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F1 Visa Interview: Attempt 3 and Rejection 3

Following comment was posted by Anjan at F1 Visa. Looks like he was not at his best and never able to recover from the mistake. I have always said that your first F1 Visa interview is your bets bet. After spending lot of time, money and effort, you should never say I did everything I can, but I wasn’t well prepared for the US Visa  interview.

F1 Visa Interview – 1st Time

I have been denied my F1 visa thrice . The first attempt was a total blunder.

I was literally trembling and was not able to give any answer properly. And in this interview I mentioned that I would be taming up thermal sciences as my major for my masters program.

Everything about this interview was a mistake because of my unpreparedness .

F1 Visa Interview – 2nd Time

Then came my second interview. This time I was confident and was doing very good until I mentioned a different specialization subject (robotics and nanotechnology).

I never knew that they would be taking a feedback of every other visa interview we attend.

He asked me that “I mentioned thermal sciences” last time (which was just 8 days back) and what did you change your mind n a week?

I told him that I was interested in Thermal sciences, robotics and nanotechnology.

I was open to any of the subjects. He rejected my visa because I changed my specialization.

F1 Visa Interview – 3rd Time

Then came the third attempt.

She asked me about the change I made regarding specialization the last time.

Then I told “I have decided to go ahead with thermal sciences because I’m more interested in subject and my final year project was thermal related. It has a lot of scope for extension in my masters as well”.

Again I got my visa rejected.

Before asking this she asked about my project and I gave her brief description ( she didn’t pay any attention to what I was telling her ).

I wanted to know how can I convince them that I have decided to take up thermal sciences as my major without any second thoughts?


I know it’s tough, but looks like life have different plans for you.

I don’t suggest going for Visa again.

Take a break, spend couple of years working, then see if you can give another try.

I have updated the F1 Visa Interview Experiences page. Check it out and try to learn from the mistakes and others experience.

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  1. Hello .
    my name is fazal and i’m from Pakistan
    Same was the case with me. I was refused for F1 visa 3 times in 2 weeks. Like anjan said same was the case with me my first interview wasn’t that much good

    2nd time i went to the US consulate Karachi the VO asked me “why i was refused for visa at first time?’
    i told him all details…
    then they asked me that have i taken CALCULUS. As i haven’t taken any calculus i said NO.
    then the VO asked me few questions about calculus. And said that i haven’t taken any calculus so he cant approve me visa.

    3rd attempt was almost same but the VO was quiet rude. He said that ” i know how much desperate are you for going to USA’

    I have done O’levels and got 4 B’s , 1 C and 2 D
    and Did my A Levels with 1B, 2 C’s

    i got admission in California State University Fresno. And my major was Civil engineering.

    Im wondering that if calculus was the requirement then why did University gave me admission.
    So i called University and they sent me a letter which has mentioned that
    ” HE has met all admission requirements and calculus exam is not university requirement. He was refused for visa before just because of calculus. He will take calculus classes once he starts his University. Kindly approve him a visa So he can attend our University.”

    My brother and my cousin are in USA in the same University. Is that the reason im refused?

    I want you guys to help me out how to convince them. I have good financial statements.
    What else should i do to convince them and will this letter form University work this time?

  2. Hi,
    This dhana here i did my MBA(3Sem) and got the oppurtunity to go to USA for my 4th Sem through SAP(Semester Abroad Program) i got F1 Visa till Jan 2013 can i change this visa into any other visa pls suggest.

  3. Hi friends..i got denied for two times.i submitted all documents which were absolutely clear but dont know the reason for getting denied.I am a biotech student,did my MSc in bangalore and i applied for MS in environmental biotech in USA.i got rejected for “why dual masters??” for the first time later i got rejected for my low GRE score.but my GRE score is 1100 and having 7 band in IELTS.i got the scholarship of $12000 even but dont know why they rejected me..they even said that ” retake the GRE”..what to do?? i am completely blank now.can anyone suggest me please……….can i go for 3rd attempt???


  4. Hi My visa was rejected twice, Initially i have applied for southern new hampshire university and got rejected because the financial requirements were not met ,second time i have applied for gannon university the visa officer asked me only two questions first one is Which univ you are applying? so I answered like this ” I am applying for gannon university , before that I wanted to tell you that I have been here before and my visa was rejected as i applied for southern new hamshire university but it was not suiting my financial requirements thanks to visa officer for making me understand ,this time am applying for gannon university which 14000$ inexpensive” . Then he asked did you take GRE ? ” I answered yes I have taken my GRE and score in 267/340 qnd in writing I have scored 2 points and also I have taken my IELTS in which I have scored 6.5 band ” .. thats it after this he gave me the rejection form form and he dint mention any reason can u please help me out as I am planning to apply again for visa !!

