How to Prepare for GRE Test – Quantitative Part

Has it been years since you used your quantitative skills? How easy is it to prepare for the Verbal part of the GRE in the language that you use more than your mother tongue?   Everything will look impossible until you take the effort to fight it out. At the end of that battle, your…

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Student Life and Lessons Learned with Karthik Thandavan (Video)

karthik thumbnail

I sat down with Karthik in my new home studio to talk about this student experience. His full name is LONG. Really Long – Srinivasa Karthik Thandavan Vidhya Sekeran. Profile M.S. Mechanical Engineering Missouri Institute of Science and Technology, Rolla Here is a quick overview about topics covered Research Experience Financial Aid Part Time Jobs…

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How to Crack the GRE – Trickiest Exam You Will Ever Write

Following post was shared by Alexander. I am going to be brutally honest with you.The GRE is perhaps the trickiest exam you will ever write. The scoring system can be quite complex to understand, you hardly have enough time to answer all the questions correctly and the verbal section in my opinion IS the most…

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How to Automate Your Personal Finances – Tracking Bill Payments

Do you have a system to track your expenses and have complete control of your personal finance? If you, stop reading this article. Personal finance habits for students in USA are typically acquired  and sometimes they are messy.  Schools don’t teach about managing income and expenses. When you control the money flow, its easy to…

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Interview With Anuj from Rutgers University – Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

anuj rutgers university

Rutgers University’s Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department offer a specialized program – Masters in Pharmaceutical Engineering. Watch the video interview with Professors from Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department. I spent 15 minutes with Anuj Varghese Prakash who is doing M.S. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Rutgers. He talks about cost of living, funding opportunities,…

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Young + Free Time + Money = Trouble?

time quality money success

I was driving to work today morning and I was thinking why students get into trouble. Why do they find it hard to work or improve their Test scores. That’s when I realized, this could be the reason and came up with Formula 1. Young Age + Free Time + Money = Trouble Do you…

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