and be confident about it and I assure you, with God on your side, you will get the visa.

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