  5. hi, I am sumanth from guntur, I completed my B.tech ( ECE ), but had 30 backlogs, yet I completed all of them within the 4 year duration and all of the subjects are completed in time. My GRE score is 1440 and my TOEFL score is 100.
    I wish to do MS in USA. Do I have the eligibility to get F1 visa ?

  6. i am ROHIT from hyderabad, i have got admitted into 3 universities Fairleigh dickinson university,eastern michigan uiversity and california state university for a master's in chemistry, i have a very good profile scoring 1050 GRE 7 in IELTS and i have applied for visa recently (feb4th and 11th 2011)at hyderabad consulate for california state univ and was rejected twice now i have differed my file for sept intake i wish to apply for visa 3rd time . i am in a dilemma should i change the university and then apply for visa or els shall i go with the same university.can any one give me a possible good suggestion

  7. Hello
    In June 2010, I got denied in my VISA interview in Ankara. Officer told me that I can NOT issue you a US visa because of your low GPA and having no financial support.

    Do you think I have any chances in getting visa in my second interview?

  8. my visa is rejected twice in fall 2010.i have changed the university now ,by retaking the toefl. ihave performed well in the interview but i have been rejected .

    please give ne the suggestions ,ihave to definitely get the visa this time.does i have a good chance to get visa.pls reply.

    thank you.

  9. Hey Anjan,

    You really need to think before you make any statement. They monitor everything, what you speak in front of them. Changing the major, clearely indicates the aspect to go US is not education. When you apply for a grad school, Understand its value, its something called Master's, I hope you know What does it mean !!

    I even suggest, the people here, Please don't make an artificial statements. Know you self first, That is it !!

    Don't worry, I would still suggest to go for 4th time. Tell everything honestly, explain Thermo science and robotics are to great interest to you, Why ?? Answer them it may help to develop the heat shielded machines, Robots, I hope you are getting my point. I can guide you better, If would know about your project. I can still help you. My email add is : [Email Removed – Admin]

  10. can any one tell me how to add a post on this website.i had a querry –

    i got 770 in quants an 330 in GRE.can any one tell me if i make a 2nd attempt in OCT and score well,will my 1st score be counted.

  11. hellooo… i am jatinder from punjab .. i am pursuing 11th and i got 76% marks in matric exams .. my dream is go to america for study and become an astronaut or pilot .. i want to got to america and join embry riddle aeronautical university of usa .. i wanna do aerospace engineering in usa .. then how will i go to america after 12th ?

    1. Hey,

      I can understand your enthusiasm. i have been in that stage before like 12 years back. You need to complete 12th in India first and take SAT exams. United States universities no longer permit entry to foreign students to pursue pilot training or aerospace engineering after the painful event of 9/11. I would encourage you to apply for other engineering programs. I believe aerospace engineering could be possibility if you are really passionate about it. But forget about pilot training. You must be a citizen of United States to pursue that. Good luck. Its Ron from the University of Wisconsin.

      1. hey ,

        thanks brother …. if i will take only ielts cause in my city SAT centres are not available SAT centres are 350 miles away from my city.. please tell me another way .. if i shall take SAT then is it damn sure to go to usa for study ?

        and how much money required to go to usa for study?

        i have a heart i love peace in whole world .. you know what is my target ?

        if not then listen i wanna dip the flag of india and america on surface of mars .. i wanna just spread my family and my country name in this world .. i wanna take admission in embry riddle in florida .. but my dream is go to america and study in america and settle in america .. i am very worried about my future .. tell me what will i do ?

        1. Hey, If you want to study in the United States you must take the SAT exam. American universities judge the merit of student from SAT score and your percentage in 12th. You can take either TOEFL and IELTES to prove your English language skills.

          There is no sure way to come to the United States. American visa is a privilege and not the right of non citizen. Visa to take undergrad education is toughest to get. The ground realities are very different than what you dream. Come out of that fantasy world and concentrate on your 12th exam. Once you shine in your 12th then you can take your standardized exams and apply for American universities.

          This is Ron from the University of Wisconsin.

      2. hi Ron,
        i m from punjab. i completed my +2 in march 2010 with 60% marks in sci. gp. after it i got 6.0 band in ielts and now i apply for nu uni. california.
        pls tell me that what type of question they will ask me and major : how much my +2 %age affect on it.pls email ur suggestion

  12. Hi All,

    My name is kishor poojary in my passport but all of my mark card has got name just "Kishor" when i joined company i changed my name by giving add and some Affidavit, so company every document with kishor poojary only but my mark card show kishor,, will this lead to any problem if i apply for visa for job.

