Revised GRE Verbal – 139. Quantitative 139. Is it Good Score?

Raghuram Sukumar GRE 110 Comments

I gave my Revised GRE exam on 29th of November, and scored 139/170 in verbal, and 139/170 in quants.

I like know if this GRE score is very low, but is there any chance to get admission in any biotechnology school for p.hd?

I just completed my masters in biotechnology.

Good Revised GRE Score

139 score of 170 in Revised GRE is not a good GRE score. It’s very low GRE score and forget about applying to US for PhD with that score.

You need much higher GRE score for PhD admission.  Try to get atleast 310 in GRE for PhD.

Suggestion :

  • Re-take Revised GRE.
  • Since you just took GRE, retaking GRE within 2 to 3 months without proper GRE preparation will not improve your score.
  • You need to work really hard to improve your score in next 2 to 3 months.

Read more about improving your GRE Score.


  1. hey I got 146 in quant and 132 in verbal and I don’t want to retake it.i did not wrote tofel yet and my academics are quite good(80% aggregate in so please give me suggestion that will any colleges accept my score and give admission to me.plzzz rlyy

  2. hey i got 138 in quantitative and 142 in verbal section. i know its bad score but im unable to give gre again .cuz 14 may is the last date for application submission.right now what should i do.



  4. My GRE score is 300 (Verbal 136; Quant 164). I am from IIT-KGP and want to apply in the physics graduate program. Should I retake the GRE test?

  5. Hii sir My Gre Score card is as: Verbal 141/170 and quantz is 159/170 and awa score is 2.5, is there chances to admission for MS in CSE from USA.

  6. i scored 296 in gre in 98 in aggregate for 4 years BE is 60% and in the final year i scored 70%.i have not done any i stand a chance to get admission in moderate universities with this profile??

  7. Hi HSB,
    I got score of 309 (verbal- 147, quantitative- 162)in Gre after studying nearly a couple of months. I dont know if its a good score or a bad one for pursuing Master’s degree in pavements (civil Engineering).
    Toefl ibt- 100
    Gpa – 9.12
    Couple of summer training at Delhi metro rail corporation and at a builders firm.
    A project at IIT KGP concerning pavements.
    So, I am plaaning to apply TAMU, Virginia tech and wisconsin. What do u say? Can you suggest me some other universities?

  8. Hi HSB,
    I got score of 309 in Gre after studying nearly a couple of months. I dont know if its a good score or a bad one for pursuing Master’s degree in pavements (civil Engineering).
    Toefl ibt- 100
    Gpa – 9.12
    Couple of summer training at Delhi metro rail corporation and at a builders firm.
    A project at IIt KGP concerning pavements.
    So, I am plaaning to apply TAMU, Virginia tech and wisconsin. What do u say? Can you suggest me some other universities?

  9. Hi HSB,
    I’m a social science student (political science) and I want to apply for a Phd in Political Science-International Relations. Most of the comment I come across in HSB are mostly pertaining to either MS or a Ph. D in Sciences. Can someone tell me what GRE score should I aim for a Ph. D in social sciences. What should be my Quant score? Since I have a non math background (math till 12th grade only) I can’t except an 800. Even if I do, I’ll have to really struggle leaving everything aside. Planning my next GRE attempt in September, first was not good enough(both verbal and quant 146). Please help.

  10. my gre score is 288(135verb,153 quant).have there any chance to get admission in USA or Canada or Germany ?. plz help………………

  11. i took old gre , and got verbal-330 and quant- 660…and i wrote revised gre and i got verbal-139 qnd quant- this a gud score to apply for designing corses for P.G………currently i am studing in NIFT..(apparel designing)……what are the P.G. courses i can apply to…..i want to pursue a career in Visual Merchandizing or management or advance apparel designing course,,,….any of these courses… much score do they general need to get admitted?

    1. Hi Goutami, I’m also studying NIFT and trying to pursue PG in USA. My scores are 130(v) and 160(q). Have you been able to get admission in any university? How is your experience in applying for univs there? Please advice.

