What if you GRE Test date is nearing and you are not fully prepared or feel that your are close to your target score? Rohits is faced with similar situation.

I am engineering final year student. I have my GRE scheduled on 16 june. But my preparation are not very good as my semester and final year project keeps me very busy. I know that’s not an excuses and i am not making it also.

The problem is that i have my accenture training from 6 june to 20 june which is necessary to attend if i want to join that company. So, if i attend that training program i will not be able to attend gre on scheduled date. I have oter companies offer also so i can leave accenture to ive re but i am worried about my preparation wic is not ood. I need at least 1 mont after my semester end to prepare nicely.

So, i wanted to know is there any chance that i will get seat in july month ? So that i can rescedule my test and i et sufficient time to prepare and revise. I am constantly checking gre website for availability but it sows no seats in july month. Is there any chance that ets will add new seats in july or some people will cancel their exam. I have followed your blog regularly and i very well understand tat i should give gre in the current format only. So, new format is also not an option for me.


GRE – Not Ready

Some of you will encounter situation like Rohit . Others might not have planned your course of action towards target GRE score and long ways from reaching target score in practice tests.

You are faced with 2 situations

  1. Not ready to take GRE and get High Score
  2. No Dates are available to take GRE before new format GRE testing starts

We advised in the blog to make every effort to take GRE in current format. Resources you will have with respect to new GRE will be very less. If you don’t have an option to take GRE before current format expires, then make up you mind to take Revised GRE. [ New GRE FAQ’s]

Missing current GRE format is not the end of the world. When more students take GRE, we will  learn more about the test and books will get better with new revisions.

Unfortunately, you have to decide which gets higher priority Accenture Training or GRE. Its tough decision to make. Unfortunately, you will have to make such many more decisions like that as you move towards higher education dream in USA.

If you get dates in July, then definitely reschedule the test. Thee will be someone like you who will cancel or move the test dates. You have to keep looking several times in a day.

My Story

Several years back when I was attending campus interview for the sake of getting job placement. Several friends were mad at me, because I’m going to waste one job. Then I stopped attending the interview. I was determined to study in USA.

Now, that determination, experience gained through education in USA is fueling this blog.

You have to make a decision and if works out for you then you are all set. If not, don’t worry that you took a wrong turn, stick to the decision you made.  You grow in life by making tough decisions and facing/solving challenges.