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4 Reasons Why ACT is Easier Than SAT Test

I want to know if ACT is easier than SAT or SAT is Easier than ACT?

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) has long been the standard by which college students are evaluated when applying for college. But lately, the American College Test (ACT) has started to usurp this testing powerhouse.  In 2012 alone, 1,666,000 students took the ACT, while 1,664,000 took the SAT.

act is easier than sat

There are many reasons for this movement away from the standard, principally having to deal with the ACT’s closeness to high school curriculum.

Why ACT is Easier than SAT

  1. Test Taker Friendly
  2. Optional Writing Section
  3. No Negative Scoring
  4. Test Contents

Test Taker Friendly

In a way, the ACT is seen as much more consumer-friendly than the SAT.

Optional Writing Section

The writing portion on the ACT is optional, which means that students don’t have to worry about if the writing section would bring their grade down and it also means that schools don’t find it as useful as it once was.

Negative Scoring in SAT

SAT takes off ¼ of a point for each wrong answer, the ACT has no penalties for a wrong answer.

This allows students to take the test naturally and not have to try and devise a strategy to get around the guessing penalty. In addition, the ACT has “score choice”, which gives the students the ability to only send in their best scores to the colleges they are applying for, something that the SAT just picked up for a fee.

Test Contents in ACT

Last, the sections of the ACT more closely mirror high school curriculum with sections on subjects like math, science, English, and reading.

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Students can be more comfortable taking this test because it’s on things that they have been studying, rather than what Collegeboard thinks they should know.

In fact, some states are starting to replace their high school exit exams with the ACT, so as to decrease the amount of tests a student has to take upon graduation.

In my own experience, I never took the ACT, but I wish I had and feel ACT is easier than SAT.

My brother, who is of roughly equal intelligence to me took both the SAT and the ACT and scored considerably higher on the ACT, whereas his SAT scores were about equal to mine.

If you don’t feel comfortable having to choose one or the other, I suggest you take both, there’s nothing to lose.

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