      1. I may also get married soon to someone in US. Is it easy to go as dependent and how much does it cost for PG?

  12. Hi,

    I got 139/170 verbal and 166/170 quantitative in GRE exam, my TOEFL score is 85
    is there any chance to be admitted in U.S. universities?
    I got my B.A. in tourism management and I am looking forward to get M.S or M.A. in tourism management field preferably granting T.A or R.A.

    Thanks a lot.

  13. I am a final year B.Tech student finished my 7th sem in Electronics and communication. I am late for applying fall 2012. i neither took gre nor toefl. I am planning to take gre as well as toefl by january. I thought of applying for
    Texas A and M University
    University of Texas Arlington
    University of Texas Dallas
    Utah state university
    for my MS in electrical. As they have deadlines till. What gre and toefl score should i get to get into it and when should i send apllications and will i get scholarship. Please reply me.

  14. hi HSB ,
    I took the revised gre twice..Once in sep 2011 and again in nov 2011.
    I got the following scores
    sep 2011 – quant-162 verbal 145 AWA-4
    nov 2011 – quant-154 verbal 148 AWA-3.5
    TOEFL -98

    Does the low score in second gre affect my chances ??

  15. Hi, my name is I gave gre on 12/12/2011 my score is 288 I.e. Quantitative:152 verbal:136 is this enough to apply for scholarship

  16. I have seen many comments here… and there is one case that is seen in majority here… If one has a good Verbal, Quants and TOEFL/IELTS score, but doesnt qualify in the ‘Analytical Writing’ (i.e. 3 or below 3)… then does he still have options to apply somewhere… and can he still send his/her GRE score to the colleges…
    I think it is a serious question… and i expect some replies…
    It is important since a person has scored good in other sections.. making him potential applicant for a seat in a good college.. but the bad AWA score ruins the entire story which would cost the person another 190$…

  17. Sir
    I took my GRE on 11 nov 2011. the scores are as follows:
    verbal : 152
    Quant: 167
    AWA: 3.0
    and my IELTS score is 8. I am looking for a MS program in Food Technology. Is this score good enough to get me into a good university ?
    I have done BTech in Biotechnology with agg. percentage of 71 %

  18. My GRE score is: 146 in verbal , 159 in quant and 4.0 in AWA. My IELTS score is 7.0. I have my B.Techin Computer Science with 89%. Also, i have undergone a research and published in a research journal. Is it good enough to apply for any US universities? Is there any prospect of getting scholarships? Which universities would be suitable for me? looking for help ASAP…

  19. hi sir,
    i worte gre exam in nov. i got gre score of 283. verbal-136 and quants-147. i had aggregate in 12+=87%. and my %in bpharmacy is 75%. plz suggest some t2 universities in usa and canada……..

  20. I have got 151/170 in verbal and 165/170 in Quants
    Which University do you think can offer me Ph.D admission in ECE branch?

  21. I have scored 144 & 142 respectively in verbal & quantitative reasoning in the New GRE score. I hope to score around 4 in AW. Is it enough for an admission in Mass Communication in Fordham, Georgetown, Syracuse, or Marquette University?

  22. i really want to know how much minimum score is required for PhD in pharmaceutical science?

  23. Hi HSB
    I took my GRE new test on 9 september
    I s it a good score and which schools can I apply to for masters in computational mathematics/science

  24. My GRE score:
    Verbal : 149
    Quants: 155
    how good is this score??..,,plz suggest some good univs for MS in CS,,,

    1. HI Vijay,

      Your quant score is indeed good however I am not sure of your academic score so far and if you hold any work experience which are definitely an added advantage. You can definitely apply to Purdue, Rice however to be safer side you apply to Northeastern University, Boston University, SUNY Buffalo etc

      1. hey Jasmine thanks for your reply..
        I am a B.E. in Computer Engineering. My aggregate is 56%. I dont have any work experience. I’ve sent my scores to SUNY Binghamton, Univ of north Texas, Kent State Univ (Ohio), and Oklahoma State Univ. Which of these universities do I have a good chance to be in ? Also I want to know whether my score is good for SUNY Stony Brook. I am applying for MS in Comp Sci.
        Plz reply..
        thanks in advance.

