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F1 Visa Interview – MS in Soil Science – North Dakota State University

My interview was scheduled at 9 a.m. I was bit nervous during F1 Visa interview.

Regarding my details : I will get research assistantship of $16000 and full tuition fee waiver while pursuing MS.

F1 Visa Interview – Soil Science

Me: Good morning, sir
VO : Good morning

VO: University name?
Me: North Dakota state university.

VO:Which course ?
Me: MS- Soil science

VO : Tell me about your research project?
Me : Enhancing nitrogen use efficiency by curbing down denitrification loses.

VO : Why only this university?
Me : (I have applied to this university only and got favourable response, s0 officially didn’t applied to other universities) I got research area in which I am keenly interest. Officially I have applied to only this
university but have contacted with other professors through e-mail, either they were not have funding available or the research was not of my interest.

VO: Your current work ?
Me : I am a student and doing MS(1st yr )in PAU, Ludhiana. So that I could not waste time till my visa process ends up.

VO: What are your future plans?
Me : I want to be agriculture development officer (ADO) in my state.

VO:Your marks in graduation?
Me: 8.54/10 OGPA

VO: Any assistant ship ?
Me : Research assistant ship $16000

VO: Your father?
Me :Retired army captain

VO : Any brother /sister ?
Me :Two brother, younger- doing engineering(last sem )

VO :About elder one ?
Me : My elder brother have a transport business in Australia.

VO : Sorry, we can’t issue you visa .(he hand over a page stating the visa refused under section 214(b)
Me : Ok , thanks.

Nothing was belied during interview.

Now, I am going to appear again for interview in next week. Please suggest me improvements. Shared by Manbir.

Second Attempt

Interview was scheduled at 9 AM. I reached the embassy office half an hour before the appointment. I was fully determined to got visa approval this time. I have gone through many interview experiences over at HSB and had kept all tips in my mind.

I wore a formal dress. Checked my all documents and entered the office.

Me: Gud morning,sir
VI: Gud morning. Can I have your I-20 and passport

VI : In which university you are going ?
Me : North dakota state university

VI:Why this university?
Me : This is one of the finest university especialy w.r.t agricultural research

VI : (Checked my I-20 ) which course ?
Me : MS (Soil science and agronomy)

VI: In which university you have done your graduation ?
Me : PAU

VI: What about your current work?
Me: I completed my graduation last year and had . . . .(interviewer interrupted me and told me that your visa has been approved )

Just have confidence. Pray to God. Move to interview with proper preparation.