F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Interview Experience – Masters in Pharmacy – I Cracked Under Pressure

I have applied to 6 universities. Got I-20 from two universities.

Prepared a hell lot for the Visa interview. And still, I cracked under the questioning from the visa officer.

This time for the Spring Semester, I session we heard that there were a lot of F1 Visa Rejections.

With a ton of worry, I set foot inside the Mumbai consulate.

F1 Interview Experience – Masters in Pharmacy

Me: Good Morning
VO: She was busy looking my passport and I20

ME: Good Morning Mam (again)
VO : No response!

Then VO asked something which I missed . So, I started telling about  something abt the university

VO: Please Speak loudly. Whats your GRE score?
ME: 303

VO: Show me your GRE score card
ME: Sure madam.

VO: Your score is low on the Quantitative section!
Me: Well mam, Quants was not the part of my syllabus during my undergraduates

VO: Ok. you did your B.pharm?
ME: Yes, Mam with 1st class grades.

VO: Why this university?
ME: I started muttering those memorized answers.

VO : I know you have cramped up your answers. Tell me in the utmost genuine way.

I was nervous as I didn’t expect this. Gaining some confidence, I started it again but this time I was a little slower with my tone.

VO: Listen gentlemen, just take 1 minute, relax yourself, take your time and tell me wat you will do after your MS. By this time I forgot all the memorized answers.

ME : I will do drug development.

VO : Where?

ME: In some pharmaceutical company.

VO: What arrangements you have made for your finances?

ME: I have cash in my bank and liquid assests.

VO : So you earned it?

ME : (smiling) No Mam. My father is going to sponsor me.

VO: What is your father?

ME: told

VO: (laughing) So he is not in india (My father was working in Abu Dhabi)

ME: No mam, but he often comes to India.

VO: Did u go to Abu Dhabi?

ME: No mam.

VO: Promise me that you will return back to india.

Me: Definately mam

VO: Congrats. You have been granted F1 visa. Best of luck.

ME : Thank you madame. Merry Christmas to you.

That’s it I got my visa. I got nervous for a while but never lost my confidence.

I was always maintaining my eye contact.

I gave my answers with a confident tone!

But, in the middle, after she pressured about not reciting memorized answer, it’s hard to come up with an answer!

So, I guess everyone can be prepared for the interview, but can someone perform under such pressure?

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  1. oohhh that was a lil scary one but you got your visa 🙂 thats great ! You did not lose ur confidence !

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