  25. Hi dis is pingili
    i had given my gre on sept’13 th 2011.
    i got 277/340 in my revised gre.
    verbal 137, and quant 140. .
    My B-Tech:60%
    can u tel me is it better score and can i further continue my trials for applying to universities.
    Pls reply me………

  26. My GRE Score is:
    Verbal: 153/170
    AWA: 3
    In which good universities can i pursue MS in biotech stream… ???

  27. My GRE Score is:
    Verbal: 138/170
    AWA: 3
    In which universities can i pursue my MS with biotechnology has a major subject ???

  28. My GRE Score is:
    Verbal: 138/170
    AWA: 3
    In which good universities can i pursue MS in ece stream… ???!!!


  29. Hi All,

    I got 145/170 in verbal,162/170 in quant and 3.0 in AWA . my eng aggrt 75%

    is it a good score for applying in US university?
    My area of interest is MS in CS.
    Pls help

  30. Dear HSB,
    I gave my GRE exam on Dec 2 and scored V 145/170 and Q 160/170 . I want to ask is this score good to apply for masters degree in mechanical engg. in USA and which college can i get.
    THANX for your help.

  31. Dear HSB,

    I gave the Revised GRE Exam and scored 136 in Verbal, 159 in Quant, and 2.5 in AWA. Is this a good enough score to apply for MS in Computer Science?

    Many thanks.

  32. Hi,
    My GRE revised score was verbal – 145, quant – 155
    & analytical writing – 2; to study mechanical
    engineering in either Canada or US. Do u think i
    need to re-write GRE?
    I also had a gpa of 3.1 on a 5 scale, in mech eng. Can i still go in straight for masters in these countries, or is there anything else to be done?

    1. Hi,
      My GRE score is 296/340……………Please let me know is it good to apply for getting admission for M.Sc. Electrical Engineering in Illinois,Manchester,Florida and MIT…………..I am waiting for your sincere reply.


  33. i got 137/170 in quant and 151/170 in verbal ,, cn i get a good university in electronics stream???

  34. Hi tis is Lokesh
    i had given my gre on sept’13 th 2011.
    i got 285/340 in my revised gre.
    verbal 142, and quant 143. .
    My B-Tech:57.21%
    can u tel me is it better score and can i further continue my trials for applying to universities.
    Tis is my profile, can i get visa with out job experience…
    Pls reply me………

  35. Dear HSB,

    I gave revised GRE Exam. I scored 164 in Verbal and 166 in Quant, but I have scored only 3.5 in A.W.A. Is it good enough for MS in Electrical Engineering.


    1. Hi Sameet!

      Wow, your scores are really impressive, and I’m no expert, but I think that your Verbal and Quantitative scores might outweigh the AWA, since almost all universities mention that it is not just one factor that makes or breaks a person’s application. Where are you planning to apply?

      1. I have scored 108 in my TOEFL. My under graduate aggregate is 78%.
        I am planning to apply for MS in Electrical Engineering.
        Prospective Colleges:
        1. University of California Berkeley
        2. Georgia Tech
        3. Virginia Tech
        4. University of Maryland – College Park
        5. University of Southern California
        6. University of Florida
        7. University of Colorado at Boulder.

        I am pretty much aware that I have practically no chance of getting into Berkeley, but I would be extremely grateful if you could evaluate my admission chances.

        1. Hi Sameet,

          Like I said, I’m no expert, in fact, even I’m applying this time. 🙂 But I felt, as a layman, that your scores are really good. Yeah, UCB is probably one of the top universities, but I think (NOT expert opinion by any means!!) that you stand a really good chance overall. Even the universities you’ve chosen are really very good. Hey, even I am applying to Maryland and Colorado! 🙂 Let me know of the results – all the best!

          1. Hi Gayatri,

            Thank You.
            Could you suggest some mid ranked and low ranked universities for MS in Electrical Engineering which I can use as a safety net ….


  36. Which public school accept this score?acrdng to old gre my score is 1030.pls gv me list of those school whose min.gre require is 1000.for mph in epidemiology.

