Build Your Vocabulary Skills! A Quick and Easy Method

I wrote about the book  Build Your Vocabulary Skills! A Quick and Easy Method (Amazon Kindle Edition) few months back.

Build Your Vocabulary SkillsYou can download this book for free till April 16, 2012.


Build Your Vocabulary Skills – Review

GRE Word Memorization Techniques

You may wonder what techniques is used in this book.

Here’s how it works: Take the word DEFENESTRATE, which means to throw out of a window. This word is too limited in use to be in the book, but we want to demonstrate the method by having you actually learn a new word. The next time you encounter DEFENESTRATE, think DEFEND THE STREET. That’s called the “key.” Now, to “link” the key to the definition, imagine your town invaded by enemy troops, and citizens defending the streets by throwing objects out of the windows at them. So, in the format of Build Your Vocabulary Skills!, we have the following:

DEFENESTRATE (duh FEN es trate) to throw out of a window

  • LINK SENTENCE: The townfolk defended their streets against the inemy invaders by throwing things out ot the windows at them.

Now, answer the following without looking at the above:


  • What is the KEY?
  • What is the LINK SENTENCE?
  • So, what does DEFENESTRATE mean?

Drill yourself on this a couple of times and you’ll never forget it. We have no suggestions as to how you could work this word into a conversation, but Build Your Vocabulary Skills! has over 1400 more useful words, each with pronunciation, definition, dey and links, so don’t defenestrate this book on that account.

I spend well over 30 minutes reading the words and how easy is to follow the technique to memorize GRE words and it did work. John have given Key, Link Sentence for 1413 words in this books.

If you are struggling to remember GRE or SAT words, then you have to buy this book. High Recommended. Technique used it very simple and easy to follow.

Free Download

Book is available as Amazon Kindle edition. You don’t need Amazon Kindle Device to buy this book. You can download the read it in your desktop, laptop or smart phone through Kindle App (Free).