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MobSquad – A Simpler Way to Relocate to Canada and Continue to Work with U.S. Employer

MobSquad is a Canadian scaleup that helps foreign-born U.S. workers with expiring visas (H-1B) or work authorization (OPT, SEM OPT) move to Canada and continue to work with their U.S. employers.  They reach out to me to see if I can promote them to the Happy Schools community. After the initial discussion, we have signed a marketing agreement to help spread the word about MobSquad.

ModSquad was founded by Irfhan Rawji – Harvard MBA Grad, Venture Capitalist and Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia.

As part of creating brand awareness about MobSquad, I will be hosting a series of webinars.

  1. Nicole & Arif – Team MobSquad (Learn How MobSquad works)
  2. Vishali, Vikash (Case Study)

1. Interview with Nicole and Arif

Watch the interview with Nicole and Arif below to learn about MobSquad’s story and how they can help you move to Canada

2. Interview with Vishali and Vikash

Learn how Vishali opted for MobSquad over Day 1 CPT and Vikash has H1B expansion issues and relocated to Halifax via MobSquad.

In April, I often see questions like this:

I have exhausted all my H-1B Visa lottery attempts. My STEM OPT expires before the next H-1B lottery. What options do I have to stay and work in the USA?

While you are exploring the options, you will consider the possibility of moving to Canada to working from Canada.

To immigrate to Canada via Express Entry could take a while since you have to take the IETLS test, followed by the application process.

What about working remotely from Canada with your current employer in 6-8 weeks instead of 1-2 years?

Perhaps finding a new job in Canada (before your OPT expires) and move directly to Canada with a work permit?

Once you have come to terms with available solutions, you will start the conversation with your manager. At some point, your HR will be involved in the process as well.

Pro Tip: Anyone on OPT/STEM,  please establish a good working relationship with your boss. Make yourself valuable to your team. If they think you are not valuable (or easily replaceable), they may not work with you to move your job to Canada.

Here’s how I would expect your conversation will look like with your manager.

You: “I did not get selected in the lottery this year as well. This was my last and final attempt. I wanted to explore the options to continue working in the same role.

Boss: “Have you explored any options. I was talking to HR about you yesterday. They are also lookin at possible solutions for you.”

You: “I was thinking about working remotely from Canada.

Boss: “We don’t have an office in Canada!”

You: “I know, but MobSquad can help with that. They been helping folks just like me with relocate to Canada and work for the same role as a contractor. So, you don’t have to rehire someone to replace me. Anyway, I been working remotely for the past year.”

Boss: “Interesting! Is it even possible? I’m not sure, but sounds promising, why don’t we run this by HR?”

You: “Sure. In the mean time, I will send you few details about how this process works.”

So, where does MobSquad fit into this picture?

While you are discussing with your manager about working remotely from Canada, you have two options:

  1. Intra Company Transfer, if your company has an office in Canada
  2. You can work for MobSquad if your company does not have an office in Canada

Also, MobSquad can help you and your family move to Canada with a direct job placement with a Canadian company if you are qualified. In other words, they can help you find a job in Canada directly if remote work from Canada is not an option.

How MobSquad Works?

Step 1: MobSquad will hire you.

Step 2: MobSquad gets your Canadian Work Permit (Global Talent Stream)

2 - Get Work PErmit in Canada - MobSquad

Step 3: You will work as a Contractor with your US Employer from Canada

Step 3 - Work as contractor for US Employer from Canada

Step 4 – You get a top tire salary from MobSquad and work from any one of their 4 locations in Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Halifax)

4 - Work and get Paid by MobSquad

If this above option is not possible, qualified applicants can get a job directly in Canada via MobSquad.

Here’s a summary of how things work with MobSquad:

  • Submit your Profile with MobSquad
  • Have an introduction call
  • Check if you qualify & right-fit (as an employee)
  • Introduce MobSquad to your direct manager or HR
  • MobSquad team can explain the process to your company

Once your employer agrees to work with MobSquad, they will start the process of getting your Canadian work permit via Global Talent Stream.

As of May 2021, the processing time is about 30 days to get the work permit. Even during the pandemic, Canadian work permit holders can travel into Canada.

Bonus – Canada work permit gives you additional points for the Express Entry draw. 

Click Here to submit your application to MobSquad 

Would you like to know and hear directly from the experience of folks who moved to Canada via MobSquad?

I will be interviewing few folks who have migrated to Canada in May/June.

This is a sponsored post for MobSquad. They help US Visa workers continue to work with their current employer from Canada even if a US work visa expires. 

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