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Growth Lab Membership

What's Included:

  • For Job or Internship Seekers:
    • Includes 4 Different Courses including, 7 Days Challenge, 4 Weeks Professional Networking Challenge, 30 Days Challenge, 20 Factor Job Search Framework
    • Learn how to Simplify, Organize and Optimize your Job Search by breaking them into Obtainable Tasks.
    • How to create a "Job Search Tool Box" to aid your Job Search Process.
  • Young Graduates & Professionals:
    • New Car Buying, Canada Immigration to Money Saving tips for OPT, STEM, H1B Visa holders and their families.
  • Includes access to multiple courses and guides -  H1B Visa Guides
  • Live Monthly Office Hours
  • At least one Premium Guest Interview per month (for Free).

Professional Resume & Cover Letter Writing

What's Included:

  • Professional Resume Writing
  • Customized Cover Letter Writing
  • Detailed Profile Analysis & Draft Resume Builder

Guide: Unlawful Presence Memo vs Day 1 CPT

What's Included:

  • Recorded Session with Immigration Attorney (1 Hour and 15 Minutes)
  • Impact on Current Day 1 CPT Students due to Unlawful Presence
  • Multiple and Practical Solutions for Future RFE's
  • Impact on Future H1B & Green Card Processing
  • Solutions Discussed Based on Multiple Scenarios

F1 & F2 Visa Coaching

What's Included:

  • Get trained to get F1 & F2 Visa approval to study or live in the USA.
  • Coaching includes one Strategy session, two Mock Interviews.
  • Exercises to Boost your Confidence and overcome nervousness.
  • Video Guide includes strategies for writing fact-based answers that can get your visa approval.

7 Days Job Search Challenge

What's Included:

  • 7 Days Job Search Challenge is Included When you Join Career Lab Membership
  • 7 Days - 1 Task per Day - 1 Hour per Day
  • Organize Your Job Search Process with Byte Sized Job Search Tasks
  • Boot Camp Study Style - Immerse Yourself to Kick Start the Job Search Process

New Car Buying Guide:

  • Step by Step Process to Select and Buy Your New Car
  • Find what is the cost of the New Car to the Dealer
  • Negotiate based On the Dealer's Bottomline
  • Email Script to Use for Negotiation
  • How to Identify the Dealer Who Gives the Best Price
  • How to identify the Dealer Who is willing to negotiate
  • Includes: 2 Hour Video Guide with email templates

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Ask An Immigration Attorney:

  • Consult with An Immigration Attorney Over the Phone or Email
  • $40 for Consultation via Email
  • $60 for up to 20 minutes for Phone Consultation

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Ask Raghu:

  • Looking for Guidance with Your Life, Career, and Education
  • $30 for 15 Minutes Consultation
  • $40 for 15 Minutes Urgent Consultation (Consultation within 24 hours)

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