F1 Visa Interview Experiences

You Cannot Get Visa for US Permanently Because You Lied

This the perfect example how not to attend a visa interview for USA and messing with your career.

I received the following email from a reader asking for help with F1 visa rejection ( four times ).


Can you please help me out in case. I got rejected for Student Visa for 4 times.

First two times because of Visa Officer Not satisfied but for third time I got rejected for TOEFL (Fake).

I accepted at Embassy that its fake, its in 2011 Fall Intake.

After three years (2014), I retook my GRE and wrote IELTS again.

Applied for Universities got admits also. I went for visa interview recently, Visa officer said you have lied to Embassy previously and whats reason for it, I explained blah blah.

After that he given me a Paper that you have Misrepresented the Embassy we cannot issue the visa right now.

I said to visa officer that I created my profile entirely please consider that sir.

VO said NO NO you have lied to Embassy, you cannot get visa for US permanently he said.


Can you help me out how approach the Embassy and request them about my profile.

Now i have all genuine documents and I want to study in US.

My childhood dream and My parents dream to study US.

If i am going to approach Embassy through Email is it going work or Not.
Please please I want solution for these.

There are so many post in HSB regarding faking scores and documents,

When you say its yours and your parents dream to study in US, you should not choose a wrong path to pursue your dream.

You should have asked for help with your TOEFL prep. There are tons of information available online that you could have made use of.

Things could have worked out in your favor. Once you screw things up with US Embassy, it goes in your record and stays for ever in their system.

You might ask, Why not a second chance? Nope US Embassy is not the place to play with fraudulent activities.

Even when you decide to fake, if you could have done your research, you could have easily figured out that USA is not a place for phony and the consequences are severe. It restricts you to enter the country for life.

When there are so much information is available through the internet, I condemn your wrong decision to fake your TOEFL score.

I would advise against applying for USA visa again. You are Highly unlikely to be given visa again ( maybe ever).

Readers : Don’t messup with USA Embassy. If you plan to lie, most likely your possible to get caught.

The VO’s are specially trained to differentiate the real from the fake and they have handle thousands of students and can easily figure things out.

Never try to fake your documents, you might face similar ban from USA for life.

Be truthful to yourself and the county, be genuine and sincere in your efforts, then success comes to you.

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  1. Hi. I am studying in American university of Afghanistan. I applied for Nebraska university at omaha. they accepted my transferred credits and without giving tofel test but unfortunately i was rejected because i had applied to the same state and city that my sister is living who had gone to USA last year through SIV cases. When i was asked my relatives living in us. I told them the truth and unfortunately i was rejected. Could it be the reason? What chances do i have to be accepted for the next time?

  2. Seeing such things really makes me really sad. Life does not end here. apply to canada. study there , get a job and go to us from canada.

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