  37. Hi..
    I gave gre on15th nov. And score is nt my expectation.only 139 in verbal & 156 in is 295/340 & my awa is very low-its 2.5 only.i want to apply for fall 2012 in MPH(mastr in public health).wt should i do?shd i retake or shd start apply?my toefl exam is on 11th dec.I confuse too much?pls sir/mam give sm solution of it?thanks…

    1. hi.. my scores are same as yu.
      157 in quants and 138 in verbal
      my tofel is on 14th jan.. I also wanna apply for fall12
      but i am damn confused because i am having a good job in my hand..
      damn confused..!!

  38. Hi,My new pattern scores are Verbal 151 and Quant 169….320..
    where would u place it?

  39. My GRE Score is:
    Verbal: 146/170
    AWA: 3
    In which good universities can i pursue MS in ece stream… ???!!!

  40. i forgot usename and password of my gre account,i had given revised gre test 6th sept.but didn’t get any mail or score reciept up to quant.score range was 590-690 and verbal 390-490,plz tell me how can i acess my exact score which is out of 340……………..waiting for reply
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Manoj,

      I’m pretty sure that your scores are probably already out. For that you need to go the ETS website and go to My GRE Account. There, in the login field, click on the option ‘Forgot User Name’. It’ll then redirect you to a page where they ask for some details like your Full name and Date of Birth, and your email address. I’m guessing that they might send the account details to your email address.

      With the newly obtained account information, go to the above mentioned ‘My GRE Account’ and login. After logging in, the ‘View Scores’ tab will show you your actual score.

      All the best!

  41. hi HSB,

    is 292/340 verbal (138) and quants (154) a good score???? In which good univ ll i be able to get my admissions?

  42. Hello !
    I had in GRE V 138 and Q 158 A3.0 toefl 95 . I have already one publication is it enough for PhD in materials science .in ASU ?
    thank you

  43. Hi HSB,

    My GRE verbal score is 150, Quantitative 158 and AWA is 4.0; do I have a chance of obtaining a full funding in Fall 2012 for a PhD in Physics? My University choices are :

    1. Vanderbilt University, 2. Louisiana State University 3. SUNY Albany 4. University of Oklahoma 5. Baylor University, Texas 6. University of Kentucky 7. Utah State University 8. The University of Mississippi 9. University of Texas Arlington 10. University of Northern Illinois, Chicago (I will choose among them after some days) I have also taken my Subject GRE test.

    Thanks in advance,

    Parthib Patra

  44. Hi my converted gre score is -V-158, Q- 161. IS that good? My toefl is 102 . And I got 3 in scale of 4 in physics undergra. What is the possibility for me to get accepted as an RA or TA…

  45. hii… guys

    i m shocked with my gre scores…

    140/170 verbal and 152/170 quant…

    do i get phd in biotechnology???

  46. Hi,

    BE: 59.15%
    GRE : 288 (AWA:3.0 , V: 136, Q: 152 )
    Experience of approx. 3 years in IT industry as software Engineer.

    Where should I apply MS in CS or MIS or go for MBA ? (as I am counting my experience will help) me getting admission OR is it like I should ask …Do I have any hope to apply good university?

  47. Dear HSB,

    I gave the Revised GRE Exam on 30th Nov and scored 150 in Verbal, 149 in Quant, AWA -Scores awaited ,TOEFL ibt-95.
    Would it be a good score to apply for Ph.D. in Agriculture in USA?

    Many thanks.

  48. i HSB my revised gre score is 278 verbal 135,quant143 is it is good to apply for the univeristies or should i go re-take of the test, as i want to pursue my masters in pharmacy pls do reply

  49. I got 153 in verbal and 163 in there any chance for good universities in usa????????would i be abe to get any ivy league university….????

    1. It’s a good score but all depends on your area of study. You have a chance of getting an admission and scholarship with your score in the states.

