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5 Reasons Why America is Better Than India for Bachelor’s Degree

This article was written by Aditi. Ultimate goal is to answer this question: Study Bachelors in India or USA?

I debated with my parents and friends and college counselors  to decide to Study bachelor’s in India or USA. Based on my research and experience, I decided bachelor’s in USA is better than India.

I will be discussing advantages of studying in the Bachelors Degree in USA. On purpose, I am detaching the criteria of expenses and family attachment so as to make you focus on the education part. In my forthcoming posts, I will be guiding you on overcoming these barriers.

Study Bachelors in India or USA?

Advantages of Studying Bachelors in USA outweighs over India due to following 5 reasons.

  1. Practical  Curriculum
  2.  Research Opportunities
  3.  International exposure
  4. Self-Reliance
  5. Varied career choices and flexibility

1. Practical Curriculum and Courses

How often in your high school did you copy assignments or manipulate the readings of your titration experiment?

Exactly, don’t smile.

Talk about engineering or sciences here, your manipulations and the rate of copying assignments nine-folds.

No matter where you manage to secure a seat, this scenario is prevalent all over India.

You will be surprised to know that copying assignments in The USA is considered plagiarism and violator may get into serious trouble. Your course may also include CPT (Curricular Practical Training) which enables you to gain practical knowledge.

2. Research Opportunities

This is the most important feature of the American Education System: Research Opportunity.

The universities in the USA are fundamentally research centers. Each professor has got his area of interest and is highly dedicated towards it. Provided you maintain a good profile, you can seek undergraduate research opportunities and work on high-end research projects. Guess what? Besides the valued experience, you also get a stipend for it.

There’s no concept of research in the undergraduate degree in India. We memorize and spit out the contents during the exam. That’s it.

3. International Exposure

The US has become the hub of higher education.

Thousands of International students from all over the world are attracted to the American universities. This helps you to enhance your cross-cultural ties.

With the growth of MNCs, international exposure will be a plus for your profile. Not to mention the multi-cultural experience you end up getting along with American college degree.

4. Self-Reliance

Studying Bachelors Degree in America let’s you obtain an unofficial minor in management. Believe me, it’s true.

You have to manage so many things- classes, self-study, cooking, laundry, social life and what not. Unless you live in a cruddy hostel, I am sure you would have never done all these things.  I don’t blame you, we have Indian parents who care for us beyond themselves.

5. Multiple Career Choices and Flexibility

The US has a super-abundance of career choices. No matter how unconventional your field of interest is, the US universities always have it in store for you.

American education system is based on credit hours and gives you lots of freedom to retain your academic interests throughout your course of study.

Now that you know numerous advantages of studying in The US, issues like finances must not deter you. There are many generous funding opportunities for undergraduate students. Know about affordability in my next post.

So, what’s preventing you from studying Bachelors degree in USA? Money or doubts by parents?

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  1. Hi Pranav,

    I really want to persue bachelors in psychology from US. In India there is only psychology honours available but my interest lies in research and practical knowledge of the subject. I have completed my +2 this year and I am planning to go in the year 2017.
    What is your advise for this?

  2. This post is truly helpful to all those young students out there who are confused about their career.
    It would be truly appreciated if you post an article which throws light on the amount of cash given as scholarships in the US to complete the undergraduate courses. Could you also tell whether it is better to go abroad to study right after our 10 th grade for 11th and 12th or is it better to pursue undergraduate and post graduate.


  3. Post is really informative and gives a calculation as to how much cost it involves for Bachelors in USA. But the cost in TOP Universities seems very high for International students.. Do they really get scholarships in such universities. Also, the culture shock to an Indian parent..Still people thinking over

    1. Indian parents are now realizing the value of bachelors degree in USA. But, still only 3000 or odd students from India come to USA for Bachelors Degree in 2015.

