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F1 Visa New Delhi: Rejected for MBA; Universities Applied – 1

F1 visa New Delhi Experience shared by Nikhil.
I’ve been following your blogs since, the day I got rejected for my F1 visa. In my opinion, I got rejected under 214 (b) because I applied to only one university. I’ve seen some of your blogs where people who’ve applied to only one university got their visas.

F1 Visa at New Delhi

Here’s how my interview went on 28/7/2011 at 9:30 AM in New Delhi.
(VO seemed an Indian with his accent)
Me: Good Morning Sir.
VO: No answer. Working on his PC
VO: Which course you are going to pursue?
VO: You applied how many universities?
Me: Sir, I shortlisted 4 universities: UMASS Boston, Illinois State University, University of Bridgeport and Depaul University. UMASS had an earlier deadline, so I applied for the university and got my acceptance when I still had time to apply for the rest of the universities. Since, UMASS Boston was my first choice, I didn’t feel the need to apply to the rest of the universities.
VO: Why UMASS Boston was your first choice?
Me: Sir, there are few factors. First, its a well renowned state university and its MBA program is top ranked. Second, Top Notch Faculty- the academic curriculum is taught by academically and professionally qualified faculties. Third, small class size which creates an active learning environment.
VO: So, you applied to only one university?
Me: Yes
VO: Where you’re currently working?
Me: Said
VO: What is your salary?
Me: Said
Then the Visa Officer started started working on his PC. After a minute, he said, “Sorry, I couldn’t give you Visa. You could check out the reason in the booklet.” and handed me a booklet with reason mentioned as 214 (b).
I’m a serious student with good credentials and professional experience. That’s why, I’ve been granted course waiver for four courses by the university. Can you please help me for my Visa as I’ve applied again. I need to get through this time because my job notice period will end on 29th august.

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  1. I got my visa rejected again on 18/8/2011 and I felt that it was predecided not to issue me the visa by the looks of
    the VO, he seemed pretty uninterested, not even looking at me.

    Should I go for the universities in Australia and UK or apply to more US
    universities for the spring session and again go for F1 visa for some different university. And if I do get acceptance from 4-5 US universities
    then also would I get the visa as they know I’ve been rejected a couple
    of times. I am not sure what to do. Please help me.

  2. please who have f1 visa interview apointements my kind request don t go in this month please don t waste your time and money unnecessarly….my friend a geniune person with 81 % and toefl 96 and gre 1300 got rejected in chennai …….and well in english fluency ….don t know y they are rejecting especially f1 and counter 26 ……..even in hyd also same process is going on……………better luck to spring friends……..

  3. Hi Nikhil,

    I agree with what others have told you so far. Visa interview could be really tricky when the VO asks you how many universities have you applied to, while you have applied only to one university. I am not sure if you could go ahead and say you applied to like 4 universities. But nevertheless, one thing is important, your answers have to be totally to the point. As you may have noticed, typically what happens is, you answer something to a question and right away the VO will ask you a question based on your previous answer. So each answer matters and the more concise it is, the better.

    Also this is just my opinion, you could answer why UMass in a more compelling manner. As many ppl mentioned, talk about the course waivers, and then also what is it that you really are interested in this university. I agree with your reasons, but they looked very general. If you could come up with something more specific which sort of speaks about your interests and what this university offers for the same to be a fit for you etc.

    Apart from this – prepare better. Look through the various visa experiences posted here which would be very helpful. Good luck for your next attempt.

  4. Hi ,
    my visa was rejected twice , first it was at chennai on 2nd august and second at delhi on 10th august.the common question they asked was why you want to go for this university …………………?
    i answered this question well
    second one is what is your work experience and what is the salary you are paid ?
    I said them
    lastly words from embassy officer both the time sorry i could not issue a visa this time better luck next time ?
    can any suggest me whether to go for visa for fall or not.

  5. Dear Nikhil,
    You did a couple of things wrong.
    1) Under- preparation for the interview
    2) Not highlighting your genuineness as s serious student.
    This happens a lot of time with a lot of people. We know we are genuine but somehow come across as someone who is not. After that we are left bemused as to how the other person got to this conclusion about us. The reason is that we dont show it where it is menat to be shown. You hurt your chances –
    a) Not applying to more than one university – Applying to more than one university shows that you are serious about studying in that country. If one dosent work out for some reason, you have a choice with yourself.
    b) Not mentioning about your course waiver when asked, ” Why this University” ?
    In my opinion it would highlighted your credibility as a genuine student.

