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I have applied to 6 universities. Got I-20 from 2. So selected one of them. Prepared a hell lot for the Visa interview. HSB was one of those sources.

This time for the spring session we heard that there were lot of rejections. So was worried. Went inside Mumbai consulate. Saw a lot of people shouting there and returning back with their passports. So got cramped. My visa interview went like this . I entered the cabin. Remember, close the door with utmost care. And dont lean on the table in front of you. Thats very unproffesional.

F1 Interview Experience

VO : busy with my passport and I20
ME: Gm madame
VO : No response

Then VO asked something which i missed so i started spilling something abt the university ( i had mugged up most of the answers)

VO: Please Speak loudly. Whats your GRE score
ME: 1120

VO: Show me your GRE score card
ME: Sure madame (gave her the original score card)

VO: U scored low in quantitative section (650)
ME: well madame, Quants was not the part of my syllabus during my undergraduates

VO: ok. you did ur B.pharm?
ME: yes madame with 1st class grades.

VO: why this university
ME: started muttering those mugged upp answers…..VO interrupted

VO : I know  you have cramped up your answers. Tell me in the utmost genuine way.

I was nervous as i dint expect this. Gaining some balls i started it again but this time i was a little slower with my tone.

VO: listen gentlemen, just take 1 min, relax yourself, take your time and tell me wat you will doo after ur MS. by this time i forgot all that cramped answers. And with utmost genuine I continued.

ME : i will do drug development

VO : where but??

ME: in some pharmaceutical company

VO: ok. what arrangements you have made for your finances?

ME: i have so and so cash in my bank and so and so liquid assests.

VO : so u earned it??

ME : (smiling) no madame. my father is going to sponsor me

VO: wats your father??

ME: told

VO: (laughing) so he is not in india(my father was working in abudhabi)!!!!!

ME: no madame, but he often comes to india

VO: did u go to abudhabi??

ME :no madame.

Vo: promise me that you will return back to india

ME: definately madame

VO: congrats. U have been granted ur visa. Best of luck

ME : thank you madame. merry christmas to you

VO: same to you. enjoy.

ME: sure.

That’s it i got my visa. I got nervous for a while but never lost my confidence. Was standing still. Looking in her eyes and was aggresive in giving my answers. I hope this experience may help somebody. Above experience was shared by – Abjijeet.

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  1. oohhh that was a lil scary one but you got your visa 🙂 thats great ! You did not lose ur confidence !

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