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F1 Visa Experience Chennai 2012 – Rejected – 214(B)

> Following F1 Visa Experience at  Chennai for Fall 2012post was shared by Abhishek.

I was rejected today under potential immigrant category -214b

Below is my F1 Visa Experience Chennai for Fall 2012

Me: Good afternoon sir
VO : Good afternoon

VO: So why are you going to US
Me: To do my ms

VO: So is texas a&m commerce main campus?
Me: yes[i though he is asking whether it is main university block]

VO: is it ?[asked 2 times]
Me: yes

Me: are you asking me whether it is main campus in the whole A&M group
VO: yes

Me: No sir

VO: any other admits
Me: told him

VO: why this college
Me: told him that it would help me in my current job and course content would exactly suit my requirements I also interacted with professors in that college

VO: how you know about this college
Me: told him that my manager and other recommended it as he too did his masters there

VO: where r u working
Me: HCL Technologies

VO: How many years
Me: 2 years

VO: Any relatives in US
Me: no

VO: What you will do after returning
Me: As i am working in long term project after I finish MS I may still continue my job if my manager accepts or else I will search for some other job( i should have told him in more convincing way)

VO: He spoke some thing real fast and i could not understand him properly and finally told he could not issue me visa[i am working in IT since 3 years and interacted with many clients, but I felt difficult in understanding his accent]

So to summarize I felt that i could not give him convincing answers. I know I did not do the best but I was bit nervous and I could not understand his accent properly

I want to try again, but what additional documents can i show this time to convince them. Any body recently got visa approved second time with 214b. Please suggest

If i try second time they will surely ask me in the beginning only what additional documents I have to convince them that i will return.I am only son for my parents and my father has business. I can tell that i need to look after my parents and take over family business but he dint gave me chance.

Next : What is 214(b) visa Rejection mean?


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  1. @Abhishek u need to tell them that i will continue working with HCL ok..i am going there only to upgrade my knowledge thats all after completing my masters will come back and work with the same company as usual…come on dude

    Why would ur manager recommend U dear..it should be like if i complete my masters i will have a broad scope to grow better in my company come on u can convince them we need to crack the visa interview

  2. i have a doubt here???if they ask for backlogs????do they means the amount of subjects that i have flunged in my entire four years of engineering or is it the total attempts of all the flunged subs that i have attained???Kindlyt would require your help on this??

  3. u dint convincing answer on returning to india . try for a better answer for next time surely u ll make it dude next time .wat was ur gre and toefl

    1. Hi waseem,

      Gre – 305
      IELTS – 7.5

      Is Texas A&M – commerce univ good to proceed for second time also, or else should I go with western michigan.

      I heard from other people that the VO will ask for document proof to show that I will return to india. Until and unless I have some document proof he will not listen to my explanation. So can any of you suggest me what kind of proofs can i show to them.

      Any 214b rejections please share your experiences

      1. @ abhishek

        unless your father or family has a business, there is no way you can provide a document of proof and Vo would never ask a document of proof unless you show this is the current family business and so on. all other else depends on how you answer the question and relate stronger ties back home than to stay in USA. all the best

  4. You should have used “In India” after you told I will search for jobs and explain how your field of study in Masters is booming in India!! Good Luck for your next attempt

      1. HI Abhishek,

        Even I got rejected in my first interview for F1. I booked my dates on Jun 19th. I have done a lot of research on this. Final result is that we need to be more confident and convince the VO that we will be back to India. They would look for improvements in your plans of studies and not in documents

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