f1 visa rejected twice
F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Officer Was Totllay Flattered and Approved My USA Visa

F1 Visa Rejected Twice and learned from my mistake. F1 Visa Interview experience is shared by Navya.f1 visa rejected twice

  • Hyderabad Consulate
  • REsult: Visa approved
  • Date: 03 June
  • Slot: 12:30 PM but my interview was done at 3.15 PM
  • Counter: 16

Things happened at very last minute.

My SEVIS  was about to expire on June 3rd and on the same day Visa interview happened.

It is a very long day with close to 800 visa appointments in Hyderabad consulate. Half of them were depended on visas and many of them were rejected and most of them were newly married couple.

I have been waited for this moment for 2 years and it was done on 3rd June.

Visa officers are tired with all applicants, even my visa officer too. I was in counter 16 and four people before me got their visas and I felt relaxed. Visa officer in counter 16 is some 40+ aged lady and keen about financial documents.

After F1 Visa Rejected Twice, here is my turn

Me: Hey officer, how is your day? You must be really tired with 800 applicants today.
VO: Yes, I was.
Me: kudos to your patience.. (With a huge smile)

VO: Yeah , ( she was smiling too)
VO: Do you know the reason why your previous visa was rejected?

Me: Nope, they didn’t mention anything.

VO: My colleagues felt, you didn’t make good impression previously.
Me: Oh, really?

VO: you took a year break for applying again.
Me: Yes, officer, I was totally scared to apply again. But now am feeling really relaxed with your smile. ( She was totally flattered)

VO: No need to flatter me. (She was laughing) ( people around me started laughing, including lobby manager)
Me: Atleast once in a while we should speak truth.
VO: Yes, you are right!

VO: What are you doing since then?
Me: I was working for 2 years.

VO: Yes, I got it. tell about your annual pay!
Me: said the pay.

VO: Tell me your whole family income.
Me: said income, savings, and loan.

VO started calculating the all funds and me to helped her in calculating 😛 😛
VO: Show me any of your pay slip.
Me: gave her a pay slip. ( Thank god carried them)

VO: your work experience helped you.

Gave my papers back and took passport.

Left fingers on biometrics and asked me to leave! ( My fingers were shivering)
Me: you made my day (with a huge smile)

Ran out of the consulate and am the last one with 4 other boys in the consulate. All employees are chilling as work was done!

PS: I don’t want to mention my profile as VO doesn’t bother or interested to know but my visa was approved for Wayne state university, Biomedical engineering.

Tip: Am introvert, pulled out my confidence and spoke with VO. At end of day, the profile doesn’t matter only the CONFIDENCE to speak any crap with VO directly.

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  1. Congratulations on getting your Visa. Being at ease, prepared and not having anything to hide can help you in your interview. Enjoy your experience at Wayne State. Remember to check out the health insurance requirements at Wayne State and purchase adequate health insurance to avoid any financial trouble in the event you fall sick.

  2. Its for the VISa officer to judge the persons capability to survive in US. All of us must only encourage if some one is damn right honest. These small little things will go a long way into motivating lots of others.

  3. check out Raghu’s english when he talks…its so basic with heavy mother tongue influence…one would wonder if he ever gone outside his city…no offence raghu!

  4. Congratulations! But, as Arvind has noted, your English is appalling. If you had taken a year off to work after your first visa interview couldn’t you have done a little bit of work on your English? There seems to be a (mistaken) assumption that if you are studying science you don’t have to write well. Most great scientists from Charles Darwin to Richard Dawkins have been been great writers. Books which can help you with your English are dime a dozen. Cambridge University Press publishes a whole series of them If you can get the ones (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) by Raymond Murphy OR Martin Hewings, you won’t need anything else. They cost about Rs.150 each. It would be a lifetime investment. That small expenditure will save you from embarrassing yourself every time you open your mouth in class. Good Luck at Wayne State.

    1. Your language skills are not up to the mark either. You are neither a learned critique nor a scholar when it comes to the English language.

    2. Snooty. It doesn’t matter as long as you convey your thoughts. English, after all is her second language. Btw, American english is awful, to say the least. If you are talking of errors, you’ll find some in your own prudish comments. You don’t have to be a purist. Have some pride in being an Indian.

    3. The one book that I recommend above all others: The Elements of Style, by Strunk & White.

      This book was written in 1918, and is long out of copyright and freely available. Here’s a link: http://www.bartleby.com/141/

      I don’t know Raghu’s link policy, but if the link isn’t there, just Google it.

      This book teaches effective writing, and that is extremely important in a business context.

      How do I know this?

      I was a professional journalist for five years, and my work has been published in many magazines that you guys would recognize. Legit magazines published in India, the US, Australia and other places.

      When I started writing as a freelancer, my first editor recommended that I use this book. I took his advice, and boy, has it ever paid off. I went to business school in the US, and my papers would consistently be ranked best in class; not because I was that much smarter than everyone else, but simply because I knew how to write an effective paper.

      I’d say I had an easy 30% advantage over other people just because I knew how to write (and how to use the APA style of citation, which is another extremely useful thing to know).

      Before you guys start slamming me in the comments, please know that I’m not trying to show off here. Writing is a craft, and learning it is just like learning how to play the guitar; you need instruction, feedback from a person qualified to give you some, and lots and lots of practice. Anyone can learn how to write.

      Naturally, there’s a question of talent and affinity; anyone can learn how to play the guitar too, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be the next Slash (GnR). Still, you can be better than you are right now, yes?

      Becoming a better writer pays off a million times over when you start working in the US, and you realize that 90% of communication is over email. (I’m making that stat up, don’t ask for a citation, but it’s certainly close!)

      Long story short, go read Strunk & White -> http://www.bartleby.com/141/

      And learn the APA Style -> http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

  5. I was interviewed by the same officer and same trick worked for me too. I kept smiling all the time, gave my answers confidently. Congrats Navya!!

  6. I often wonder, with this kind of aweful English, how can you and many similar others score well in TOEFL or IELTS! Or the standards for language proficiency are too low for US 🙁

    Anyway, nothing succeeds like success.

    1. @Arvind: She just shared her experienced and she didnt asked someone to judge her english. No where she mentioned her profile, so how can you say she scored well in TOEFL/IELTS. Its just a hope for visa rejected people to give visa interview in their own style. Encourage people like them and dont be jealous 😛

    2. @Arvind. Look at ur English . Do you mean “are” or “or” before English standards mentioned above.

  7. Good job with the interview. I cant say that about your conclusion though. Never mind. Congratulations !

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