What is Good Revised GRE Score?

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First of all everyone should know or understand one fact here in New GRE score pattern.

ETS will give any student a minimum score of 130 in Verbal and 130 in Quantitative sections. So here we can understand that no one can score below 260.

The total score of the test is 170+170=340. So start analyzing your score basing on this.

Good Revised GRE Score

For example I score 140 in Verbal and 160 in Quantitative. That scores implies the following

  • I scored 10 points for my correct answers plus 130 minimum score given by ETS in verbal.
  • I scored 30 points in Quant plus 130 minimum score given by ETS.
  • So the total score is 300/340. Which means I score 40 out of 80 inclusive of 1 increment points.

So scores varies between 130 to 145 in each section can’t be considered as good Revised GRE score.

And the chances will be very low for considering applications with these scores for Admission.

The average Revised GRE score would be 300/340 and this will be equal to some where around range of 1100 to 1150 (not exactly) of old pattern scores.

If some one looking for funding and serious about their MS programs….. Then give your BEST SHOT and there’s no other option….. Make sure of scoring around 310 – 320 for getting funding or PHD admits.

Please correct me if I’m wrong and the figures taken here are average numbers to explain about the average scores.


You got it right. When Average Revised GRE score is 302, then lets consider scores about 302 as Above Average, Good Revised and Great GRE Scores.

With New GRE Scoring scale, big differences will look big and small difference look small. In previous pattern, score of 500 and 520 is not that different. But, score of 140 and 150 is huge.

I’m sure, every GRE test taker would like to know answer to the following question

I scored XYZ in GRE Verbal and XYZ Quantitative section. Is it a Good Revised GRE Score?

There is no simple yes/no answer to the above question. Just like how universities use various factors to evaluate applicants profile, your GRE, University, department, profile of other applicants received, SOP, LOR, all have to be taken into account. I know students with not good GRE Scores get admit with scholarship.

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  1. Hello,
    Would you please apprise me that I am eligible for PhD application in hydrogeology in any of US universities with respect to my revised GRE score below
    Verbal 143
    quantitative 150
    analytical 3
    I thank you in advance for your prompt response and cooperation

  2. Hi
    I scored 309 (V 153, Q 156). I want to pursue masters in engineering management (MEM). I want to know whether this an average score or good score. Which colleges I should target

    Thanks in advance

  3. I got 295/340 in quan–154/170 & verbal–141/170 & anal-3/6
    I am studying in B.E mechanical 4th year and my acada result is 6.88 (over all) 63.8%
    my 10th result is 87% and 12th result is 59% (60% in mcp subs)
    I am planing for ms in mechanical in us…..
    Can I got good colleges or avg colleges on my score…???
    I have not given toefl yet…..
    plz help me to suggest some colleges which is suitable as per my score.

  4. hey,i gave my test 2day and scored-158V,163Q….i know its an OK score,but do I realistically have a chance of getting into-UCSB,UCLA,NCChapelHill,Maryland Univ.(college park),Arizona State Univ.? for electrical engg.
    I am studying electrical engg from Mumbai Univ. and would like to apply for a fall admission…..myy agg. till the 6th sem is 57.3% only(but percentile wise its 70%)
    Il b giving my TOEFL on the 23rd…..
    also kindly suggest a few good univ within my scores….

  5. hello friends,
    i scored 139 in verbal and 150 in quants, i dont know my awa score yet.I’ve booked next attempt on october 5th.Please give me suggestions to improve my verbal score.

  6. Hi,
    I scored 157 in verbal and 166 in quan with a CGPA of 4.35/5.0; however, I don’t have enough working or research experience. Could you suggest any good schools I can apply to for M.S in Chemical Engineeering?

    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Hi Lolu.
      your score is really good.
      I got Q-166 and V-155. AW-4.5
      Studied computer engineering and applying for a PhD in the same.
      Don’t know a lot about CHE but I do know that those scores are good enough for some of the top schools. Experience is important but should not be a deterrent.
      Do some more googling and u’ll come up with a lot of good schools.
      good luck

  7. Hi, my scores are as follows-
    GRE: VERBAL-141/170
    QUANT-163/170 TOTAL-304/340

    I have completed B.Sc. Microbiology, MBA Marketing and presently I am pursuing M.Sc.Microbiology. I have filed 3 Indian patents and My 4 manuscripts as first author are in write up.
    Although I am a microbiology student, I am interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in biochemistry (structural biochemistry).
    Can anyone guide me, as to ehich universities to select and what is the probability that, I would get an admission to fully funded Ph.D. course in these universities.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    1. Srikant …
      dont bother about your score. your score is pretty fine except the verbal. your TOEFL score is also good. chances that you will get an admission are so great as you have filed 3 patents. that’s is more than enough for your admission to any good university.
      i suggest you to do just 2 things.

