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ACICS Loss of Accreditation – Options for International F1 Visa Students

acics news f1 visa opt stem opt h1b green card

ACICS Accreditation has been in the news for a while now. On Dec 12, 2016 Department of Education confirmed the Loss of ACICS Accreditation. So, how is this loss of Accreditation going to impact International Students here in the U.S.A.? I interviewed Immigration Attorney Murali Bashyam about the impact. You can access the Interview using the link…

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Denied Entry into USA for Attending SVU (blacklisted) – Interview

interview with indian students denied entry into usa

Listen to this exclusive interview with an Indian female student. CBP officer denied entry into USA at Abu Dhabi Airpot. Here’s her background: University: Silicon Valley University (SVU) Semester: Spring 2016 Airline: Jet Airways and Etihad Port of Entry: Abu Dhabi Status: Denied Entry into U.S.A. ( Issued Application for Withdrawl ) You must be…

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These Mistakes Can Affect Your Legal Status in USA

legal status vs visa

I can’t understand why this happens to folks who are in Non-Immigrant Status in the USA. Especially when it comes to matters related to Legal Immigration affecting one’s status. First, let me explain the difference between Visa and status. Then one of the biggest mistakes done non-immigrants when it comes to seeking legal help. You will…

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Here Are 7 Reasons Why Students Plagiarize in College


Have you ever wondered why students ( and you) plagiarize home works, assignments, projects, programmings assignments, thesis and projects?  In the infographics below you can find 7 reasons why students plagiarize.   Reasons Why Students Plagiarize   Source of Above Infographics What is Plagiarism? It means you are copying someone’s work and claiming to be…

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26 Things You Will Learn While Studying Abroad. Especially #10.

Learn While Studying Abroad

There can be 100’s of reasons to study abroad and live, travel abroad. But, from my experience in listening and interacting with so many Indian students, studying abroad means just one thing  – money, money and money. Money can be one criteria but it should be “THE Criteria”.  There are so many things you will…

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Welcome to

As of today is It was a logical move considering the brand name. I think it was better option than migrating to completely different domain name. Growth Opportunities Happy Schools Blog is an established brand, but to convert this blog to Higher Education, Career, Lifestyle portal, having the word blog in the domain…

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Last Blog Post at Moving No to New Site.

Stay tuned for some real Big News in next couple of days. It’s been a long journey with Happy Schools Blog dating back from July of 2007. You may have noticed there’s not a lot of updates in the blog recently. And, all good things have to come to an end. Thanks for all your…

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