    As well as is middle name is mandatory in Passport

    Please suggest


    1. Nope, As long as you provide the required supporting documents (in your case, the affidavit)they would not mind. Make sure they print the correct name(As mentioned in your passport) on your visa. Good luck for your United States visa interview!

      1. thanks ron. little tension free… i m trying from my company it self EMC . i got all document for change name from paper cut out and affidavit

  13. Yup, Once you turn in your application to the State Department, your data is saved and managed centrally all around the world(every consulate in the world plus the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services Bureau ). So prepare your answers for third interview on the basis of your answers in your previous attempts.This is Ron from the University of Wisconsin.

    1. You can enter the United States not more than 30 days before your program starts. Check our State Department's US-VISIT video. Here's the link . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAhrNij82x8. Your immigration will be held at the port you will enter the United State. For example, You left from Mumbai, India(for Indian citizens) and your flights take you to O hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois and you have a connecting flight to Springfield, Missouri. Your immigration will be held in Chicago, you will collect your luggage and transfer it to the domestic terminal and take your flight there for Springfield, Missouri. I will advice you to keep your immigration as well as all supporting document which you took for your visa interview in your possession at the time of your immigration interview at the US port of entry as you are coming from Pakistan. This is Ron from the University of Wisconsin.

  14. Cheer Up is the specialised quote to be used and HSB does the right thing always..

    No Problem,If u check the blog u will find a person who got rejected 3 times and Got stamped the 4 th time .. So don't loose ur hopes.. !! So go on trying .. and if there seems to be a problem, u can may meet the Higher Correspondant at the Consulate , And Again check the above line with HSB (I ve read it somewhere else in the blog,so try it ). 🙂 🙂 🙂 Cheer Up and Get your Shoes on !

  15. Anjan I feel very sad that u did not got your visa. Anjan may be I can suggest u a lawyer in Mumbai who specialized in US visa application procedures. I have attended many seminars of that lawyer & he have written many books on US visas. When I did my own R&D about that lawyer I found out that he knows the US Visas Laws In & Out. I myself will go to that lawyer for consulting when my college applications are finished. Anjan may be he can help u 2 achieve your American dream. HSB u might think that I am doing some kind of marketing on your blog but I am not . All I want is 2 help Anjan becoz I know Anjan had work very hard till now & he had failed in this last huge hurdle(Visa). Anjan give u your email Id so that i can send u the details. Remember one thing Anjan “Never Ever Give Up ” no matter how bad the situation is. Take care & Thank you HSB

    1. thanks ashton for the advice for anjan visa process ashton you can just give the name of the lawyer who can help in this visa process

      you give name and location of the lawyer we will google

  16. well , i dont say i tried evrything and i dint say tht i never made a mistake ? i agree … i wanted to knw if i could get through ? is'nt thr a chance tht i get through ?

      1. hey amit its such a coincidence … 😀 !! i never noticed ur post till date … and i see its on nov 4th and i've been to my VI on tht very day for the 4th time and i got 221(g) … i got my visa approved … !!

        1. hey anjan can u gimme some guidelines as i got my visa rejected thrice….i am planning for 4th time now……….hello ashton leme know if u cn help me out with the lawyer things which u mentioned for anjan

          1. Post your experience Anjan…
            Ashton Please give me the name of lawyer, its my 3rd time. Please let me know fast
            Thank you.

          2. paresh … my first 3 experiences are at the top of all of these comments

            and on my 4th attempt … the main question i was asked was why i changed my specialisation when i went for my VI for the 2nd time … and i gave an honest answer which was something like i was’nt really ready with one particular major and i was confused which one to pickup … and that is why i mentioned my other choice of the major i want to take up … and also when i went for the 4th time i went with a different university i mean a better one …. also VO mentioned that i should have changed my university well ahead than my 4th VI …. and then i realised the university i went with for my first 3 VIs was not on par with my academics !

            ….. i should say i was lucky to get a VO who was understanding and patient to listen the things i had to say …. ! i totally believe that luck plays part in this visa approvals

            and this was MY experience … i believe that every case of visa rejection is different and the same cant be applied to every other case …. you have to make necessary changes from your previous VIs and must be honest and genuine with the answers you give and hope for the best …… but never loose hope !

          3. aara ….one main thing is to recall what you mentioned in your previous interviews and find out what was wrong with your answers and then make sure you dont make the same mistake and try and be ready for any question which might dig back to what you mentioned in your first 3 interviews and be honest ! just make sure everything on your side is corrected and be confident about it !

            and pray for some LUCK ! 😀

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