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F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Interview – MS in Soil Science – North Dakota State University

My interview was scheduled at 9 a.m. I was bit nervous during F1 Visa interview.

Regarding my details : I will get research assistantship of $16000 and full tuition fee waiver while pursuing MS.

F1 Visa Interview – Soil Science

Me: Good morning, sir
VO : Good morning

VO: University name?
Me: North Dakota state university.

VO:Which course ?
Me: MS- Soil science

VO : Tell me about your research project?
Me : Enhancing nitrogen use efficiency by curbing down denitrification loses.

VO : Why only this university?
Me : (I have applied to this university only and got favourable response, s0 officially didn’t applied to other universities) I got research area in which I am keenly interest. Officially I have applied to only this
university but have contacted with other professors through e-mail, either they were not have funding available or the research was not of my interest.

VO: Your current work ?
Me : I am a student and doing MS(1st yr )in PAU, Ludhiana. So that I could not waste time till my visa process ends up.

VO: What are your future plans?
Me : I want to be agriculture development officer (ADO) in my state.

VO:Your marks in graduation?
Me: 8.54/10 OGPA

VO: Any assistant ship ?
Me : Research assistant ship $16000

VO: Your father?
Me :Retired army captain

VO : Any brother /sister ?
Me :Two brother, younger- doing engineering(last sem )

VO :About elder one ?
Me : My elder brother have a transport business in Australia.

VO : Sorry, we can’t issue you visa .(he hand over a page stating the visa refused under section 214(b)
Me : Ok , thanks.

Nothing was belied during interview.

Now, I am going to appear again for interview in next week. Please suggest me improvements. Shared by Manbir.

Second Attempt

Interview was scheduled at 9 AM. I reached the embassy office half an hour before the appointment. I was fully determined to got visa approval this time. I have gone through many interview experiences over at HSB and had kept all tips in my mind.

I wore a formal dress. Checked my all documents and entered the office.

Me: Gud morning,sir
VI: Gud morning. Can I have your I-20 and passport

VI : In which university you are going ?
Me : North dakota state university

VI:Why this university?
Me : This is one of the finest university especialy w.r.t agricultural research

VI : (Checked my I-20 ) which course ?
Me : MS (Soil science and agronomy)

VI: In which university you have done your graduation ?
Me : PAU

VI: What about your current work?
Me: I completed my graduation last year and had . . . .(interviewer interrupted me and told me that your visa has been approved )

Just have confidence. Pray to God. Move to interview with proper preparation.

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    1. Heartiest congratulations Manbir!!! 🙂 Could you please recount the details of your interview? Would really appreciate if you could share your experience since I’m also applying for the F-1 Visa with an I-20 from NDSU for Fall ’13 after being denied in Spring ’13.

      1. Adi. . .
        Interviewr jst asked me 3 questions. .
        1) name of university where i am going ?
        2) course name ?
        3) university where I have done my graduation ?

        Things I approved were :
        1) Proper formal dress up
        2) Confidence level
        3) Smile over face.

        If you have accurate documents and funding they wont deny visa. Jst the thing is that how you present yourself at that time

        Gud luck.
        Hope to see you there in NDSU

  1. Could it be because you said your brother is doing business in Australia which would have suggested that you would do too in the US given a chance and would settle there ultimately?

    Good luck next time.

  2. To be honest, sometimes its just they pick randomly. But try to be versatile in your answers, because if you just talk about one project n one university, then it seems you are potential immigrant. try to b loosen up a bit and give wide answers, the person sitting on the other side may not be the science expert, so your science talk wont go into his brain. good luck n you will do it this time, i Know 🙂 Let us know

    1. @manish. . .Thanks for well wishes and guidance

      next tym I will share my experince of approval of visa 🙂

  3. I feel the main reason was because you applied to only ONE university.That gave you away as a potential immigrant because the VO might feel you have a relative at North Dakota!
    Next time, please try to be confident and look straight into the eyes of the VO. Good luck

  4. You were rejected under the suspicion of being a potential immigrant. Did you feel at any time that you did not convince the VO properly about your intent during your interview ? Any conversations not mentioned here ?

    1. @LMT. .everthng is mentioned here. . . . .nd right from 4th -5th question VO’s gestures was like that he is not getting convincd. . . .

      @john. . .ok. .i will answr with full confidence. .nd will have eye contact. . .thanks

      @gg. . .ok. .i will modify this answer . .

  5. It is a little strange that you were denied even though you had funding. Most likely reason of rejection is that you did not apply to more universities and the NDSU is not really famous.

    1. actualy I got late in applying to other universities. .mst of the deadline dates were gone. .bt this uni offered MS in summer session 2013. . .with good assistantshp and tution waiver.. .so i jst applied here and got acceptance. .. .

      Wht should i do now ? Any solution for this !

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