      1. read as much blogs as possible on HSB. seems like you are new here. you will get all the information regarding what to do . you can start from “how to contact professors ”

      2. You need to contact professors in university, send them a short email stating your degree, research work, patents . and ask them if he/she will be willing to take you in their lab.

      Good luck .

  8. Hi HSB,
    I gave GRE yesterday and scored 307
    Verbal – 148
    Quant – 159
    So, Is it a good GRE score?
    I want to apply for M.S in Comp.Science.
    Thank You.

  9. hi
    I am a Nigerian graduate.I wrote my GRE october 7 2011 and up till now my colleagues and i have not seen our result.Please I would like to know why we have not seen our result yet.

  10. Hi friends,

    My score Verbal 147 and Quant 151 AWM 4 toefl 93 i.e. 298/340 in GRE.
    Can anyone suggest me few good universities to which I can apply for sure??

  11. Please, i want to know my faith in getting an admission in illinois. i had a total score of 1060 (quant.= 740 and Verb = 320). Or will it be wise of me to write another GRE which will now be the revised edition.

  12. Hey Varun! (@varun)

    I have almost the same scores as you! 🙂 Verbal – 157, Quantitative – 162, TOEFL – 117. Which universities are you planning to apply to, and for which programme?

    As of now, I have applied to UIUC, and they did ask for financial statements in the online application. I think that perhaps many universities probably ask for the bank statements during the application procedure, since they require it for sending an i-20. Not too sure though.

    About the fee structure, UIUC gave an estimated total of expenditure as around $53,000, but like you mentioned, the fees depend on the location of the college too.

    Best of luck with everything!

    1. Regarding Financial statement,

      you do not need to send them back your financial statement now. They have mentioned it just ot let you know that you will need it in future in case you are given an admission and you seek their i20. so be relaxed. i think, most of the universities are mentioning this nowadays.

    2. Hey Gayatri can you give me insight about the chances of getting into UIUC … and if I can know which college you belong to … i am from IIT Delhi

  13. My score 301/340.(V-147, Q-154, A-3.5)
    Could anyone please tell me whether it s a good score or not?
    And which universities should I target so that I can get some funding.

    1. ur score is equal to 450-460/800 in verbal and 560/800 in quant… ur total score is equal to 1010 -1020/1600……….i wrote dis after calculating even d minute details….

  14. hi
    i have got 317 in my GRE(162 Q / 155 V) and 117 in TOEFL. what are my chances of getting a good university? also, at the time of applying to the universities, do i need to show my finances as well?
    if yes,how much do i need to show on an average? i know the fees vary from university to university, but if you could give me a general idea i would be really obliged…

    1. Hi varun,
      I got 316 in GRE (151 V and 165 Q)..
      Same condition as urs…
      Where to apply? And how good is the score?

  15. well it all depends on the program which u are applying. some math intensive programs would require high GRE scores in Math. But programs requiring more language skills fopcus more on AWA and verbal. And fields like economics whch cant be expressed with words alone or Math alone need both score high if the suggestions of my research on UNIVS website are anything to go by.
    A huge sigh of relief to me after i read that a score of 300 is equivalent to 1150. If credit is given to his post than my score of 313 would equal to 1250 – 1300.

  16. I think new GRE format can have its hidden benefits for students..
    Imagine that there are 2 students who have score of 313 and 319 .. It would not create much difference for decision makers in university and ultimately weightage of admission will divert towards other things like LOR, Results etc.

  17. hi,
    My score is 320(169 quant and 151 verbal) ..
    how would my score be considered by universities like john hopkins,Carnegie mellon,goerge tech?
    would i be able to get any aid?

  18. Hi HSB,

    I’m sorry, but isn’t the new scaling 120 – 170? Meaning that the minimum score that can be achieved is 120 on Verbal and Quantitative, each, giving a total of 240..? Please correct me if a am wrong.

    1. No, the new grading ranges from a minimum of 130 to a maximum of 170 for each individual section. If you still have any doubts wrt to the revised pattern, please go through the ETS’ gre webpage and their OG. They have explained it sufficiently.

    2. Hi Gayatri,

      The minimum score in each section is 130 given by ETS. The rest will be student performance.

      And the remaining increment point system is same as old pattern. Every thing remains same as giving more weightage to first 5 or 6 question etc…

      But my suggestion is do not get inot allthese stuff… Just focus and give your best…. I’m sure students will get good scores. I prefer not to take additional pressure apart from preparation since all these factors will surely affect our focus.

      All the best!!!


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