ETS PPI + GRE Scores = Guaranteed Admission?

ETS Personal Potential Index [PPI]
How many of you are aware of ETS Personal Potential Index? A web-based evaluation system for graduate applicants, provides evaluator ratings on specific personal attributes that graduate and professional school deans and faculty say are critical for academic success.

You can improve your admission chances by forwarding PPI along with GRE Scores to improve your chances to get admission. It measures  “soft skills” or personal attributes which are essential for academic success.

ETS PPI – Personal Attributes

  1. Knowledge and Creativity
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Teamwork;
  4. Resilience
  5. Planning and Organization
  6. Ethics and Integrity

How to Use ETS PPI

  1. Log in to your ETS PPI account.
  2. Provide contact information for the evaluators you would like to complete an ETS PPI evaluation.
  3. ETS sends an e-mail to each evaluator inviting them to access the ETS PPI system and complete your evaluation.
  4. Each evaluator logs in to the ETS PPI system to rate you on 6 personal attributes and provide an overall evaluation. Evaluators also may provide optional comments for each attribute as well as for the overall rating.
  5. You are notified when each of your evaluations is completed. Once all of your evaluations to be included have been completed, you can log in to the ETS PPI system and select the institutions that you wish to receive your ETS PPI Evaluation Report and the evaluations that are to be included in each report. Up to five evaluations can be included in each report.
  6. ETS creates an evaluation report, and sends it to the institutions you have designated.

How much does it cost

  • Anyone applying to graduate or professional school can use the ETS PPI system and submit ETS PPI Evaluation Reports.
  • If you registered for the GRE General Test on or after May 1, 2009, you will be able to send up to 4 ETS PPI Evaluation Reports at no extra charge, as part of your test fee. Additional reports can be sent for $20 each.
  • If you took the GRE General Test before May 1, 2009, or are not planning to take the GRE General Test, you can send evaluation reports for $20 each.

Use ETS PPI Only if

  1. You believe that GRE Scores, Academics and recommendation letter doesn’t show your true personality and potential. This applies to many students applying from Asian Continent.
  2. PPI score will highlight the attributes that you would normally include in your SOP.
  3. Not all schools will accept ETS PPI.
  4. forward to schools where you are sure to get admission (upto 4 schools for free)

You can find more information about ETS PPI from official website. You can find details on where to create PPI account, list of universities accepting PPI and other details.

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  1. What if i don't have an ETS PPI account? I registered for my GRE for December 19th 2008. I am a student looking forward for my Masters degree in USA and i graduated in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed Govt. University of Bangladesh. ETS told me they sent me my hard score of GRE which i never got. So i requested me to send it again and the same thing repeated. ETS told me they will not take any responsibility of the mail once it leaves USA. I need to know my score now to send them to Universities. I have had previous records of same problem created by ETS for some other students. There is an option in the main site from which i can know my result online, but also for that i need my account credentials. When i registered for my GRE there were no such online account creation process in the main site. Am i missing something? So far i know my raw score which is around 1100+ and i need this "ETS PPI + GRE Scores" service to make my admission more reachable since my Bachelor's result aint much appreciable. Please help me through this if anyone knows what to do now.. thank you..

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