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Magoosh GRE Webinar – Recording Now Available

Magoosh GRE review

I have the partial audio recording for you to download the listen to. There were some connection issues during the webinar and we lost about 25 minutes worth of audio recording. But, you still have about 25 minutes of Audio and answers to few questions from Chris.

Here is the complete list of questions that were answered during the Webinar

  • What is the best material to improve our GRE Reading comprehension?
  •  Any preferred pattern for Verbal to score high like focusing on specific areas like RC/sentence equivalence etc..thanks!
  • I am preparing GRE from a week by myself without contacting Coaching Centers. Is it possible to continue with Coaching ? Can I prepare myself? please provide some tips and tricks or remembering Vocabs too.
  • What is the best time of the year to take gre test?How to improve GRE quants Score by 10 points in 30 days?
  • Do I have to memorize 3000 GRE words from barrons
  • Does the question of GRE repeat from country to country? or Location by Location of same country?
  • Which is better  book among Manhattan VS Mc-hill conquering GRE MATHS for students studying maths after 8 hours
  • What can be the preparation plan for someone who is not that good at English and starting from the scratch. I have never been good in working with verbal area,could you help me in suggesting me an approach which will make me get good score.
  • Give the precautions and do’s and dont’s a day before GRE test day.How to calm down on that day?
  • In RC’s i get wrong with close answer and the Exact answer . How to improve this skill of analyzing difference between them?
  • I’m doing the job my job timings are 9 am to 6pm..can you tell me how to prepare the GRE and i want to take the exam on the month of august..please guide me
  • Does the GRE difficulty level differ in different countries? For example: For a student taking test In India versus US, would it make a difference?
  • One of the big reality is that Luck also favor on Test Day. Am i right?
  • What approximate score can i expect in the actual GRE, depending on the practice GRE scores.
  • I mean, can i select my date if i am about 20 short of my target score??
  • What r  main tips to score much better in text completions ?
  • Is there any need for students to move for a competitive private tuition to prepare themselves for GRE?
  • What are marking strategies of answers by ETS experts? One of my friend told that there will more marks on more difficult questions and Vice-Versa.Is it true?
  • What are marking strategies of answers by ETS experts? One of my friend told that there will more marks on more difficult questions and Vice-Versa.Is it true?
  • Is it not better to prepare and practice for verbal and then give the power prep just before the final exam so that one can get what a fair idea of expectations? Or is it better to give the power prep before hand?
  • Do we need to refer to GMAT prep material for Logic based RCs?
  • I have 1st edition of ETS official GRE guide much is it necessary to buy 2nd edition(as it has 4 practice tests)?

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  1. Prabhakaran on July 2, 2013 at 6:44 AM

    Very useful tips.Wish I could hear all of the recorded audio.

    Thanks, Raghuram and the Mangoosh GRE team.

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