      1. k thanx…i want to pursue management in information system…how to shortlist the universities

      2. hey mike what can u suggest me for retaking a gre exam because my score 278 and awa is 3.0 so what do u suggest me to do now

  50. my gre score is
    quant 163
    verbal 148…
    AWA 3.5.
    is it gud enough to apply for ms in ece stream…

  51. DEAR HSB,

    My gre score is 296,,,, 147-VERBAL, 149-QUANT
    Is this enough to apply for MS in Pharmaceutical science ??
    plz reply..

    1. Dear Manasa,

      I am afraid this score is little disappointing, I would sincerely suggest you to retake it as it would really help you in applying and getting into your dream is up to you 🙂

    2. hi.. my gre scores are verbal 138 and quants 157.. in all 295.. i am also damn confused that should i apply or not… and whether i ll get good scholarship with 100 + tofel score??

  52. Hai friends i cant understand my revised gre score. In my score report they mentioned
    that the current format Scaled score in Verbal reasoning is 131 and 138 in Quantitative reasoning. Can anybody tell me Is this best score or not? high or low? Waiting for ur reply. Thank you

    1. hi vidya the scores which u have got perfect scores even my score is almost near by to u r score so its better to go for revised gre once again

  53. hiii,

    Ds is Sandeep.

    i had given my gre on sept’27 th 2011.
    i got 292/340 in my revised gre.
    verbal 138, and quant 154. .
    can u tel me is it better score and can i further continue my trials for applying to universities.

  54. hi guys,
    can anyone pls tell me whats the chances for me to apply for universities in US with a score of verbal-145 and quant-155 and awa-4.0 engg aggregate-60%

  55. I gave my gre on the 15 of Nov n got a score of 311/340. 154 in verbal and 157 in quant . I want to know if my score is good enough to get me into a good university. I am applying for MS in Electronics.
    N i have heard that the quant score is the only which is considered for engg admission . is that true?

  56. i have got 140 in verbal and 156 in quantitative in the revised gre , 98 in TOEFL-ibt.. are my score good enough to go ahead with my application for fall 2012 for a phd in chemistry and biochemistry.

  57. I gave my GRE on October 17, 2011 and received the following score:-


    how good is this score for Michigan(Ann Arbor), Georgia Tech, U of Pennsylvania, ASU, OSU, USC, Texas-A&M, Texas-Dallas, North Eastern State University and UFL?

  58. I have my revised GRE scores as follows Verbal 153 and Quantitative160 Awa 4. I am applying for nanotechnology.Is it a good score. What range of universities should I try?

  59. I got 155/170 in verbal, 153/170 in quant and 4/6 in AWA….is it a good enough score for MS in Biotech in USA?
    I have scored 108/120 in my TOEFL?
    I have a current percentage of 80% in my B.E in Biotech.

  60. Hi,

    AWA:3.0 🙁
    V: 150
    Q: 159
    I am detest getting 3.0. Do I have any hope to apply for a good university? Or will i have to wait another year ?

    1. not another year… you can try for GRE exam in next 2 months… and then within next 4 months.. the application procedure for admission to US colleges would start again…

      1. in that while… why dont you continue practicing your varbal again and again… and try mastering your quants…. with a 150+ in verbal and 165+ in quants you can surely look into a real top level US college

        1. hey…
          i too my gre …i got 148 verbal and 163 quant….is this good to apply ???I am applying for ms in electronics and communication …with no experience..

  61. Hi HSB!

    My GRE score is 288. verbal-135 and quants-153
    Can I get a good university for Ms in Electricals?

  62. my detials :
    gre 294/340
    tofel 96/120 79.09%
    is this profile good enough to apply for ms in ece?

  63. Dear HSB

    my gre exam on 12 dec .i have written ets powerprep 920-1110 how much score i can get
    in real gre exam.

    1. @Nandan I want to know if you have just practiced the ETS powerprep, if yes I would strongly advise you to take some more test and then only you can conclude on the approximate score in final GRE exam

  64. Dear HSB,

    I gave the Revised GRE Exam and got 148 in verbal and 161 in quant. Can I get admission for MS VLSI in any good university?


