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What First and Last Name to Use When Registering for the GRE Test?

You decided to Register for the GRE Test. Before you know, you are about to create your account at the ETS site to Register for the GRE.  The instructions ask you to use the exact names from the passport. Then you look at the first and last name and you are not sure how to proceed.

Here are four different problems frequently encountered by GRE Test takers while registering for the GRE Test.

  1. Multiple First names (ABC DEF XYZ)
  2. Multiple Last names (AXX BYY CZZ)
  3. Long Names (number of characters)
  4. No Surname in the Passport
  5. No Surname in the passport

So, how do you register for the GRE test when your name falls into one of the above categories?

Warning: ETS would cancel your GRE Test score or the GRE test center may not allow you to sit for the test if the names used to register and the name on your PAssport (or ID) doesn’t match.

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Multiple First and Last Names

ETS mentioned the following on their website:

first name last name gre registration space

Let’s look at some examples

  • First Name (or Given Name)
    • Be sure to provide your entire first (given) name (excluding accents).
    • Do not register under a nickname and do not register with only initials as your first name.
  • Last (family/surname) name.
    • You must enter your entire last (family/surname) name.
    • If you have a two-part or multiple last names, enter your complete last name as it appears on the ID documents (without accents) that you will present on the day of the test.

how to register for gre with spaces in names

Sample Scenario: 

Here is an example of how to use multiple First and Last Name.

  • First name: Neha
  • Last name: Raghavan Menon

So while applying for GRE, I should give it as

  • First Name: Neha
  • Last name: Raghavan-Menon

Is this correct? Is it okay to us ‘-‘ to separate the two last names? While applying to universities, can I apply as Neha R Menon, as all other certificates have this name printed?

Answer: As per the recent changes from ETS, you are not required to use “-” to separate the multiple names from your passport. You would enter your Last Name as Raghavan Menon.

Lengthy Names vs GRE Registration

My name is LEELA RAMA VENKATA NARASIMHA RAO. While registering for the GRE, I can’t enter my full name. There isn’t sufficient space for four letters. How do I register for the GRE Test?

I think your name is not as long as compared to some examples I have witnessed. Here’s what I would recommend:

  1. Enter the Same with Spaces as much as you can fit
  2. Get a New Passport with a shorter name. (Recommended)

Comment Regarding the Option 1:

Even I had the same issue. I wrote a mail to ETS and they replied to enter as many characters as possible without spaces. You will be allowed to add the rest at the test center on the day of test. When you arrive at the test center, inform them that your name did not fit in the and they would help you. I did the same. So be confident book your slot.  And if you invent any other new to enter your name, then you will not be allowed to take the test.

When I tell folks to get a new passport with a shorter name, I typically get the following response.

“I’m running short on time and I wil miss the deadline for Fall Semester.”

Considering the host of problems one would run into with a long name, the hassle of the missed deadline is worth a try. Your life in the US would be really difficult and I have written about in detail.

No Surname vs GRE Registration

Registering for GRE without a Surname in the passport should be avoided at any cost. 

I don’t care if you have a deadline or going to miss a semester. Get a new passport with a Surname.

I have seen 1000+ reports of people suffering in the US without Surname in the passport and Visa stamp.

It’s expensive and year-long process to get a new passport after you have landed in the USA. So, take my advise and get a new passport. I’m not going to give any other suggestions or workaround for this option.

GRE Registration Tips

  1. Register for GRE if and only if you have the passport with you
  2. Don’t register for GRE or any test if your Passport is still under processing
  3. You should have the passport with you during the registration process (or a copy of it)
  4. (Again) If your Surname in the passport in Blank, don’t register for the GRE Test.


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  1. In my passport my given name is harini . And my surname is babu.. in my gre exam reg i have register my surname as babu is this correct or not plzz reply.

