Do You Have These 10 Skills to Be Successful in the Workforce & Your Life

skills for success graduate student

Ok, you are studying abroad! Your dreams have come true. What’s next? How can you set yourself for success? Are you being reactive to your environment or proactive? In this article, you will see what specific sets of skills are required to be successful and examples of how students have failed. You have 2 to 4…

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How Can An Average Middle Class Person Make It To The Top?

success formula students

How Can an Average Middle-Class person make it to the top? Take a second to think about it. The more I think about it, I can see how deep this question is and it’s not easy to answer. To any aspiring person, the road to the Top is filled with detours, pitstops, and blockade. Is there…

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Ignore These 7 Job Search Strategies At Your Own Risk!

job search strategies

Warning: These Job Search Strategies for F1 Visa, F1 OPT Students, H4 Visa, even H1B Visa holders are not suited for mediocre” or “average” candidate. I just couldn’t convince her to publish her successful Job Search Experience with her real identity. I tried and I failed. She wanted to stay anonymous. But, every word of this…

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How Not to Look Stupid When Communicating via Email

email communication skills

  Last week, I realized a far more important problem that’s common and prevalent among prospective international students from India applying to study abroad. What problem is that? Lack of skills to communicate effectively via an email. This is not the first time I’m highlighting this issue here in the blog – Read this New Graduates…

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Does Your Email Have This Quality to Create a Great First Impression?

email quality response

The first impression is the Best. When it comes to asking for help with a stranger or even requesting for a job interview, first impression counts. We use as primary for to reach out to strangers these days. Do you ever consider what the other person will think about you based on your email style and language,…

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How to Select a Major in Your Graduate School?

how to select graduate school major specialization college

What is the best way to select a major in Graduate School? The Simple answer would be, “Son find what excites you. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I know that took literally 10 seconds to type, but it can take a lifetime to…

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26 Things You Should Know (and Do) To Find a Full-Job on F1 Visa and OPT

f1 visa jobs

Job search is hard and requires lot of effort. Here in Happy Schools, you have read several experiences shared by students about the process they took to find a direct, full-time job. Far too many times, students take the short-cut by assuming things like: Finding job cam be done via consulting companies and fake resume…

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