    1. @Kanika, your quant score is very impressive, I am sure your AWA score is around 4 only. You should immediately start applying if you are eying at Fall 2012…all the very best

  65. Dear HSB,

    I gave the Revised GRE Exam and scored 157 in Verbal, 162 in Quant, and 4.5 in AWA. Is this a good enough score to apply for Ph.D. in Mathematics?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Gayatri,

      Your revised GRE score is indeed good enough for you to start applying for PHD in Mathematics however I would strongly recommend you to enhance your research activities in the subject you wish to pursue your PHD as well as associate yourself with projects showing your involvement in relevant topic. Also if you have some international publication in this particular field it will really brighten up your chances. I also hope you have started identifying the universities and the professors to write to…all d best 🙂

    2. Hi guys,

      Thank you so much for your response! It was quite a pleasant surprise to read so many encouraging comments, even more so because I was a tad upset after seeing my scores. Jasmine, the thing is, I already completed my M.Sc., and it’s pretty hard to publish research level papers in Pure Mathematics, although it’s not completely unheard of either. Unfortunately, I don’t really have any original work to my credit yet, but I have participated in some all India math workshops, which I hope might make my resume seem better.. Thanks again for your great inputs Jasmine! 🙂 And Abraham and lotrix as well.. 🙂

      1. in all this help that you recieved Gayatri… kindly reciprocate back by letting us know how you got such a good score in Verbals…. may be it might help us (especially me !!)..

        1. Hi Siddhartha,

          I’m really sorry, I only saw this comment now! Some problems with my browser. Well, for Verbal, I strongly suggest using the official ETS GRE prep book – it gives a good feel of exam questions, along with strategies and tips which might come in good use, added to certain pitfalls students might face and how to go around them.

          I had completed a prep book specially dedicated to the Verbal Section, printed by Tata McGraw Hill. That was a nice book too.

          Lastly, if you have the time, then I suggest you read some novels and storybooks. They’d really help in the vocabulary part, because when I saw the list of words in both the above mentioned books, I noticed that I knew a lot of them, simply because I used to read quite a bit.

          But most of all, I found that getting a really good score in Verbal (say, 160+) really depends on a shrewd understanding of the question and being able to smartly cut down on the possible answer choices. All these tips can be found in those two books.

          When do you plan to give the exam? All the very best! 🙂

          1. Thanks for the reply Gayathri…
            It was nice to recieve such an elaborate response..
            anyhow… i would like to tell you something…
            Probably.. you must have had a habit of reading books.. because of which you were able to get the meanings of most of the words in the Verbals. The issue with me on the other side is.. I dont know the meanings of majority of those words that come in the questions. So, I cant completely elicit the sense that the statement wants to generate. Means what? It means, I am stuck half way through the sentence, with a temptation in my head to get hold of a dictionary and try finding the meaning of the word so that i can get the meaning of the question. With me.. between me and Verbal, the only problem is the meaning of the tough words. And I cant cram all of them, because even if i dedicate an entire month on cramming them then – 1. i wont be able to retain them; 2. i wont be able to cover even 10% of the actual words in english..
            The problem seems to me to be one without a solution… buts some people do score high in Verbals… like you did.. Gayatri. So.. can you help me out in this… with your experience… Gayatri…

          2. Hi Siddhartha!

            You didn’t tell me when you’re planning to give GRE. Are you aiming for 2013 fall admission? Then you have SO much time! 🙂 If it’s for 2012, then even in that case, you can still do it.

            Like I said, refer to the official ETS book. It gives many handy tips and tricks. If you really think Verbal is going to prove a problem, and you don’t have time to read, then the only other possibility is to memorize the words. That doesn’t necessarily mean mugging it up.

            There are many methods of learning new words, without resorting to learning by rote. For example, you can use mnemonics. And the thing about these tricks is that you’ll NEVER forget, if you get a good enough, funny way of remembering the meaning of the word. These things are all mentioned in the books I’d told you about. Just try them out once. I’m sure it’ll be of help.

          3. i gave my GRE this nov 14th..
            i scored 144 in Verbal.. and 164 in Quants… along with an amazing score of 3.0 in Analytical Section…
            I scored 110 in TOEFL

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