  4. I’d really be interested in that list for scholarship providing universities. My brother is planning to come to the US for his undergrad next year. He has good academics and is appearing for his SATs this October.

  5. Thank you Raghu for your post. I have been waiting for something like this for quite some time. I am an undergraduate in US. I would not deny that every semester has indeed helped me evolve into something better. I would really encourage everyone to try and get into good US universities for their Bachelors.There are scholarship and research opportunities in the labs. But scholarships should be seen as a supplement rather than the main body.
    Choosing an unconventional major like Petroleum Engineering, as compared to the traditional mechanical and CS etc., I am facing the problems for choosing this untrodden path. The only measure of this hefty investment is a job after one graduates. In my opinion, there is hardly any discussion regarding options for international undergraduate students. For a field like petroleum, it turns even more challenging. Lacking job experience and internship opportunities in US, it is really difficult to get a full time. The companies would not even look at resumé because international students need sponsorship. Going back to India is another nerve wrecking task as there are hardly any oil companies into exploration and most of them go to campuses for hiring. Companies hardly check their online application systems as they have no vacancy left. Not getting acknowledged, all these years seem to be a waste. I am in dilemma about what to do as of now.
    I want to request everyone to upscale the discussions, so that those who join US universities in future can reap the benefits from experiences of current students.

    1. Reason why folks don’t go for unconventional program is because they are afraid and not aware of potential benefits.

    2. I understand your concern. Bachelor’s in USA or India is a big question. With increase in income level of Indian Middle Class, parents can afford to send their kids to Bachelors degree in USA. Some private college cost like $30,000 to study bachelors in India.

    3. Absolutely true. The companies big and small dont look at International students even having GPA 3.75 plus with multiple accoloades even from Electrical or Mechanical for job or intern. Applies to top universities in US Frustrating for students who come all the way and give their best. No US University ever discloses how many International students are recruited after doing Undergrad in any discipline. Result is manifold increase in good students shifting out of US. In india, if u r from IIT, NIT, IIIT or Delhi Engg.. u have a choice of jobs on campus. To me, still that path of doing bachelors in India, then do MS in US better path.

    1. Yes, there are scholarships available. Use the CollegeBoard website to shortlist scholarship-providing universities, and then email Admissions Office for current aid available. I will be writing a detailed post on seeking scholarship for bachelors in my forthcoming post.

  6. Hi Pranav,

    I would like to know the cost doing Bachelor’s degree in the USA. Does it cost more than 100K for four years!. I appriciate your response.


    1. I completely agree with pravan. I have taken a gap year after high school this year. I cleared JEE but when i realized that most of the students from iit’s went for bank jobs after graduating, i could not go there.
      My passion is space science and technology and i am currently working on my application for us universities.
      To your query ram, private universities cost about 200k $ for the entire 4 years while state universities cost you about 100K $.
      Still many universities provide financial aid ranging from partial to 100%, so atleast consider applying to us universities if you are truly passionate about what you want to study and where do you want to work?


      1. Teerthal,

        I find your reason inappropriate. Very few IITians seek bank jobs or so after graduation. Most of them are placed at highly reputed designations. There are many IITians in my friend circle who are either pursuing masters or are doctoral candidates at MIT,Stanford, UC Berkeley, Gatech, CMU and other universities in the same league. IITians are globally respected.

        Although I do agree that the research carried out in the IITs is not on par with the research in US universities, if I were you, I would have selected IIT for my Bachelor’s instead of dropping an year.

        Anyway, let bygones be bygones. I am sure you will accomplish your dream of being a rocket scientist. Good luck with your application process 🙂

        Thank you,

    2. Ram,

      The total expenses you will have to incur in four years of your undergrad studies depend on several factors. Your academic profile, university selection, time of application and communication skills are the major factors that reckon your cost of attendance.

      I am working on a post which explains the entire funding for your Bachelor’s. It should be available in a couple of days. Keep checking my HSB page to know when it’s available.

      Thank you,

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