The World’s Shortest F1 Visa Interview. Ever. Do you Agree?

shortest f1 visa interview usa

I think this F1 Visa interview experience is likely The Best and Shortest F1 Visa Interview Experience ever published here in the Happy Schools.

This interview experience is from HSB’s Premium Member. I provided personal one on one coaching for her interview.

So, we spent over 1 hour on skype going over all possible scenario’s and preparing her mentally for the visa interview.

She was terrified. Because she applied to just one University in the U.S.A. Plus, she had a genuine reason for applying to just one university for Fall semester.

So, we went over the possible choice of words that she can use while answering visa officers questions during the student visa interview.

  • Consulate: U.S. Consulate in Chennai, India
  • Interview: July last week.
  • University: Louisiana State University

After her interview prep was done, she was ready for the F1 Visa Interview.

80% of your U.S.A Visa interview is Confidence. 19% is Your Performance. 1% is Your Luck. 

About 3 days before she was traveling to Chennai, she sends me the following checklist of documents for F1 Visa interview.

F1 Visa Documents – Checklist

Louisiana State University

  • Folder A:
    • Passport, Sevis fee receipt, DS 160 Confirmation, VISA fee receipt, Visa appointment letter
    • I-20 and Admission letter from University
    • Photographs
  • Folder B
    • Correspondence with the University
    • Folder C
    • GRE/TOFEL Score
    • Resume and SOP
  • Folder D
    • Affidavit of Support (Sponsors)
    • Form 16 (Income Tax ) Salary slips
  • Folder E
    • Consolidated financial statement by Chartered Accountant
    • Bank Statements and Passbooks
    •  Loan Sanction Letter from Bank
  • Folder F
    •  Car valuation certificate
  • Folder G
  •  Fixed Assets Valuation Report
  • Folder H
    •  B Tech Degree Certificate
    • B Tech Transcripts
    •  B Tech Mark lists
  • Folder I
    •  10th
    • Service records ID card etc.
    • 12th certificates and mark lists

So, after going over the checklist, she was ready for the interview.

Then, the waiting game begins.

I was going for a walk with my wife the evening ( morning for this person on the day of interview).

I said to my wife that I helped this person for the F1 student visa interview. She will be attending the interview in next few hours.  Hope, she get’s the visa.

Next day morning I got up and saw her email. This was her experience.

F1 Visa Interview in Chennai Fall

When my number was called, I walked up to the Visa Officer.

VO: * says nothing*
Me: * smiling like an idiot ( thinking ‘ I can say good morning even if he didn’t. Let it be. Too late.. Keep smiling like a fool’)

VO: Pass your passport please.
Me: * still smiling,  give him my passport ( praying ‘ God give me strength to open my mouth)

VO: * types the number on my passport on his system.  Your visa is approved.. have a nice journey

Me: *confused* 😮 .. thank you so much.

I walked out of the Interview hall, feeling confused.

That’s it. That was the interview.

Her Reaction to the Interview

  • After 1 Day: I’m still confused. What happened. But by Gods grace, he said approved.
  • After 2 Days: Lol. I’m so confused. I mean why,  not a single question. I’m sorta scared as well.
  • After 3 Days: I’m just worried if I heard it right. Mine was the shortest interview in that room. God’s grace.

So, do you think this is the shortest, F1 Visa Interview ever?

Can we give the title to of “Shortest F1 Visa Interview Ever” to this  F1 Visa Experience?