  2. Hi Sir,

    My Son having name in educational documents (10th, 12th) as “SHARMA AYUSH”, Father/Mother name also having Surname mentioned in the First …SHARMA XXXX and SHARMA YYYY

    in other documents (Aadhaar Card, PAN Card & Passport) is “AYUSH SHARMA”

    Will there be any problem for GRE/ higher study in US/UK…Kindly reply.

  3. Hello,

    My name is abdelrahman Sayed shehata Farrag, which appears exactly like this in my passport.
    I have written my name in my GRE account: abdelrahman s shehata.
    The last name I provided is shehata not farrag.
    Should I change the last name or not?

  4. Hi. Is there any rule or reference that shows that in indian education certificates, surnames are written first by default hence the mismatch in the passport name.

  5. Hi. In Tamil nadu our father name first letter is the initial R. RAMESH BABU is my father name. My name Rama R so how should I enter my name while applying for passport.

  6. My name on documents as well as on passport is OSHIN what should i enter in last name for regristration for GRE

    First name : PRATIK
    Middle name : MADHUKAR
    Last Name : WADIBHASME

    While registering on ETS I did not enter my middle name.I entered as follows
    First/Given Name : Pratik
    Last Name : Wadi hasne

    On my passport my name is as below
    Given Name : PRATIK MADHUKAR
    Surname : WADIBHASME

    Will it be a problem if I haven’t included my middle name while registering on ETS?

    1. Hello Pratik, I am trying to book a date and am in the same dilemma. Was this issue of yours solved?
      Should I enter father’s name(which is a part of the given name on my passport), as first/given name while registering for GRE?

      Thanking you in anticipation.

    2. Hey. I’m in huge dilemma, it would be great if you could respond to this and help.

      My passport has:
      Given Name: Vxxxx Axxxx
      Surname: Txxxxxx

      Where ‘Vxxxx’ is my first name, ‘Axxxx’ is my Middle (Father’s) name, ‘Txxxxxx’ is my Last name (Surname).

      And I’ve registered for GRE with:
      First/Given name: Vxxxx
      Last/Family Name: Txxxxxx

      And as Middle name was not mandatory I didn’t added ‘Axxxx’ to it.

      Is there going to be any problem with Gre and College applications?

      Thanks in advance!

      1. You could have asked this before registering for GRE. The name should match the name on the passport. Not a huge problem, but if your center allows taking the test. For future, either get a new passport without middle name of use the full name as-is from the passport for applications.

  8. Hi ,

    I have to apply for gre exam . In passport my
    Given name : Lalitha madhurima gayathri ——– 26 letters
    If removing spaces they are exactly 24 letters
    Can I remove spaces and write?
    Thanks in advance

  9. hello sir/Madam,
    I have slight confusion regarding my name which has to be entered while creating ETS account for gre test. my name is long, it is as follows,

    Bollepalli premasai vani naga sreenidhi

    in passport it is as follows:

    surname: BOLLEPALLI


    i tried entering this given name in the website, it was showing me the limit as 24 characters while my name exceed that. hence i require your assistance in filling my name.
    some of my queries are:

    can i skip spaces and write ?

    can i use sreenidhi as my given name (it is actually my main name) and P.V.N as my initials?

    i request you to let me know as soon as possible ,because i am running late to book gre exam slot.

    Thanks and Regards,

  10. Hello Sir,
    My name is Ipsita and my passport has given name as Ipsita and surname is empty.
    I have registered for GRE as Ipsita in both First name and Family name fields. Also, all my documents and id proofs bear Ipsita and no surname. What problems might I face later on? Is there anything I can do for that?

    Thank you

  11. Hello,

    My First name is Harika Reddy (as per passport)
    While creating GRE account I entered my first name Harika Reddy (not entered as one word as you stated above) and created an account.

    I guess it should not be an issue, but want to check 🙂 .


  12. In my passport name is in all upper case.


    In gre registration form only first letter of first and last name is capital.

    Rohan Singh

    The issue is only with capitalization of letters.

    There is no issue with first and last name.
    There is no error with spelling

    Will it create any problem?

