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F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – BS in Mechanical Engineering – Mumbai

Two F1 Visa Interview for Bachelors Degree is shared here.

  1. Visa is Rejected for UT Arlington
  2. F1 Visa is Approved for University of Toledo

F1 Interview for Bachelors Degree in Mumbai

I had an F1 Visa interview on 11th of May and it was rejected for Bachelors Degree in the US.

  • University: The University of Texas at Arlington.
  • Course: Bachelors in Computer Science.
  • Status: Rejected

I was the first on the counter and so I couldn’t have experiences of others. Here goes my interview.

VO: Hi, Good Morning, Can I have your passport and I-20 please.

ME: Sure. My scholarship is not mentioned in the I-20 but I have a letter. Here you go.

VO: Okay, which university?
Me: University of Texas at Arlington.

VO: Why UTA?
Me: Because it offers a great curriculum and has one of the best Computer Sci Department.

VO: Okay. What was your SAT score?
Me: 1850

VO: What is the maximum score you can get?
Me: 2400

VO: Your percentile here?
Me: Told from my 8th grade to 11th grade.

VO: How many universities you applied to?
Me: 6

VO: How many admits?
Me: 4

VO: Which ones?
Me: UTA and others.

VO: Why do you want to go to USA.(I guess I messed it up here)
Me: Because USA has the best technology and any new technology comes in US markets first. Secondly, it has a flexible education system. Unlike India, you are free to choose whatever course you like.

VO: I am sorry I can’t accept your VISA at this time. Please see this paper for more details on why you were rejected.

That’s it.

What was the reason given in the paper? My guess would be Potential Immigrant 214(b).

Try again based on the reason listed in the paper.

F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Location: U.S. Consulate in Mumbai
  • Attempt: 1st
  • Status: Approved
  • Course: Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

F1 Visa Interview BS in Mechanical Engineering

Me: Good Morning. (Passed my I-20 and Passport)
VO: Why University of Toledo?

Me: It offers courses in my area of interest.
VO: What schools did you apply? Me: University of Idaho, Mississippi State, and University of Toledo.

VO: Why University of Toledo then?
Me: This university best suits my academic profile. Also, there are undergraduate research opportunities in Mechatronics, in which I am interested.

VO: (Looking @ I-20, murmurs ‘International student scholar’) What is your SAT score? (asked the section scores as well)
Me: Gave an Answer.

VO: What do your parents do? Me: My Father is a Quality Control Manager at X & my Mother is a Quality Assurance Manager at Y.
VO: Do you have any brothers or sisters in the US? (He asked it with a big pause. So I couldn’t help answering sans the ‘in US’)
Me: No, not in the US.

VO: So any brothers or sisters here?
Me: I have an elder sister.

VO: What does she do?
Me: She is a Chartered Accountant. She was conferred in July and is now seeking job opportunities.

VO: In the US or somewhere else?
Me: In India itself.

VO: Why did the university award you with International Student Scholarship?
Me: I believe they were impressed by my decent scores and strong objective.

VO: Your visa is approved. Enjoy your stay.

Me: Thank you.

Comments on this Interview:

  • Pattern – Academics, Student’s intent and Finance
  • Performance – Average but good enough to satisfy the visa officer.


Comparing these two interviews, why do you think the student attending the interview for the University of Toledo got the F1 Visa?

  • Is it the quality of answers?
  • Could it be due to better communication skill?
  • Maybe do you the scholarship?

Read it again.

Visa interview experience leaves clues.


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