TOEFL IBT Test Experience

> Following TOEFL iBT Test Experience is shared by Rekha.

I completed GRE before TOEFL and ended up with 294.

I wrote TOEFL 22nd September in Chennai and received – I got 100/120.

  • Reading-25
  • Listening-28
  • Speaking-27
  • Writing-20

The preparation for TOEFL is not that difficult as for GRE, since it focuses mainly on the language we speak daily. But I suggest that it is better to have practiced for all the sections. Here is my TOEFL iBT test taking and preparation experience.


Generally we think that this section would be very easy. This would be misconception.

The passages may be easy to understand when compared to GRE Verbal. But the type of questions we answer will be difficult.

We generally face trouble with summary questions. Be cautious with these, they carry 2 marks. Focus your attention mainly on these questions while practicing.

Also concentration is highly needed for this section,as this will be the first section of the exam,do not feel tensed,be relaxed.Practice this section under the time limit. I really found it very hard to complete this section within time.


Well, I agree this section will be a great benefit to students.

Only if u have practiced it well.You wont find much disturbance during this section as all the other students also will be in the same section.

The thinks you should take care is noting down every single detail while listening itself.

Don’t stop noting the points,they will be a great help to you while answering the questions.Practice writing the terms in shortcuts so that you wont find it difficult to understand.


We feel very tensed about this section even from the time of preparation itself.You should definitely have familiarity with this section. It goes very fastly and you rest for a while,you lost the section.

Practice the way you speak,be clear with pronunciation and use simple words.See that your sentence formation is correct and you wont stop in the middle and search for the words to speak next.

Also the time of 1 minute will be shortly sufficient to express our whole idea,so try to be compact and express all that needed and asked in the question.Do not speak about the extra details not asked in the question.


To my surprise i scored very low in writing.

I got high grade for the independent task, but got limited grade for the 1st task.

To say writing task is not that difficult.Like in GRE we need not write 5 paragraphs or so. Its better if u refer to some sample TOEFL essays before the exam.Intellectual task needs some practice since we need to synchronize the information from listening and reading.

TOEFL iBT Prep Tips

There is no need to prepare much time for this exam. Its better if you spare last 10 days of the exams.

Try to write atleast 4 practice tests, they help you in many ways.

Speaking section should be practiced much. Spare 4 hours everyday for a week. You can score good with that preparation 🙂

Also though your appointment time is at 10, reach by 9 to exam center. You could start your exam before and complete it fastly and also you can complete the speaking section before all others start it.

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  3. Swati Gaekwad on December 9, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    Can anyone please tell me the best online websites for taking atleast 4 practice tests for Toefl…?

  4. vishnu` on December 9, 2012 at 12:48 AM

    congts…and thank you for this post.very usefull…

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