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F1 Visa Rejection – I Came Out of The Consulate and Cried – Gannon University

Another F1 Visa interview experience posted by HSB reader. This time it was F1 Visa Rejection under 214(b) section.

It’s certainly hard to digest the fact your F1 visa is rejected, but you got to get up and ready to face the life.

Apply for interview again or work for couple of years, improve your profile and get admission from better university.

Student Visa Interview Experience

My interview was on 7th dec i got rejection. The visa Officer asked me only 3 to 4 question and rejected me.

VO: good morning mam
I: good morning mam

VO: Why do u want to go to USA?
I: to pursue my masters

VO: Masters in what?
I: Masters in business administration.

VO: which university are you aplying?
I: I got I-20 from gannon university and i had also applied in Touro College and Monroe college.

VO: who is going to bear your education expense?
I: My mother

VO: what is she doing?
I: she is doing her own business of small scale industry.

VO: sorry I deny your visa good luck next time.
I: Thank you.

I came out and cried alot. she gave me a common rejection letter and rejected me on the basis of sec 214(b). I was fully prepared for my interview then also my luck is bad so got rejection.

Gannon University

Gannon University is small private university. When you are getting admission in such schools, its always tough to get Visa. Reader didn’t share the profile, just by 3 colleges applied for admission, you can assume it must be low GRE and less academic percentage.  Its not that you cannot get visa with low academic profile and score, but lot has to do with your speaking, presentation and confidence during the interview.

  • How Not to Prepare for F1 Visa Interview and Stamping

F1 Visa Interview Tip

If your academic profile is low and GRE score is less than 1000, then your can improve your chances of F1 visa stamping by improving your speaking skills and way you talk to VO during interview with confidence. Of Course you have to practice a lot. Talk in front of the mirror several times, your self-image should be very high and must feel the confidence in yourself.

If you are not confident and have doubts in your ability to get visa, that will be clearly reflected during your interview. So, preparation is the key to get F1 visa stamping with low academic profile.

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  1. I was also rejected and i’m reapplying.

    Can my University follow up with the embassy? do you know if that’s going to help or make things worst?

  2. Good day,I will be going for interview in some few days.I finished my BENG in 2010 and I am doing my masters in industrial engineering and I want to deferred my admission to go to usa for my mba.if I am asked what I am currently doing can I tell the VO I am doing my masters and I will be coming back to complete my msc or I should give not give out that information.pls I need ur suggestions

  3. guys i was rejected on the 1st of july for F1 visa saying i was a potential immigrant. i want to know what can i say when the VO asks me what is the change in my profile? please help

  4. F-1 Visa rejected due to low GRE

    Hii..recently, I was gave a visa interview..I was fully prepared for interview.

    VO: Hello ..
    I: hi

    VO: For which course you are applying?
    I: Civil Engineering

    VO: What is your purpose to go to USA?
    I: I want to purse degree of masters in civil engineering.

    VO: Have you ever been out of India?
    I: No sir

    VO: Can I see your GRE score report.
    I: Yes ! (I gave them my GRE score report. I have 270 in verbal and 620 in quant.)

    VO: How many university did you applied for?
    I: 4 universities

    VO: How many admitted you?
    I: 3 sir
    (after typing for some time)

    VO: Sorry. I can’t approved your visa. But I can suggest you one thing. Improve your academic and try again.

    he gave me common latter of 214(b) and my passport.
    I didn’t respond him. I was angry becoz I have distinction in undergrad. Still, he want high academics? Horrible. He was rejected my visa without looking at my academic performance.

    I am applying again for visa soon. Can you suggest me after how much time I should apply? What should I improve in next interview?

    1. ur case is the same as mine. can you please suggest me…!! i have got 880 in gre ,75% in ug and 7.5 in ielts

  5. Hi,

    so if my mother is a housewife but has enough savings to fund my education which is basically a 1 yr course. Does that mean being a housewife my visa can get rejected?

  6. hello madam u should nt say that ur mother is running a small scale industry, that answer will say her that u cant get fund later 4m ur mom

  7. Hello everyone,

    I have been rejected twice since last two months for spring 2011 intake for course of M.P.H. I am a dentist recently graduated, my gre is 1070 and toefl is 111. now I m planning to change my university in 3rd attempt which is better in ranking then the last one. I recieved all I-20 of the universities where I applied, at the same time. In the previous university I was getting scholarship of $5000 per year but not in the new university .So what reason should I give for :

    1.)this change of university.

