Longing Dream of Pursuing MS in US is Almost Over

My life is ruined and a longing dream of pursuing Master’s in US has almost gone kaput.
I have been rejected by US Consulate-New Delhi twice for F-1 Visa.
I have been rejected as the ‘potential immigrant’ both the times and neither I fumbled with my answers, nor nervous or produced long answers. I maintained perfect eye contact and smiled at VO appropriately. Learned from mistakes I made 1 time and did everything which I possibly but luck played a real hard ball both the times. Even VO was smiling and kinda impressed with my answers but things took different turn.

I want to reapply but some says if rejected for third time as well, it all over for ever.
I need your advise and need to know what should I possibly do in this situation. I am really tensed up these days and can’t think straight.  Please help in despair.

– HSB Reader

F1 Visa 214(b) Rejection

  • I have seen students get visa 3rd time around.
  • You haven’t mentioned about the mistake you did during first interview.
  • Did you address the mistake (substantially)?
  • 214(b) Potential Immigrant shows you have not proven strong ties back to the home country. Which means you need to solve that problem. Again, your email doesn’t provide further details to see what could have gone wrong.

Read this F1 Visa Interview – 214(b) Rejection 3 Times learn from your mistakes and from others.

Life is not ruined because visa is rejected. Life is a journey and education in USA a stopover in your journey. If not USA, then consider other countries. Australia revamped their immigration policy to welcome skilled workers. Of-course you can apply for Canada too.

Before you think about other countries, have hope, make sure you don’t make the same mistake 3rd time.

Update – Visa Experience 2

Sorry I didn’t mentioned my interview experience here. Please have a look at it. I am posting the HSB link for the 1 VI (I week of May 2011).

Second visa experience: (3rdweek of June 2011)

Me: Good Morning Sir! How are you?
VO: GM! m good. How are you?
Me: I m fine, thank you.

VO: So which University?
Me: Georgia State University.

VO: How many univ you applied to?
Me: 6

VO: Names?
Me: told him.

VO: …and how many got accepted from?
Me: from 5 of them except from GWU.

VO: What was your GRE score?
Me: 1200 sir.

VO: Why GSU?
Me: flexibility of the program and researches going in my concentration are really excellent.

VO: What do you mean by the flexibility of the program?
Me: Sir, Univ offers 5 concentrations and one can choose them as per his interests.

VO: But that would be in other univ as well?
Me: No sir but no disrespect but none of my other univ offers such kind of program structure.

VO: So if concentration was so important, I think you applied to wrong universities?
Me: I computed all my options wisely. Research work and curriculum also matters to me equivalently.

VO: Sorry I can’t grant you visa.
Me: [was still calm and composed till now and still was] may I know the reason for my rejection?

VO: Me and my colleague who interviewed you earlier don’t think that your prime intentions for going to US is for studies.

Me: [in a very polite manner] Sir, how can I make you believe that my sole intention for application are for nothing but studies.

VO: okay but you can apply next time but I would advise you to take your time, though you can apply whenever you want but take some time until your conditions improve. you can apply for programs in other countries.

I know I made a mistake but the real question is, How can I improve this?

I know people who got it in 3/4 time but it’s useless unless I improve the condition. Can someone please help me to analyze it and tell how to present it differently III time.

Also, I am planning to book III slot in II half of July 2011. Would it a good enough gap?

PS: my program starts on Aug 22, 2011.