  13. Hi, my brother is registering for GRE. His name as per the passport is Given Name as “Jitender Pal Singh” with no last name. While registering for GRE, last name column is mandatory. Please suggest how to register for this.

  14. hello sir.i had registered for gre with first name as Greta ,middle initial as P and my family/surname as Parumati . but my passport has my name as Parumati Greta Reddy. will there be any problem?

  15. I have few queries regarding registering for GRE.

    My name on passport is KASHIKAR MEGHA SUBHAKAR.

    (1)What should I mention my first name? is it MEGHA or the full name as KASHIKAR MEGHA SUBHAKAR (As in passport and without spaces)???

    (2)And secondly, what should I mention the last name, is it only surname as KASHIKAR? or KASHIKARMEGHASUBHAKAR???

    Please clarify my doubts

  16. Hi ,
    In my passport the surname is my husband family name and in my education certificates its my family name. If I go for GRE/TOEFL exam with the name as is in passport will there be any problem? (In my husband passport, its mentioned with my family name – will it become problem in future). please suggest.

  17. Hello sir,

    Currently, I am working at Hyderabad. My permanent resident address is not in Hyderabad. My passport has my permanent resident address. While registering for GRE, should I register with my permanent address only or I can give my Hyderabad address?

      1. Where else the address I use for registering for GRE used? Are there any implication on actual application process with university? As I shall be leaving Hyderabad and going to my home town and complete all the other application related followup from there only.

  18. HELLO SIR,









    1. HI SWAROOP,

      I am satish. I would to register for GRE Exam and i have the same problem as my name has to big to register for GRE test in website.

      Did you attend the exam as the date mentioned above.Please reply me as soon as possible.

      Thanks ,

    2. hello sir , i would like to know whether there was any problem because of the name later , i have register for gre now and currently have the same problem.

      I have slight confusion regarding my name which has to be entered while creating ETS account for gre test. my name is long, it is as follows,

      Bollepalli premasai vani naga sreenidhi

      in passport it is as follows:

      surname: BOLLEPALLI


      i tried entering this given name in the website, it was showing me the limit as 24 characters while my name exceed that. hence i require your assistance in filling my name.
      some of my queries are:

      can i skip spaces and write ?

      can i use sreenidhi as my given name (it is actually my main name) and P.V.N as my initials?

      can i write P V N SREENIDHI as my first/given name ?…

      i request you to let me know as soon as possible ,because i am running late to book gre exam slot.

      Thanks and Regards,

      1. Hi Srinidhi,

        What did you do for this ? How did you give the name ?My name is also big like yours . Please help me out.

        Passport details:

        GivenName: Lalitha Madhurima Gayathri
        character limit is present
        What did you do then?


      2. Hi mam I’m also facing the same problem.what is the solution ?

        Please reply as fast as possible
        Thanks in advance.

  19. hello !
    how can I change my name in my account of ETS website……….
    help me please , I immediately need to register for a Computer based general test…
    I am from India , my given name is Tauqueer Noor in my GRE account , but in my passport it is written as ( Given Name ; TAUQUEER & Sur Name ; NOOR) ie. “TAUQUEER NOOR”
    So please tell me how do I change my name ‘Tauqueer Noor’ to “TAUQUEER NOOR”

    And if this cannot be done again, did i able to appear in exam…
    Also let me know, Is it allowed for me to create another My GRE account..
    With Regards

  20. in my passport it was (arun kumar ) space between arun and kumar and surname varala but during signup in ets space is not allowing me in given name what should i do please help out in this as fast as possible

  21. I am intending to go to USA for MS. In my passport ,ID proof,All cerificates my name mentioned as BHUVNESH SINGH i.e. without sirname.Pl. guide if sirname is mandatory.

  22. Sir,
    I have registered for GRE general test on 28 March 2014 with the name PAWAN KUMAR but the name in my passport is PAWAN KUMAR ELANGOVAN. Is there any way of editing my name ? Will i be refunded if i have to cancel and apply fresh ?

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