    2.) why not this university in the first attempt

    any help regarding interview for 3rd attempt n ans to the above ques are highly appreciated.thank you

    1. Hello – Could you please share your experience, if you applied again? I have a similar background and I am applying for MPH this year.

      Any help would be appreciated!

  8. Hi buddies here is my Visa interview experience.

    Me: Good Morning Sir,

    Vo: good Morning Gentle Men

    Vo: which year passout you are?

    me: 2010 sir

    Vo: Explain me about main project?

    me: My project was on Impro and i have explained my project

    Vo: okey whats ur project size?

    me: 3

    Vo: whats theirs role and 3 member including u?

    me: yes sir, said……..

    Vo:how many backlogs do u have?

    me: 1backlog and said i have cleared with 70%

    Vo: Whats ur percentage?


    Vo: whats ur Parental income?


    Vo: whats ur father occupation?

    me: said

    Vo: whats ur mother?


    vo: your Visa is approved


  9. You were already scared and given up even before the interview commenced.
    Common….. Why must you cry because you were refused a US visa? US is not heaven my dear, and because you were rejected the first time doesn’t mean you are rejected for life. Brace up, practice more, and engage a consultant if need be. Good luck next time!

  10. even i got rejected on wed morning 15th dec. They asked

    1) which univ ?

    2)why this univ ?

    3)which all univ u applied ?

    4)which course and course content ?

    5)y u hav swiss visa stamping?

    after answering all this he smiled and told tat m not eligible to travel to united states

  11. I think you didn’t answer enough for the question”Why do you want to go to USA?”.You could have said little more like U.S. is one of the most advanced country in this world from the education and technology point of view.Also, it is the hub of best brains of the world. I want to share and gain knowledge among these people.

    I believe you need more practice. Don’t lose your hope. Try to collect all the possible visa questions and write all the strong answers on a piece of paper and see them if there is a scope to make them much better.

    You can practice answering these questions in front of mirror to gain more and more confidence. Or else record the response and grade yourself. I assure that you can positively clear the interview by your next attempt. I had taken help of this website for my interview.

    I am sure you will come with flying colours during your next attempt.
    Good Luck

  12. i dont think u should tell more than what is needed. when u attend visa interview u should just answer to the point. i think that was the mistake u did mentioning abt the universities u applied when the VO asked which university are u going to. u should have just told the name which u wana go,

  13. From the above details it is clear that you did not prepare well for the interview. When you have flaws in one area you have to try and cover it in many ways..

    The major mistake is when she asked you the question “Why US?”.. You answered it very short. And the answer you gave is very obvious. The VO very well knows for what purpose you are there. So, you should have been more elaborate..

    You can say something like ” I want to to the United States as it offers some of the finest higher education in the world and I want to pursue my MBA there” or anything like this..

    Well, book your slot again and do a lot of home work. To be frank, this is the only site I used to prepare for my interview and it helped me a lot. Read the posts in HSB. Trust me, it helps a lot. I do it even after I am through in my interview..

    Good Luck..

    1. Went for my Visa interview on 13th at the Mumbai Consulate. Out of my records, my only weak point is my CGPA.

      Me: Good morning, sir.

      VO: Good Morning. So why do you want to go to the US?

      Me: To do my Masters, sir.

      VO: To which college are you going to?

      Me: The University of Florida, Gainesville, sir.

      VO: And which branch have you been admitted to?

      Me: MS in ISOM.

      VO: What are your parents?

      Me: so-and-so, so-and-so.

      VO: Ok, Mr.Varun,. your Visa has been approved. Have a nice time studying in the US.

      Me: Thank you very much, sir. I definitely will.

      I got my passport back, with a visa for 5 years. i think it all depends on your confidence when you enter the room. The VO is well-trained in human behavior and psychology, and can more often than not understand when you are lying…so be honest, to the point. If the colleges you are admitted to and seeking admission in are not very famous, then have your answer ready with some proven statistics and facts as to why you are selecting that college/ that stream. For example, when the VO asked you about the college, you could have mentioned why you selected the college rather than what others you had applied to. You could have mentioned that Gannon is a top-tier univ, etc. (I just read from Wiki).

      Its not too tough, I was lucky, even though I was prepared with the answers, they did not ask about my finances, or my undergraduate degree. All in all lasted about a couple of minutes.

      I know it's easy to talk about it in retrospect, but be confident, and make sure the VO knows that you are very interested in the college/course, and are more than capable of handling the academic pressures.

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