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3 Simple Reasons to Study in Community College in USA

why study in community college in usa

  Students can save lot of money by studying in a Community College in USA. Especially for international students planning to study Bachelors degree in USA, community college is a good alternative to start your degree. For an international student planning to study Bachelors Degree in USA is an expensive undertaking. $10,000 per semester for…

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General Admissions Requirements for US Undergraduate Programs

USA undergraduate college admission

There are certain requirements that need to be considered by international students when contemplating applying for admission to college and universities in the United States. They include confirming academic credentials along with testing for academic aptitude and language skills.  Students can be enrolled as first year freshmen or as a transfer student. Academic requirements Standardized…

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How Financial Aid Eligibility is Awarded?

Have you ever wondered how College Financial Aid Eligibility is determined? Well, the secret is out. Watch the interview with Mr. Bill Schilling, University Director of Student Financial Aid at the University of Pennsylvania, (one of the eight Ivy League schools).   College Financial Aid Secrets You can find answers to following questions with time on…

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