    Before going for the next interview, make sure the following –
    1) Get your letter of support from the AD. I don’t think it would influence the decision of the VO, but get it anyway.
    2) Support yourself with your financial documents which shows strong ties to your homeland.
    3) Work on your answers, especially why this university ? You could also highlight your plans after completing your studies. Be prepared to speak on all possible questions and elaborate unless otherwise interrupted by the VO.

    We all learn new things every day. It is a never ending process.
    I am new to this blog. My posts are welcome for scrutiny. Forgive me if my post wasn’t useful at all.
    All the best for your future. 🙂

    1. Well said Avinash !!! You may be new to this site but your suggestions really show your talent dude !

      I agree what ever you have said. All the best for your future. 😀

  6. If applying to one university was the reason for rejection, I don’t see how you can get the visa in your next interview either. I don’t know why people still apply to 1 university, it clearly gives off the idea that you just want to get into the USA.

  7. Nikhil, i would like to say 1 thing to you clearly.

    You should follow all possible instructions before attending visa interview. Though, you may be interested in getting admission into ‘1 particular’ university, you should apply to atleast 4 universities to be successful in getting visa. It shows that you are just going to US for study purpose. If you apply only for 1 university, it clearly indicates that you have relatives there or have plans to get settled in that particular state.

    HSB has posted many experiences to help students, but everyone’s situation is different. They have said their reasons for applying only for 1 uni and VO’s got convinced with them. It does not mean even you can get visa. Not even 2 prospective students have same profile. I mean they have different percentages, scores, different resumes, SOPs, reco letters; so u can’t just compare and risk your life by applying to 1 uni. You should follow some of the principles from other’s experiences. Just as few students (say 100 out of 10,000) got visa with 1 university applied, you can’t predict your chance of getting visa.

    Also it depends upon the Visa Officer and his set of questions. Now that, he might have typed in his computer that you have applied only to 1 university, your chances in 2nd attempt are very very low. You should state a SOLID REASON which can SATISFY VO. The 2nd VO knows the reason why you have been rejected (214.b ; he might have typed the reason). Showing the documents of your property(ties) may help to some extent. But to make him satisfy completely; its difficult now.

    What is the use of having course waiver, if you do not have visa. You could have used intelligence and planned accordingly.

    Admission + Visa = Enrollment in Graduate Studies in US University.
    Admission +Tuition waiver + Stipend without Visa = Waste.

    Admission + Visa —-> GOAL (Stipend etc., may/ may not be included)

    Now find a SOLID reason with which a VO who is very very strict can also give u visa.
    Based on the answer, he may give you. Chances are less. You can think of the answers like i have already contacted the professor XXX from the university, he assured me admission (if u have really done it soo) so i applied to that university ; based on the experience one gains after completing MBA or other factors which that single uni possesses, i have selected, applied the single uni and luckily i got it.

    I have just provided you some hints, please try to have all possible ways in which VO gets convinced and Speak the best ones in front of VO.

    Hope this helps you. Best Luck.

    1. Thanx Pranav. I didn’t knew that one needs to apply to atleast 3-4 univs for Visa chances. Only after I got rejected first time, I searched for possible reasons and that’s how I came across HSB. Had I knew about this, I would have applied to 5-6 universities.

      The day I got rejected, I asked few universities If I could still apply. I got positive reply from 4-5 univs but somebody told me that there’s no point applying now since, I’ve already told them that I applied to one univ and that’s stored in their database.

      So, I gotta convince VO for this 1 univ only. Can I say that I contacted Associate Director of MBA Programs (rather than the professor XXX) from the university…..etc …etc, since, I got a letter of support from her?

      1. Hi Nikhil,

        I am not an expert in this field & I am not sure; but still I feel that you should mention next time that you have also got a course waiver for four courses by this university. Confirm with some reliable sources about whether applying to other universities now, will help you or not? Because applying to other universities seems easy solution for your problem & as you will have applied for other universities that may help atleast to some extent to covince VO.

      2. Now don’t apply to the universities as you can’t get the results in a month and also VO stored info.

        Yes, its a good decision but Think Think Think !!!

        VO’s may contact AD of MBA programs, you should still contact her and say her indirectly to help you in any future situations. Also, you should have a proof of that support. Be confident and answer BOLDLY. Have all possible answers for questions. If you say a yes for any question, what are the questions which can be asked; if you answer no what can they ask you. Be sure about these and then book for visa.Till then think about even the remote questions, which can be asked to observe your way of answering etc.,
        Best luck !!! 🙂

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