Here’s How to Crack New TOEFL Biometric Voice ID Security System

toefl biomertic voice recognition security

  ETS  had announced about implementing Biometric Voice Identification for TOEFL to prevent proxy agents taking TOEFL test last year. Looks like that feature is now rolled out. If you are planning to Use Agents to Take TOEFL Beware! If you are a student planning to use Agents to take TOEFL Test, your score could be…

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This is How I Prepared for TOEFL to Score 117

I gave my TOEFL exam on 17th November in Delhi. I prefer taking tests in morning  slot, so I gave it in the 10 AM. The breakup is: Reading-30 Listening-29 Speaking-28 Writing-30 I used the KAPLAN and BARRON TOEFL test prep CD’s. I gave my GRE last year i.e. Nov 2012, got 317. Actually I…

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5 Simple Tips to Improve English Writing and Speaking Skills

Do you want to know how to learn to write English and improve your spoken English? No worries, HSB has Aditya posted some simple to follow tips to improve your English as comment. Read yesterdays article – Bad News : If You Speak English With Strong Accent (like me) Rishma posted this question Yea it…

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TOEFL Experience : Preparation, Books, Study Tips to Score 108

Hey Guys..! First of all, I would like to thank HSB for having helped me so much in the TOEFL Preparation process. When I first thought of taking TOEFL, all I did was to plunge into TOEFL experience posts @ HSB and each piece of information posted was very much useful. Thanks a lot HSB..!…

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How to Reschedule or Cancel TOEFL Test?

How to reschedule or cancel TOEFL iBT Test? A lot of students get stuck with rescheduling and canceling their registered TOEFL iBT test. Below is the step wise procedure to reschedule TOEFL iBT test. Rescheduling or Canceling your TOEFL iBT test is an easy process. The most important thing you need to remember is, rescheduling…

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TOEFL IBT Test Experience – Score 100/120

TOEFL IBT Test Experience

> Following TOEFL iBT Test Experience is shared by Rekha. I completed GRE before TOEFL and ended up with 294. I wrote TOEFL 22nd September in Chennai and received – I got 100/120. Reading-25 Listening-28 Speaking-27 Writing-20 The preparation for TOEFL is not that difficult as for GRE, since it focuses mainly on the language…

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TOEFL Test Score 118 – Here’s the Study Plan For You

toefl experience

Following TOEFL Test Experience is shared by Happy Schools Reader who scored 118 out of 120. That’s CRAZY score right? Now, you can learn the tips and strategies to improve your TOEFL Score. TOEFL Test Score 118:  My score in TOEFL Test is 118 and the break-up of scores for TOEFL Reading, Listening, Speaking and…

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10 Free Resources to Study for the TOEFL

Don’t pay money to study for the TOEFL before you need to! There are many free resources you can use to prepare before taking a course or hiring a tutor. Of course, at some point in your study, you will want to have a little professional coaching from a course or tutor. And it’s a…

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New TOEFL Security Measure – Biometric Voice Identification


ETS, the creator of the TOEFL test, announced the introduction of biometric voice identification to maintain fair and reliable TOEFL testing. The newly announced security measure provides an additional proven technique to add to the TOEFL program’s comprehensive security system in authenticating TOEFL test takers globally. This is great news right? We know about Proxies…

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TOEFL Experience : Very Long and Slightly Profane

toefl ibt experience

> Following TOEFL iBT  experience was shared by Kartik. My TOEFL was scheduled first on Sept 18, 2011, and it was postponed the evening before, when I got a call from an ETS-woman, who said there were “technical difficulties” and “we don’t know when the test will be rescheduled to, but be prepared for something…

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