GRE Test Prep Tips and 3 Huge Mistakes You Should Avoid

gre test prep tips mistakes

Following GRE Test Prep Tips was shared by Anju. He shared his customized GRE Test Prep Tips and three GRE mistakes other test takers should avoid. To start off this post, I’d first like to give a bit of a background on why I wanted to take this GRE Test. As is probably known very well,…

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How to Prepare for GRE Test – Quantitative Part

How to prepare for GRE – Quants   Has it been years since you used your quantitative skills? How easy is it to prepare for the Verbal part of the GRE in the language that you use more than your mother tongue?   Everything will look impossible until you take the effort to fight it…

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GRE Test Prep Tips for Verbal Section

Several people find the verbal section of the GRE extremely daunting. A common reason is the seemingly insurmountable, endless vocabulary. A slightly less common problem are the questions themselves – the strategies involved and the twisted nature of questions. Here are some GRE prep tips on cracking the verbal sections on the GRE? Let us…

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What if H1B Visa is Expiring during Shut Down?


One of  the worst case scenario for H1B visa holders is when H1B is expiring and LCA is required to file New H1B Application (it can be new of transfer or renewal). Due to Shutdown Department of Labor is not issuing LCA ( Labor condition Application which is required to file H1B application with USCIS.…

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How to Score 340 in GRE – Ashwini Nene

Ashwini Nene is probably the first person in India to score 340 out of 340 in GRE. I sent list of questions to Ganesh Kohli, founder of KIC Education for email based Q&A with Ashwini Nene. She shares her GRE Experience on how to score 340 in GRE with HSB Readers.   How do you…

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